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Katarina Build Guide by DkSolith

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League of Legends Build Guide Author DkSolith

Katarina The Sinister Blade of Noxus

DkSolith Last updated on January 12, 2012
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Not Updated For Current Season

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Offense: 21

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Utility: 4

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Hello this is my first guide and it is about my favourite champion Katarina. Hope you enjoy reading and learning from this guide along with playing. This is not the only way to play Katarina and you can always mix it with your playstyle. Don't take this champion lightly it requires skill and devotion as much as the other champions.

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(Passive)Voracity: After a kill or an assist, Katarina gains 25 gold and her cooldowns are reduced by 15 seconds.

1-Bouncing Blade: Katarina throws a dagger that will bounce from enemy to enemy, dealing magic damage. Each subsequent hit deals 10% less damage. The blade won't bounce to hit the same enemy more than once on the same cast.(+) Attack Damage (0.8 Ratio) Ability Power (0.35 Ratio)

Level Up:
-Level 1: 60 DMG, No Cost
-Level 2: 95 DMG, No Cost
-Level 3: 130 DMG, No Cost
-Level 4: 165 DMG, No Cost
-Level 5: 200 DMG, No Cost

Range: 600

2-Killer Instincts:
(Passive): Each of Katarina's autoattacks and abilities will deal extra damage per hit. This gives extra damage to each of Bouncing Blade bounces and each of Death Lotus daggers.
(Active): Katarina's next basic ability has a bonus effect:

Bouncing Blade: Deals full damage to every target it hits and applies 50% healing reduction for 5 seconds.

Shunpo: Katarina takes reduced damage from enemy attacks for 3 seconds.

Level Up:
-Level 1: Passive: 8 Bonus DMG, Active: 15% DMG Reduction, No Cost
-Level 2: Passive: 12 Bonus DMG, Active: 20% DMG Reduction, No Cost
-Level 3: Passive: 16 Bonus DMG, Active: 25% DMG Reduction, No Cost
-Level 4: Passive: 20 Bonus DMG, Active: 30% DMG Reduction, No Cost
-Level 5: Passive: 24 Bonus DMG, Active: 35% DMG Reduction, No Cost

3-Shunpo: Katarina moves to her target's location. If the target is an enemy, she deals magic damage to the target.(+) Ability Power (0.75 Ratio)

Level Up:
-Level 1: 80 DMG, No Cost
-Level 2: 120 DMG, No Cost
-Level 3: 160 DMG, No Cost
-Level 4: 200 DMG, No Cost
-Level 5: 240 DMG, No Cost

Range: 700

4-Death Lotus: Katarina channels for 3 seconds, throwing 30 daggers over the duration to the 3 closest enemy champions in a nearby area around her. Each enemy champion can be hit by a maximum of 10 daggers.(+) Attack Damage (0.5 Ration) Ability Power (0.25 Ratio)

Level Up:
-Level 1: 50 DMG, Channeling
-Level 2: 65 DMG, Channeling
-Level 3: 80 DMG, Channeling

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Pros / Cons

- No Mana
- Easy to Master
- Great Ganker
- Amazing Ultimate
- Hot and Sexy
- Good mid-late game farmer


- Gets focused a lot

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I play 21 points on Offensive because i want to get the AP,CDR and Magic Penetration that it gives. I play 5 points on Defense for the magic resist and the armor so i won't be able to do die so easily. And the final 4 points i play them on the Utility tree for the reduced time spent dead and to improve my flash spell.

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I get the magic penetration runes because both her shunpo and bouncing blades benefits from it. I get the health runes so i can have a bit more health and so i can survive a bit more. And finally i get the ability power runes because Katarina is hero that plays with ability power and she needs as much as she can get.

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Summoner Spells

Flash: For me flash is the best summoner spell for Katarina because along with shumpo it's like having two flashes. Imagine chasing a fleeing enemy champion that is not in the range of your shunpo. You simply flash closer to him and then boom you kill him with shunpo.

Ignite: I get ignite because it helps me with the damage. And whenever it is on cooldown i get 10 more ability power and damage.

Exhaust: Exhaust is a really nice spell for fleeing or slowing an enemy champion. If the enemy champion doesn't got stun you get to him with shunpo then you put exhaust on him and you tear him apart with your ultimate.It is good for fleeing too.

Ghost: Ghost is another good summoner spell for katarina. You can use with the same way as you could use flash and shunpo while chasing a fleeing enemy champion or when you are trying to run away to save yourself.

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Starting Items:

I am getting the tome because i want to have a bit more boost in ability power along with my runes so i can do more damage and i get the potion for the extra survivability.

Core Items:

Hextech revolver is a core item because of the ability power and the spell that gives. Using your ultimate or other abilities you will get some life back because of the spell vamp.

Rylais is a very good item because it gives you more survivability with the +500 health that it gives you. Plus the unique passive that it got which makes your abilities to slow then target when they hit him.

Damage Items:

This are the main damage items for Katarina.The magic penetration from Sorcerers Shoes will allow to do more damage to the enemy champions. The AP and the unique passive of the Deathcap will give a huge boost to your Ap.And the void staff along with the magic penetration and the Ap will do the same.

If things are going well:

If things are going well and you see that you will be able to get pass 4 stacks you should get Soulstealer. For each you will earn extra ability and at 20 stacks you will get CDR that's pretty cool.

Against Stun and CCs:

In most of the fights you will need to use your ultimate which will get you to jump in the heart of the fight. I get the Mercury Treads so the CC spells will last shorter and i won't die so fast. And then i get the Hourglass for the extra AP that it gives plus that when i see that i am getting attacked during the teamfights i will use it so i won't get any damage at all and my team will be able to safe me.

My Main Build:

Other Build 1:

Against CCs Build:

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Who you want to lane against (solo):

Squishy chars:

Ashe, Warwick ,Teemo, Twitch, Yi, Karthus, Cho'Gath (early game), or any other, non high DMG char.

Who NOT to lane against Disablers:

Ex: Ryze, Fiddlesticks, Heimerdinger (his turrets will dominate you), Annie (even thought she is very squishy), Chogath (he is very easy until level 6 when he gets his ultimate and starts feasting), Mortekaiser (I hate lane against Morde his shield wastes my shunpo)

Who to lane with:

Stuns/Disablers: Fiddlesticks, Twisted Fate, Ryze, Malphite, Cho'Gath, Shaco, Nasus (that slow is killer)

Who not to lane with:

DPS/Casters: Twitch, Teemo, Yi, Tryndamere (in most cases), Gangplank, Anivia.