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League of Legends Build Guide Author VonSummon

Katarina the epic nuker

VonSummon Last updated on May 5, 2011
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Intro - the big picture.

katarina is amazingly effective if you know how to use her. for this build, i highly recommend going mid. in the middle, it is much easier to manipulate and controll your target. if you can get them below your health, you have them officially bullied. this build will explain exactly HOW and WHY i do certain things, and dont do others. please try and take thet time to read it all(or most of it), it wont take too long and you will be enojoying the triple kills and them surrendering at 20 ^.^

oh yeah! this is about nuking the enemy in about 3-4 seconds.

if you want to skip all the details for runes, masteries, items, and go to the gameplay with this build, go to skills. DO NOT skip the part titled advice and helpful tips. it is extremely important. :)

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runes? easy. static ability power, and some magic penetration. if you do good early game, you'r going to destroy for the rest of the match. and with the play strategy with this guide, you will want all this. trust me. middle person will feel like such a noob for feeding the op character of the match. if you like, you can sacrafice some static AP for the level 18 ap runes. but not toooo much ;)

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09/21/00 <--- :)

Why not 09/00/21? utility doesnt do you much besides mana regen (you dont have ANY mana.), max mana (again, no mana.), CDR,(we are about 1 burst kills, not too important.), and other random useless perks.

Why 20 on defense? simple. who doesnt want to survive longer in a fight, and survive with 1 health so that you can laugh at them, bragging you got a triple kill and escaped alive, by yourself. your ult will destroy them and then allow you to shunpo out of there :)

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Some start off with spell power (amplifying tome), or doran's ring for the health + spell power. this build should definately start with boots and health pot.x3. why you may ask? if your going against a ranged caster and you'r faster than him/her you can chase them, throw your daggers, then run away usualy unharmed. by hitting them gradualy, you will be higher health than them, becoming the bully.

next you will want to get yourself a Hextech Revolver for Spell vamp and Ability power. in general, it keeps you alive, and gives more power to your daggers for harrasing. when the daggers bounce from minions you get all that health ;). also, your ulti will heal you like crazy. when you ulti onto a team fight, you will be taking a lot of damage. but with the amount of damage you put out, the healing will be sufficient enough to keep you alive.

sorcerer's shoe's for some magic resistance obviously

now the IMPORTANT one. Rylai's crystal scepter gives you health, AP, and a slow. why is this slow so amazing? when you have your ult up, any non-tank, non-******ed champ will run. keeping them inside your ults area of affect, will increase your damage output.

Upgrade the revolver for will of the ancients. gives you more spell vamp, AP, and helps teammates out in team fights. people are saying you should get hexteck gunblade, but it costs about double and gives you attack damage and lifesteal (not necessary for this build) this is all about entering a team battle (or 1v1), coming out of nowhere, and dealing SIGNIFICANT damage with your ult. it will most likely make thier team damaged enough to retreat :)

i orignially used morellos evil tomb, but people sudgested other things. sure it has mana regen, but i liked the cdr and AP. otherwise, i put in the abyssal scepter, for it adds more magic pen (or reduces their magic resist.) and gives you AP + magic resist. this item isnt nessicary, but hey what the hell. experiment.

deathcap, amplified AP :D

!IMPORTANT! -- the last item is all depending on the other team, and your situation. if there is a tank, and people have magic resistance cause your owning too hard, get the void staff. if there is not much magic resistance, you might want to get static magic penetration, or just some more ap for massive damage. -- !IMPORTANT!

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Skill methods/advice

This is the SUPER part of this guide. I will explain why and how I do things, to who, and when.

First, I will explain some pro's and con's for my abilities.

Bouncing blade

- you throw a dagger that bounces to nearby enemies dealing 60/95/130/165/200 damage. level one hits 2 targets, level 5 hits 6. each consecutive hit deals 10% less damage. with this, i can hit a minion, and let it bounce to the champion while i am many ways away. it takes practice, but you can hit them dealing massive damage over time without even getting in their range.

if they are hiding at their tower, right when the minion wave come in, hit the person in the front. the dagger will bounce from the minion, to the champion. so you can keep them low as they tower hug, so you can eventually shunpo in and ult them, owning them even at their tower.

Killer instincts

use before your other abilities, when used with bouncing blades, it deals full damage (ignores enemy armor I believe. in general it deals more.). when used with shunpo, it reduces the damage you take by 15%/20%/25%/30%/35%. will explain furthar with shunpo.

now you might be asking, why upgrade killer instincts instead of shunpo? shunbo adds 40 damage per level. this will give you an extra 5% damage reduction per level. and this being a nuking 1 burst guide, hitting multiple targets, i highly think it should go this way. but you can change anything you please, its your champ!


- teleports to target enemy, dealing 80/120/160/200/240 damage. can be used on ally units aswell, as an escape method. VERY usefull for running away from a fight. can't be used through walls though :( in combination with Killer instincts, it makes you have a reduced damage intake during the time your using Death Lotus. and you will most likely be the center of attention during this time! this combination, is deadly.

