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Katarina Build Guide by ageofterra

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League of Legends Build Guide Author ageofterra

Katarina, U DED FOOL

ageofterra Last updated on March 8, 2012
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Ability Sequence

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Not Updated For Current Season

The masteries shown here are not yet updated for the current season, the guide author needs to set up the new masteries. As such, they will be different than the masteries you see in-game.



Offense: 21

Honor Guard

Defense: 9

Strength of Spirit

Utility: 0

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hello! welcome Katarina lovers, i made this build for my own reference but feel free to use it yourself! before you say something in the comments like "WHY NASHORS TOOTH? KAT DOSNT NEED MP REGEN CAUSE SHE DOSNT HAVE MP DERP DERP DERP" just read through :P

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Pros and Cons


crazy damage with a good combo and timing
awesome early game harrasing
able to spam abilities thanks to CDR and no mana
deny your enemies thanks to shunpo, run away or speed hax to your enemy :)

Fail Cons...
very squishy
fail at pushing
need good timing or u DIE
kinda expensive items

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Summoner Spells


This is a must for katarina, getting raped by someone? exhaust them! shunpo didn't do enough? exhaust them! need to keep them in your ulti range for longer? EXHAUST THEM!!!

Man i love this spell! sealed the deal with so many enemies! if you ulti cant finish them and their about to escape just ignite to seal the deal!


i guess this is an alright replacement for exhaust but i don't recommend it

i would never take this over exhaust or ignite but its your choice i guess

it's an alright replacement...


this spell is mainly just for supports, if you so hellbent on protecting yourself from ganks buy a vision ward.

who WOULDN'T use this for kat it give u mana!OMG!!!!! (btw kat doesn't use mana...)

... if your rly worried about this then just buy a quick silver sash instead of a nashor tooth

you're an idiot

only if ur a complete newb

this shouldn't even be in the game...


the goal of the game is NOT to die, if u didnt know that u might as well suicide, use this if your a noob and you die ALL the time.

this is for jungle, i have never ever in my life seen a jungling katarina.

...use this on a hybrid kat if u want but for pure ap... don't

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Runes, masteries and a quick item review



Greater Mark of Health

Greater Seal of Cooldown Reduction

Greater Glyph of Ability Power

Greater Quintessence of Ability Power
so for runes u just wanna take the mark of fortitude for the health since your uber squishy,
seal of focus for the CDR (so u can spam abilities) if you want you can change this to maybe an AP per level or some health, and then take AP glyphs and quints. pretty simple


its just a pretty straight forward caster mastery tree, 21,9,0. if you were lookin for a hybrid kat you come to the wrong place :P if you want to have exucutioner by all means take a point off anything you want and take that instead :)


Item Sequence

Health Potion

Health Potion

Health Potion

Ionian Boots of Lucidity

Hextech Revolver

Hextech Gunblade

Rylai's Crystal Scepter

Rabadon's Deathcap

Void Staff

pretty standard items boots of speed for the speed (duh) and the health pots because kat is ultra squishy, especially early game.
Get the CDR boots, now personally i like the CDR reduction better but if you think you can get those kills for your passive to activate get the sorcerers boots, the hextech gunblade is just perfect for kat. so its a must. And finally we fall onto our weirdest item in this item build, the Nashors tooth, now you might be thinking "Why the hell are you giving mana regen to kat!!! RAGE RAGE RAGE" the thing is everything else that kat gets from this item is PUUURFECT, cmon... ability power and a bit of attack speed. Standard AP caster items Rylai's crystal sceptre, rabadons death cap and void staff to finish it off :)

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you'll need this for the early game speed, its always nice to have speed :)

you get 3 of these so you can stay in lane longer, early game kat is really squishy so she needs this.

its your choice which one you want, on one hand being able to spam skills is awesome but on the other hand if your getting those kills and your passive is constantly activating get the sorcerers boots for the extra damage.

of course i give this to kat, its a perfect item AP and spell vamp, basicially meaning extra damage and more sustain.

upgraded from the hextech revolver, its bascially just an upgraded version of the hextech revolver.

a great item, abilty power for extra damage and attack speed so your not useless when your waiting for CD. It also gives you some CDR, its just a little bit of money wasted for the little mana regen.

great damage, and slows your enemies so they cant get away, it will make you a lot less squishy as well. you get this is usually when the game is at mid-late game.

massive damage increase, when you start going into these items you should be pwning. massive AP increase and an AP %30 increase thats crazy damage if you follow my build

even MORE damage and mana penetration for those annoying tanks. if you want you can take the hourglass for the good AP and to make you less squishy. after your combo, activate the hourglass and get away safely :)

At the end of your build you'll be able to kill anyone, even tanks.

