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League of Legends Build Guide Author The Ground Below

Kayle: 2,396 DMG/4 Sec.

The Ground Below Last updated on February 27, 2011
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Not Updated For Current Season

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Chapter 1



Table of Contents

  1. Introduction
    • Where this Build Comes From
    • Overview
    • Why play Kayle?
    • Pros & Cons to Playing Kayle
  2. The Abilities
  3. All About Holy Fervor
  4. The Build
    • Items
    • Why Doran's Ring?
    • A Note on Boots
    • Masteries
    • Runes
    • Summoner Spells
    • Skills
  5. Final Damage Output
  6. Play
    • Self-casting
    • General Priority for Support
    • Early Game
    • Mid Game
    • Late Game
    • Team Fighting
  7. General Notes
  8. Changelog & Recent Changes
  9. Other information


Welcome to my first guide. I will also admit that I am not a "master" of League of Legends. I am a mathematician by trade and have based much of the build here on math; in that vain I have given the numbers behind this build where convenient. Other than that the rest is basics.

If you have any feedback other than straight flaming, it is greatly appreciated.

This is an attempt to create a comprehensive guide to one method of playing Kayle. The basis is of course damage which gives you enough AP to scale your support function. It seems to me that Kayle has a strong reputation as a noob character. While rated an easy champion this may be well deserved; it is important nonetheless to recall that Ashe is also rated easy" and is very powerful. This reputation notwithstanding, I have attempted to include as much information on micromanaging Kayle as possible in various aspects of the game. If you are a pro player, the fancy graphics above and the section on her passive (Section Three) are probably enough for you. It is for this reason Holy Fervor gets its own section. If you are a new or intermediate player, I hope that you will consider this guide at greater length and profit from it. The first time I played this build I had a +7 spread and a good number of assists.

Well, she is easy and cheap. And a hot blonde (she hides it well). No, she is not a *****, just a good champion who is easy to pick up and do well with quickly. The time to master Kayle is shorter I think than mastering even Yi or Ashe. Also, she is powerful and can support at the same time. If you want more:

Excellent Passive
Great 1v1
Good natural health and survivability.
Good at manipulating move speed
You can do 2,396 damage really quickly
Easy to master
People will think you are a noob
Cheap core build (this one at least, total cost is about)
Good pusher
Easy to remember how to build

People will think you are a noob
This build uses all of your item slots, leaving the late game warding to someone else.
You can get too many kills, starving your other carries with expensive cores. This is not a joke; Kayle has higher straight damage than most carries who build items in the middle game.
SLOW attack speed
I am really sick of playing Kayle....

Section Two: ABILITIES

I will cover her passive in detail in the next section.

Throughout the guide I will refer to Kayle's abilities by key binding (Q, W, E and R). I will even occasionally violate every rule of syntax and use letters as verbs. I am also letting you mouse over the fancy graphics above for basic descriptions of her abilities.

Reckoning (Q): This is a good nuke; it deals decent damage, slows by 25% for 4 seconds and makes the target take up to 16% increased damage from Kayle for as long as the same duration. This means that Mercury's Treads reduces the duration of both the slow and the increased damage by one second. I am sure you will find a use for this ability. It is relatively cheap and therefore great for harassing. Max this out first.

Divine Blessing (W): This heals the target for a small amount of health and boosts move speed by 12%. The move speed is a good reason to use the ability by itself. Keep in mind that this is a good escape mechanism for you AND YOUR ALLIES. I also use it on the spawn point where it is free to get where I am going faster.

Righteous Fury (E): This gives you ranged attacks and more damage. Use it when fighting or pushing a lane. Try to use Q first to get the most distance out of your damage increase.

Intervention (R): The duration of this is quite short. It is a great escape mechanism and can shield a carry from a lot of nasty spells. You can also use it followed by W to help an ally escape a gank. You can also use it on yourself and take names for a second and a half.

Do not try to tower dive with this; it does not last long enough at level one. Unless you are able to tower dive without it, don't tower dive.


People tell me that Kayle is bad because she needs both attack damage and AP. So since her passive ads the most AP from AD (rather than the reverse) and AD is useful for things like attacking and AP is not, we get as much of one as we can and let the passive add the other. The most cost-effective way to get AD is the BF Sword, so there you have the build. Last Whisper gives Kayle lots of Armor Penetration to finish things off.

Each BF Sword contributes 15 Ability Power (.3*50). With AP Runes and masteries you will get a decent amount of AP for free; you get about one free Amplifying Tome to start and another one per BF Sword when counting increases for leveling. You max out with over 349 AD from the BF Swords (see above), which gives you 104.7 AP for free. Now adding .6 per level from your masteries and the 8.91 from your masteries, you have 124.41 AP at level 18. Your E scales with this, so you get a lot more damage for free. You also get 1.3 Attack Damage from your AP Runes.

Section Four: THE BUILD

The Item build is simple:
To Start:
Doran's Ring + Health Potion
This gives you good health, AP and mana regeneration. You also get some staying power from the health potion.

