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This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author .rehab1

Kayle - An Angel's Wrath

.rehab1 Last updated on October 13, 2010
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Kayle - An Angel's Wrath


Basically, this is a guide to build your Kayle into a great dps & supporter. You won't out-dps real DPS champions like Yi or WW, your heals won't be as great as Soraka's either, but with a good timed Intervention, Divine Blessings and Reckoning you can easily turn teamfights around. Still, don't overestimate yourself. You're not immortal forever - and you can try, but you surely won't win against every champ 1on1.

Pros and Cons

+ Great Support
+ Picks off Squishies in Teamfights
+ Ultimate is a little gamechanger
+ Can use to stay out of teamfight range

- really squishy herself.
- easily harassed
- team dependent


Holy Fervor
This is a GREAT passive. It basically gives your more ap and ad, it pushes both your supporting and dps qualities.

This skill is your main harassing spell, together with it can provide an enormous burst. It's also a great ganking tool or good to use against fleeing champs while your burning sword cuts them apart.

Divine Blessing
Can be used to proc and , makes you faster so following fleeing champions or running away is way easier, ah, and almost forgot, it heals a fair amount of hp.

Rigtheous Fury
As said before, it's great if used together with or just to push a lane. This is also a great way to harass your laning opponents and a great farming skill.

Your ulti. Well, it makes you immortal - what else can I say? You want to use this in team fights a lot. Cause after they cast all their stuns on your Yi and he's at 20%, popping your ulti and a heal right after that can turn the situation around easily.

Now why did I decide to max out first? It's enough if you get one point in and , since they don't scale as good. So, max out Reckoning first, always go for longer ulti duration, plus the higher your ulti the less mana it costs. Go for last.

Summoner Spells

A MUST have. You won't have mana issues with Clarity.

Nice to have, but not necessary. You can get instead, or , which would make you more mobile. Plus you can ulti + teleport out of bad situations like that. I choose because of its mobility and it gets you to your team and out of ganks fast. Pop , , cast .. and make your escape, hopefully. would be really nice against a team with lots of CC. In short: You can take everything but or . Why? I don't see why you should take them. Your own heals are enough - and if you don't screw up too much you won't die that often.

Core Item Build

This is the core of my item build. You get first, buy and build a .
You upgrade your boots to or or or . Choose whichever boots you like, you can even get if you feel like you need more attack speed. I would recommend if you want to move a lot and aid your team whenever and wherever you can and if the opposing team has a lot of CC.
Later you upgrade to . I throw in a after that, since its active can be used after your has worn off. is nice to have, but not a must. Though ability cooldown reduction, more attack speed and ability power are really nice. is really strong on Kayle too, in my opinion. But you can top off the core items with whatever you want. If you want more mana, throw in an Archangle's Staff. If you need more magic penetration, try a . Though I don't recommend it, since you deal a lot of non magical damage and magic pen is not sooo perfect for Kayle. Still it's nice to have, since your deals magic dmg. You can also go for a , since you'll have a total 5 seconds of invulnerability at your disposal and the AP bonus is HUUGE.


Early Game
You want to lane with a partner, get last hits, last hits, last hits. Harass with and get last hits, if you get harassed beyond your heal better go back to base. Don't die. You can start towerdiving with your ulti as soon as you turn level 6, but never be too greedy. A dead Kayle is a bad Kayle.

Mid Game
Great tool to destroy towers: . Help ganking everywhere and save people with your . Your is great for setting up ganks since it slows the enemy, and if your team gets ganked you can really save someone's *** with .

Late Game
can turn teamfights around. You will be a great asset to your team if you learn to master the ways of supporting Kayle. You can heal your teammates, you can pick off squishies, you can save the focus-target from dying - you can pull off all kinds of stunts with Kayle, and that's why we all love her.

Tips and Tricks

Get to know your ultimate. When to use it, where to use it, on whom to use it. If you can time and use your ulti correctly, you will, and that I can assure you, turn teamfights around and save your team from the worst outcomes. However, I don't think Kayle alone can carry her team. She IS team dependent, you will never pick off the whole enemy team with her, unless you are really lucky.

- Watch out for snares, stuns, buy a if neccessary.
- Watch out for stealth champs, get an or buy some .
- Heavy melee dps will easily drop you, so kite them using Reckoning.
- Get blue buff. You won't have mana issues if you do.

I hope my guide helps you when playing Kayle, the Judicator. Have fun.