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Kayle Build Guide by xxRabidxSquidxx

Kayle - After Nerf build

Kayle - After Nerf build

Updated on October 22, 2011
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League of Legends Build Guide Author xxRabidxSquidxx Build Guide By xxRabidxSquidxx 3,786 Views 0 Comments
3,786 Views 0 Comments League of Legends Build Guide Author xxRabidxSquidxx Kayle Build Guide By xxRabidxSquidxx Updated on October 22, 2011
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This build is a all round build that allows Kayle to be a very heavy damage Carry and Support Champion. With this build Kayle excels Mid to Late game. Early game, Kayle is a very defensive and harass type of champion and requires you to hug a little bit more to get kills depending on the lane(solo top, double top or solo mid). Depending on your lane partner you could have many kills early game or relying on last hitting for gold.
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I got with Armor Pent. Marks, Mana regeneration Seals, Attack Damage Glyphs and Quintessences because Kayle is a hybrid AP DPS. These runes help with early game laning and the Mana regen is to help stay in lane longer.

You could also go to Standard Castor runes with Magic pent reds, Mana regen yellows, Cooldown reduction blues and Ability power Quinces.
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I use standard AD DPS masteries to synchronize with the rune page. These masteries will help with your early game harassment and farming.\

Alternative to this is the standard castor 9/0/21 page.
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Rush Nashor's Tooth! This item will help significantly in team fights and farming with the Attack Speed and Ability Power. Use this in combination with Righteous Fury. Then move on to the other items on the list for maximum effectiveness in fights 1v1 or Team. After your finished your build make sure to get Elixirs to increase Kayle all round. Oracles is for Ward scouting and Teemo Shrooms.

Make sure you get Ionian Boots of Lucidity for additional Cooldown reduction. But if the other team is really tanky and stacks magic resist go with Sorcerers Boots.
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Skill Sequence

Max out Reckoning for great early game harassment and for the damage amplification after its maxed. Follow up with Righteous Fury while adding a point in Divine Blessing at level 3. Add a point in Intervention whenever available.
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Summoner Spells

Go with Flash and Ignite. Flash for a quick get away followed by a Divine Blessing on yourself. after Trinity Force then Flash -> Blessing combo sends you moving at over 490 movement speed. Ignite is insurance for early game kills.

Other spells that could you could chose is Flash and Ghost, Ignite and Ghost or Ghost and Cleanse for early game spell spamming.
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How to win teamfights with kayle.

You want to be very passive and laid back with Kayle. Tag your target with Reckoning and follow up with Righteous Fury. Your Attack speed from Nashor's Tooth and Trinity Force will tear up squishy targets and most tanks. Whats left of the enemy team will be taken out with the help of your team. With your Cool Down Reduction Righteous Fury should be up off Cool Down after each duration.
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Support Aspects of Kayle

Kayle, while being a great Damage dealer can support allies in trouble with her Ultimate in team fight and Divine Blessing during escapes. In team fights tag your focused ally with Intervention with tearing the enemy team down with Righteous Fury and when your ally starts running away assist him with Divine blessing so ensure a quick escape for him/her.
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Pros / Cons


- Build brings back amazing late game Damage.
- Excellent team fighter.


- Early game, Kayle can be a little underpowered depending on your runes and masteries.
- Not a very good farmer and relies on items and abilities to farm.
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