Then if you are well fed and the game is going long, build the BF Swords into Bloodthirsters and one Black Cleaver and go solo the enemy team. I have never built more than one BF Sword into anything; the game generally ends too quickly.

Now you will notice a lack of Attack speed. This is fine, damage is better on Kayle because of her passive. Furthermore, BF Swords are generally more efficient until you hit very hard.
A lot of people rush Manamune with Kayle. This is an option and certainly helps with your mana situation, but I found that starting with a Meki Pendant did not set me up to dominate the early game. Doran's ring also ads constant attack damage (2.25) and more when her E is active (4.5) and ads 9 damage to her nuke. This is almost as much damage as a Doran's Blade. It also lets you play a little more aggressively with her since she has another 100 health. Taking a point in heal at level four makes the second health potion irrelevant. Thus Doran's Ring is my starting item of choice. This makes three noob moves in one game: playing Kayle, starting with a Doran's item, and not building anything out of your items.

I usually buy Mercury's Treads. If the enemy team is almost all physical damage, buy Ninja Tabi. If the other team has a fair number of casters (two or more, or one with a good disable and Sion, AP or otherwise) buy Mercury's Treads.

I recommend 21/0/9. This is kind of up to you, but that this lets you get the most out of Kayle mathematically speaking. I like my damage. Note that there is nothing in critical damage. This is because your only critical hit chance is from your one point in deadliness. The attack speed is just better since Kayle doesn't have much natural AS and you aren't building any AS items.

I like it when people take my damage. We also have a lot of physical damage with this build, so I like the armor penetration Marks and Quintessences. We could do magic penetration but Kayle does more physical damage. AP Glyphs are for early game power so you can dominate your lane and get fed. This is always good. The mana Seals are to solve your mana issues.

This is a must; Kayle is very mana hungry early game and you will just need it. This is a minor drawback of this build

This is highly recommended along with the mastery to give you more AP when it's on CD (this mastery gives 10 AP and 1.5 AD for 1 mastery point. This is quite a bargain.). Ignite is also good for getting 1st blood. Since Ignite has a lower range than your nuke, you can also open with Ignite. I think that people tend to think of this spell as a finisher when it is as good or better at earlier as it reduces healing. This also gives you the AP/AD boost before your Q.

Other options are exhaust, teleport, flash and ghost, but I recommend the above. DO NOT take heal or revive, they are pointless.

You can also take a point in W at level 10 or 12; this may be better depending on how good your carries are. If your carries are bad, take a point in E. If not, take W. I play mostly normal games and see a lot of bad carries.

Section Five: DAMAGE OUTPUT (2,396 per four seconds)

Here I would like to go over exactly how much damage you do with this build.

You Q hits first for 260+ (.8*124.41) =359.528 and amplifies damage to that target by 16%. In four seconds you will attack 3 times (at least) with your E active.

In four attacks you deal 1.16*4*[349+28+ (.3*124.41)] =1,922.4 damage. This is a running total of 2,282 damage in four seconds; we factor in our masteries and get 2,396. With lots of Armor penetration your opponent should take most of this. You also deal 60% of your attacks as AOE damage, or 994 damage (no increase from your Q), to surrounding enemies. The AOE range is fairly small, but it is free damage so we don't complain.

Then you may attack for 406 damage each swing until your E ends. Then you can melee for 349. You can also W yourself (even when uninjured) for the MS boost and run down the enemy as necessary. Once your Q is off cooldown it is good for finishing enemies. Also remember that your attacks do some magic damage so you have a nice balance of both.

Section Six: PLAY

The Alt key is your friend playing Kayle. I find that this is a lot easier; there is no reason to risk a wrong click when you could press alt. Clicking on a target takes time you do not have, so Alt+W and Alt+R should become second nature. This is not to say that you should only use these abilities on yourself; you should prioritize them as outlined below.

If you haven't seen the infamous zoning tutorial, do so. This is a basic you need to know to play Kayle. Also, know your place. In priority, it should be:
  1. Carries who are better than you
  2. You
  3. Carries who are worse than you
  4. Tanks
  5. Other support characters
  6. Cookies
  7. Evelynn

Focus your heal/MS boost on people in this order. You should position yourself like a caster/range Carry/support unit. Basically let your tank initiate and stand where you would if you were playing both Ashe and Janna at the same time. Keep in mind that your heal and ult have longer range than attacks and offensive spells. I tend to use my support spells on others as much as I can, but keep in mind your mana and the likelihood using your spell will change anything.

Lane with a range character if possible. You get a ranged attack at level 2, but doing so strains your already tight mana supply. Your Q is great for harassing. You can also do set-ups with your nuke/slow and often get first blood with ignite. You also get a heal spell. Use it. You can take your heal (W) at level three and then two points in Q next if you are getting harassed too much, but I think the best answer to getting harassed is more damage and the point in Q does that nicely. You also start with one health potion so you should not need to heal until level four.