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Kats pwnage combo

Killer instincts -> shunpo -> exhuast -> death lotus -> bouncing blade -> ignite

alrighty that is kats pwnage combo, obviously you first harrass them with your bouncing blade, when your confident charge in with your killer instincts and shunpo, exhaust and death lotus allow the full 3 seconds of the death lotus, if their still not dead a bouncing blade will finish them off, if their STILL somehow not dead ignite will do the job.

even though all combos wont go this smoothly this is your general idea.

killer instincts and shunpo give you the 3 second damage recution while doing 576.57 points of damage (not including enemy defense)

after that the exhaust will generally keep the enemy in your death lotus for the complete 3 seconds dealing a whopping 1921.425 points of damage

if that wasnt enough you chuck out a bouncing blade usually finishing them off with 356.99 damage

if that STILL dosnt finish them give em an ignite for 410 damage


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How to use your skills PROPERLY

Bouncing blade
This skills your main skill for farming and harrassing, with a lot of AP you can dish out a lot of damage with this baby. bouncing to 6 enemies but every consecutive enemy takes 10% less damage than the last. even though using killer instincts will provide greivious wounds and does the full damage each enemy killer instincts is better used with shunpo.
You wanna hit the champion first with your bouncing blade and let the blade bounce to the minoins, you wanna get last hit on minions. If an enemy is out of range you can try chucking the blade at a minion behind him and hope it bounces off to the enemy.
This skill can easily take down a quarter of an enemies health with the right build, spamming it is a good idea since kat has no mana

killer instincts
You shouldn't ever be wasting the chance to use this skill, whenever it comes off cooldown and your about to use a skill, pop this skill right before to get its bonuses, a lot of people make the mistake of disregarding this skill and never use it, that is what seperates the good kats from the bad kats.
Using this skill right before you dive into someone with a shunpo is a good idea because you will take a hella lot less damage, if you use your ulti straight after you use your shunpo, for the whole 3 seconds of your ulti, you can tank shots, this can easily save your life.

ahh shunpo, just deny your enemies with a shunpo! if your about to die remember that you can shunpo to your own allies and minions, its good to spam shunpo since you have no mana.
Something you should be always doing is using killer instincts right before your shunpo, since youll be diving onto an enemy (and sometimes a turret) having the damage recuction saves your life. Using your ult straight after your shunpo makes it that enemies usually stay in range for the entire 3 seconds of the ulti.

Death Lotus
This is your killer, your assassination, jump onto an enemy with shunpo then eat their health with death lotus, the damage output is crazy if they stay in the range, the only problem is that it can be cancelled by a simple stun. You want to be careful of that, also moving in the middle of the ulti cancels the ulti so you dont wanna move untill your enemy is out of the range and keeping the ulti up is useless.
Using a killer instincts then a shunpo then an ulti is a deadly combo as i described in the previous chapter. You could even take down tanks. The problem is all of kats kamakazi moves end up with her dead unless you have exelent timing. a shunpo without a killer instincts is usually kamakazi, especially when jumping someone whos at a turret. Dont pull your ulti when your next to a turret... if you move to get out of turret range you would have wasted your ulti, if you stay the turret will absouloutly rape you

This is maybe my favorite passive, everytime you kill someone all of your skills except maybe your ulti comes back instantly, a second kill gets your ulti back in a few seconds. killing a 3 people with your ulti at the same time ends up in your ulti recharging instantly, so basically as long as you get those doubles and triples you can spam your ulti, how OP is that?!?!

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Skill sequence and How to WIN team fights


Ability Sequence
1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18

it might sound crazy to max bouncing blade before shunpo but bouncing blade is good for harrass and farming, shunpo is primarily used to set up your ulti, but shunpo is great for running and chasing so get it early but dont max untill 2nd. Killer instincts actaully should be one of your most used skill, you should be using it every chance you get, to max the damage with bouncing blade and to get the damage reduction with shunpo. but you only max it last.
did i talk about kat's passive? if i didnt ill tell you now THIS SKILL IS YOUR LIFE! Each kill gets all of your cooldowns down by 25 sec and it gives you some xtra gold. if you get a double kill with ur ult you can get it back in a few seconds, scoring a triple with your ulti gets it back instantly.

when their team is crowded i usually use killer instincts then a bouncing blade, usually bouncing to all the champions who are crowded, this usually scares the sh*t out of non-tank champions.
a pretty stupid but effective technique is to shunpo to the middle of the clump of enemy champions and just spam everything, starting with your ulti. i did that once and got myself a pentakill, i was able to get my ulti back instantly thanks to a triple kill and kats passive voracity, i popped the ulti again and scored myself a penta ^.^.
As kat its not a good idea to initiate a team fight, stay back and just pick off weaker targets. if you feel confident and idiotic initiate with shunpo and a death lotus, if you get a double you get the death lotus back VERY quickly and you can use it again.

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umm... enjoy?