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Build Guide by [Dim]JpioneeR

Not Updated For Current Season

This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author [Dim]JpioneeR

Katarina , The Scorned

[Dim]JpioneeR Last updated on September 29, 2010
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Not Updated For Current Season

The masteries shown here are not yet updated for the current season, the guide author needs to set up the new masteries. As such, they will be different than the masteries you see in-game.


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Welcome to my build

Well i choose kata because it's one of the best mid champs , Why ? Because you dont need to be on the range of the opponent abilitys to attack him using Bouncing blade , This champion it's really good on team fights becase you can enter/escape on the combat so easy with Shunpo , Well i did choose AD build becase it's more Aggressive than the AP build at the start .


-> Big dmg with Bouncing blade
-> PowerFull ultimate
-> Nice escape


-> Expensive build , BUT! You will have alot of money killing them all ^^ <3 Pentakills
-> Poor dmg with Shunpo
-> Shunpo Just for escape

Summoner spells:
Exhaust : Well i choose this one because you reduce he's speed while you are using the ultimate at the enemy or just for defense your self of a dps
Ignite : Just more dmg at early game to kill your enemy easier

Situatinal items:
I usually buy leviathan if the game it's going good for me when i get it i almost have 6/10 charges on the sword of the ocult and 1x The bloodhitster.
: It depends about the other team , If they have a stunner that's just waiting for your ulti get a vanshe if it's not and you think that you have a chance get randuins , it will be help full for your ulti usage and less dmg to your team mate's .


Early game:

Katarina its a mid champion as i think , When you are on mid just use bouncing blade at the minions trying to hit the opponent champ do not use shunpo still useless till you are not lvl 6 , when ever you are lvl 6 the enemy must have 65%/75% Hp so it's your turn to kill him

Bouncig blade


Bouncing blade

If he still here or he did enter in combat with you

Exhaust and ultimate

He will try to run for sure but he's hp will be so low So shunpo ignite and bouncing blade .

Dead 100%!

Kill some more minions if there are not a miss and your hp it's okey , if you can hit the enemy tower would be good , then go base and get sword of the ocult if it was the 1st kill maybe you have money for an elixir , get it and go mid again , activate the elixir and try to kill him , If he run away with low hp dont worry kill the minions and go help your team lanes , Shunpo on the enemy and ultimate , that would be okey .

What's the stronger hero on mid for katarina ?

It's hard to explain but Vladimir it's the only one that can make you some trouble's , I dont think that there's another champ better than vlad to versus katarina on mid ( As i think) If there's a vladimir get killer instict at lvl 3 to reduce hes hp drain on your minions using it with bouncing blade's .

Mid game :

Welcome to Katarina's party . This it's your time to ensure the game , Try to get the lizzard aura before get in a team fight , When ever a team fight start's be sure that you are on 1 or 2 grass away of the combat , Never start the combat you must avoid that they aim on you , If you are playing as premade Would be fantastic have Amumu or Kennen on your team he's Stun ultimate can be an Awesome combo with your ultimate .Whn ever the combat start wait till they all has he's Stun's/Fear Coldown , Then shunpo on your tank/support with killwer instict and use your ultimate , Sincronization with Amumu or Kennen via Any Voice program would be awesome .

Late game ? no sorry , Katarina must have around 15+ Charges on Sword of the ocult and leviathan , That will make your almost Inmmortal , You can escape so easy of the ganks with shunpo + killer instic and exhaust , If this isent a ranked , your team would have and huge adventage on kills ( 22/12 ) or something like that , that will make them surrender , If they dont just end your build and GG .

I hope you did enjoy my build, This is the first guide I have ever written for any game, so any advice on how to clean things up or cut down on Wall of Textishness please feel free to comment! Want more information? Comment! I will try and keep this updated frequently... ATT : PioneeR