Also recall that you are a support character and your build as a carry is cheap. If you are laning with another carry, harass a bit and then position yourself between the enemy and the creeps if you think that you can get away with it without dieing. This lets your carry farm freely and denies the enemy resources. If you do this and get a kill or two you can actually gave an experience advantage of a few levels, which turns into more kills. It is not uncommon for me to pass the person soloing mid by this method if people are too stupid to change lanes.

If you find yourself getting harassed too much, remember tower dives are your best friend. You shouldn't do them; you should have them done to you. Kayle's heal is also a move speed boost, so if someone tower dives you, W yourself and run around the tower. The enemy will be hit several times by the tower and usually die. This may or may not save your life, but it works better than simply running away since running to the next tower leaves you vulnerable for a short time and if you are low on health anyway this is a problem. Also, remember your Q slows. Your Q really does everything from making your target take more damage to slowing them. This method lets you get fed for being bad. Just don't be mediocre.

You begin the midgame when the tower is down and you have a BF Sword (If you don't have one GET ONE NOW!!!!) and usually boots.
Also remember the bit about towers. They are your friend since you do not die easily. Make them attack you instead of your tower if you are playing defense and ult yourself. You won't die and they will. Neither will your tower. Now that you are alone, farm up a BF Sword.

Team fights are where you shine since you have lots of ranged pain and a MS boost/heal + shield to keep carries alive and a nice slowing nuke to keep people from getting away. Nuke people and suddenly become a fast moving healed ranged character when the fight is almost won and no enemy will get away. Now that you are alone, farm up a BF Sword. If your inventory is full, farm up another BF Sword anyway and give it to charity. There are orphans in India with no BF Swords at all. Also buy Wards.

You can count the number of BF Swords in your inventory to know how well you are doing. More is better. If you have things made out of BF Swords and empty slots in your inventory, you fail. You are not exploiting Kayle's awesome passive. Try again tomorrow.

Now team fight and win. You are a carry that is very hard to kill. Basically playing Kayle like this adds almost as much damage as an Ashe and about a 1/5-1/4 of a Soraka worth of heals. Your ultimate does not factor into this, so you are better than a Soraka since you can kill things and you can heal.

Remember the order of importance I covered above. Your ultimate usually goes on your "carry who is better than you" sometime after the tank has initiated. As this good carry goes in, the enemy will likely dump their spells on him. You also ult him so he is in stasis during this burst of damage and CC. This means he can attack during this and survive. Do not use Intervention (R) too early since it has a very short duration.

You should also pop your E and hit an enemy carry with your Q. I recommend E-ing early in the fight as this maximizes you damage output since you are hitting multiple enemies at once and you don't have to be in the middle of the fray and can stay alive to kill and support. Since you hit enemies with a little splash damage you can get free assists. Also this means that you are immediately in range of the person you hit with your Q so you can get the most out of the 16% increased damage. Now keep attacking and heal someone who needs it. Attack some more and then evaluate the position.

Ideally the enemy team is dead or near death. Your Q should be up so use it to finish off an enemy if possible now that it should be off CD. If you can turn the fight into a route, charge in for melee. If not, run like a coward and hit the highest priority target (usually yourself) with your W and keep going to the nearest tower or juke spot (mind Ashe's arrow, Lux's laser and Ezreal's barrage). Also keep in mind that your nuke slows. You might also have saved you ultimate or had it on cooldown the beginning of the fight, so you can save someone with that. You can also ult yourself and charge in. I did a nice 3v1 this way and barely survived with 9 health.

Section Seven: GENERAL NOTES

If you want to tower dive, remember that your ult lasts a very short time and you move really slowly. Basically just do not use your ult like that. Use your W rather than your R for that sort of thing. Q gets you range too. Sometimes you can get behind the tower and Q them to death.

You are a carry/support, so stealing a kill now and again is good, just don't sacrifice overall team damage for it and remember the order of importance outlined above. Basically, steal from everyone other than carries who are better than you until they are fed. Once they are fed completely, its ok to KS from them. Your Q is really good for stealing kills. Do not sacrifice a kill since someone of higher priority might get it if you are sure you can safely get it. Basically, don't try to KS but don't let any enemies get away.

Section Eight: CHANGELOG
As this is the first version of the guide, there are no changes yet. General edits and fixes coming soon.

There are some things I may add or try. I am considering a Nashor's Tooth in place of the final BF Sword after selling the Doran's Ring. Also there may be some rune changes and minor fixes on the way.


If you are playing against a Fiddlesticks early game and he drains you, for goodness' sake ignite him and kill him. Ignite reduces healing and deals damage over time, so you basically turned his drain into a really inefficient channeled nuke. You do more damage attacking. Drain should not be used like that. Name him lunch.

On a similar note, since your nuke slows and has a longer range than fiddlesticks' ult, you can make him waste it very easily.

If you are at low health and running away from a Lux or Ezreal, hide in the bushes rather than just running down the lane. Running away in a straight line is just stupid.

Watch Shurelia's zoning tutorial (!