Death Lotus

- katarinas ult is amazing, but very fragile. people know it is good so if someone has a taunt, stun, or push, it will disable. you have to watch out for champions with these abilities! if you can, wait for them to use them before you engage. this will attack 3 champions at a time, throwing a max of 10 daggers at each. use in combination with killer instincts+shunpo and you will take 35% less damage if maxed out <3

Summoner spells!

this is the big nuke. and in combination with exhaust (them not being able to leave the AOE)and ignite, any squishy will die in about 3 seconds.

Make sure not to waste this baby. :)

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When to do what.

Early Game (1-8)

Harass, Harass, and oh.. Harass.

(remember, this is strongly recommended for middle. easier to control the enemy champ.)

with your boots, you can easily chase someone down, throw the dagger and run away. with the bounce effect, you can hit the minion and let it bounce to them. with enough practice you will be able to know when the right opportunity is, and which minion to hit. you can even give a huge gap between you and the enemy champ, then use shunpo on a minion, and instantly use your dagger on them. it will be a suprise so they will most likely just run and not return any damage. sneaky eh? ;)

DO NOT shunpo directly ontop of the enemy champ, unless you know he will run, or if you can finish him off. (preferably him at really low health or when ult is ready).

dont forget to use your killer instincts with your SHUNPO. dont use with dagger, then shunpo righ away. waiste of a skill. as they get to half health, you can use your ult combined with exhaust and ignite. they are probably dead. :) what ever you do, do not let the tower hit you. always have a bigger health bar than the enemy champion, so he is scared and wont attack you while you harass them . :)

Late game

Late game kat, can be difficult. if you have a team with more than 1 stun/taunt (rammus fear, vie stun, even janna's push), they can cancle your ult and you are left in the middle of their team, with no ult activated. be aware of the enemy champions abilities and as i said before, wait for the right moment.

please dont pull a noob move and use your ult on 1 champion before a team fight. your ult is the only thing youve got in a team fight, and if you waste it on 1 champion, theres not much you can do to help your team. sure theres a fairly short cooldown, but be smart.

as for most assassins, dont forget to gank ;) if i am behind a champion and i know he will need to run towards me to get to his tower, i dont need a shunpo. stand in the way of his escape path, and activate your ult. after he has walked through your death trap, you can keep beating on his low health with Q and E. (if he survives that is)

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champions ive had some difficulties with! (still working on this)

before you read these, make sure you take advantage of the opportunities when the enemy uses an ability on a creep, or misses one on you. that leaves one less spell to use against you. :)

Lux is pretty hard, for all of her abilites are far ranged and you cannot hide beind creeps. just remember, shunpo onto a creep to catch her on suprise to get direct damage on her with bouncing blades, or stay back and let it bounce to her.

tristana is just plain annoying. his abilities are just plain difficult to go against. no advice here, just know hes a toughy . :P

adding more when i have time <3

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--advice and helpful tips!-- (important!)

your bouncing blades have an extreme range if used properly. when the enemy creeps are in a line and walking towards yours, with the champ at the middle/end of the line, you can hit the front creep and it will travel to the champ without a problem. and with the skill maxed out, it will give you a significant lead.

KEEP THEM SCARED. make them know that your the significant one in your lane. you will have them scared, keeping away from you. but thats not a problem when you can use bouncing blades, or SHUNPO a creep and instantly give you enough range for a dagger for direct damage on them. eventually they will go to their tower. no problem, bouncing blades lets you hit them while nowhere near the towers range. then when they are below 25% health, DO YOUR THANG. (read line below)


if they are at a tower, and you are sure you can kill them with enough time to escape the towers missles, do this order.
Killer instincts - shunpo - Death Lotus - exhause - ignite - bouncing blades(if necessary)

if not near a tower, and they are not letting you get in range for your blades, and/or if they are healing, start by giving them space, letting them move towards minions, then shunpo on the minions closing the gap :

shunpo - killer instinct - bouncing blades , then get outa there!

if you are harassing and they are figuring out your strategies, or they are hitting you for the same or more damage, change it up! nothing wrong with confusing them, making them scared ;)

when you think that you might be getting ganked, pay attention to the creeps that are on their way to you. if you get ganked while they are too far away, you have nothing close enough to shunpo onto. if you can time it right, you can shunpo onto the creep and instantly be out of there. dont forget: you can shunpo onto a champ too, even using killer instincts for the reduced damage effect.!

dont forget, killer instincts along with bouncing blades gives reduced healing on the selected target. if they have a health potion, or are healing regularily (countering your harass) use it at the right moments. waiste their mana/pots. :)

you can use your abilities all you want, NO MANA! dont sit there with bouncing blades ready to use, even if you are at lower health than them , and theres two of them. use bouncing blades. but dont worry, you will have timed it perfectly so you can shunpo onto the creeps that are on their way ;)

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this kat is meant for a nuker. harass easily, get them lower health than you, then shunpo in there, along with ult and summoner spells and they are good as dead. just never forget that if you are being chased, use shunpo whenever you can. i hope the guide really helped you out!

just know, this build is my own ideas entirely, and is designed so that you are able to easily dominate at the start of the game. squishys dont stand a chance! this is a burst kat, not like yi where yuo are constantly on them ;)

have fun getting your triple kills, i wish i recorded my double - triple kill to show you guys!

GL HF :)