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Katarina Build Guide by Nizzl3

Katarina? where did she go?

Katarina? where did she go?

Updated on June 13, 2011
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League of Legends Build Guide Author Nizzl3 Build Guide By Nizzl3 2,716 Views 1 Comments
2,716 Views 1 Comments League of Legends Build Guide Author Nizzl3 Katarina Build Guide By Nizzl3 Updated on June 13, 2011
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LoL Summoner Spell: Exhaust


LoL Summoner Spell: Ignite



Skills, Skill Sequence, and Skill Combo

Voracity : This passive is crazy good. If you get fed as Kat (as you will), this not only gives you more gold to buy your items sooner, but also reduces your cooldowns by 15 seconds per kill or assist. This CDR is great for teamfights and ganks. If you use your ulti, and get a few kills or assists, you will have it back instantly. Which means you can use it again. And again. And again. Until you get too dizzy :S

Bouncing Blade : I talk about this skill above in the "Farming" section. It is amazing for popping on a wave of minions to get last hits on. Late game it is terrific for teamfights, as it deals a ton of damage and bounces to multiple enemies. And of course, it has a pretty low cooldown. I max this out second, since it is the second most damaging ability with AP Kat. And Kat is all about damage :)

Killer Instincts : This ability is great, but I find it not necessary to max out early game. It adds a bonus effect to both your Shunpo and Bouncing Blade when activated, as well as adding damage to your abilities and melee attacks passively. For your Shunpo, you take less damage (increased % of reduced damage as you level the skill up) once you Shunpo for 3 seconds. For your Bouncing Blade, it deals the same amount of damage each hit, and applies 50% healing reduction for 10 seconds. Yes, this ability is nice and very helpful, but I tend to max it out last. Why? Because it adds an effect to your other abilities. But it isn't a direct damage output ability on its own. Your Bouncing Blade and Shunpo are the main cheese :) I do learn it once early game, however, since it is nice to have with your Bouncing Blade so it deals full damage each hit (more last hits when you pop it on a minion wave) and applies a healing reduction debuff to each enemy it hits. The slight reduction in damage taken when Shunpo-ing for a few seconds is nice too. Late game, when this gets maxed out, the reduction in damage taken after using Shunpo is much more, which I find more helpful late game since the damage being dealt by the enemies will increase.

Shunpo : I already discussed this ability in the section titled "Shunpo" (what are the odds of that?) as well as the section titled "Laning/Ganking", and if you have not read those sections I would recommend doing so. Shunpo is your awesomesauce flash/nuke ability on a ridiculous cooldown that is terrific for chasing/ganking and reducing damage with your W. For these reasons as well as the reasons discussed in the two aforementioned sections, I max this ability first as well as learn it first. This is your core damage dealer in addition to your ultimate when you can use it (almost always).

Death Lotus : This is the ultimate where you see Kat spin in circles while shooting out blades. How she does not get dizzy, I don't know. But, what I do know is that it deals crazy damage and has an extremely low cooldown. And, if you get kills or assists with it, it lowers by 15 seconds each kill/assist thanks to her passive (see above).

It throws up to 30 daggers, maximum that can hit a single champion who stays in range is 10. As such, it can deal damage to up to 3 champs at once. Wow. And if you kill all of them with it or get assists on each of the three champions who your ulti targets, you get it back. Instantly.

Learn this ability whenever possible. (6, 11, 16)
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Hey guys

a lot of you guys told me about mejais to kata and here is my reply:
This Mejais soulstealer is a bit of a gamlbe if you are a good kata player irs verygood if you dont die offen but i will probably prefer Hextech Gunblade
so if you are knowen to kata you should REALY get it cuz its awesome :D :)
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These are some champions you should go in lane with and some you shouldent

Who not to lane with:

DPS/Casters: Yi, twitch, teemo, trynd (in most cases), anivia, plank.

Who to lane with:

Stuns/Disables: Malphite, Twisted Fate, Ryze, Shaco, Nasus (that slow is killer)

On the enemy team try to evoid stunners/fears/knockair and such disablers
League of Legends Build Guide Author Nizzl3
Nizzl3 Katarina Guide
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Katarina? where did she go?

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