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League of Legends Build Guide Author Hyunki

Kayle assassin and support builds

Hyunki Last updated on February 25, 2011
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Heavy support

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Not Updated For Current Season

The masteries shown here are not yet updated for the current season, the guide author needs to set up the new masteries. As such, they will be different than the masteries you see in-game.


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Harshness of words

Some may say after reading this, I am plainly full of myself. Let me tell you, I am not. I simply give it to you straight, and expect that you understand after I spell all of it out for you.

If you think this is harsh, you should truly pick up some Lewis Black and relax. They are just words...

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Some of you may think that assassins are only ninja's and the occasional ryze and a few others no one really cares about. Kayle is generally one of those that people do not care for, let alone the unlimited skill cap she has for more than just a feeder. The skill cap itself, will be explained in the skill cap section... redundancy, I know. I apologize for it.

What makes an assassin an assassin... is the abillity to swiftly run in, kill some people off, and run behind everyone else. For those who are not level 30 and are... smurfing/trolling, Assassin title still stands, as with most other assassins: You walk in, get a penta-kill, and walk out unscathed... for the most part.

Heavy Support

I will not stereotype and say that most people believe that you can't be a leet heal and an off tank that still puts pressure on the opposing team so that they will back the F***-Off. Some of you may think so, especially when a support is fed... I am here to tell you that you do not need to be fed in order to do all of the above. All you need is proper thinking in the heat of battle; which some don't do so well. An example of not doing so well is being too greedy, or pulling a Leeroy. If you don't know what a Leeroy is, I suggest you... iono... start cutting yourself. Kayle can only manage all of the above according to the unlimited skill cap that she has, as well as the thinking of the user. You may kill me as I say this but, beind under the influence of any drug, whether it's pot, alcohol, or crack... You cannot/will not manage to do whatever the F*** I just told you. I am deeply sorry.

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The runes that I have shown you are strictly my opinion of what is best for a leet kayle. This is strictly based on my playing style, if you don't like it, you probably have a different one. Anyone can choose anything to help their dps with their playstyle, I just chose these, because I am a fan of nub runes.

Heavy Support

These runes are significantly more important. As one looks at the build, I have more of a tanky/support runes; these are for good measures. When you view the items, you can conclude that one, you are not stacking AD so you can kill people. With that said, I stacked mana and the alike because I like more ability power. If you don't like more ability power with a support kayle, you probably shouldn't play her. Mana, health, atk speed, and CD reduction are probably best. You can switch out safely with any of those and still do pretty damn good. Like I said with the assassin runes build though, it is entirely based upon your play style, so don't q.q too hard plox!

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As you can see I am a nub. You see this by the fact that I put most of the masteries within the defensive tree. I can explain, it wasn't me. I literally state this, in that I accidentally forgot to switch trees one time, and I liked it. My reason for liking it is the bonus ap from the defensive tree, and the ap from the offensive tree. As some kayle users may notice, she is quite slow in the beginning. This helps due to the bonus ability power in the beginning, giving her a little more umf rather than waiting for all this burst mid or late game. Furthermore, some people have problems with staying alive early game because of ganks. This should probably be avoided easily; but the defensive points help stay alive for the few seconds longer you needed to reach your tower/partner.

Heavy Support

As you can see, I spent most of the points in utility. This is for a good reason. For those who don't know what utility is, it is just the type of thing that saves you from dying here or there, and staying up longer without constantly running to your base for w/e you need. With this said, you still need to buy items, hit just helps not having to go there needlesly. The main focus I have found for support is needing of levels faster than all. This doesn't mean you take solo. You don't take solo. Let me clear this up for you,

You don't take solo

The levels are simply there for your upgrading of support moves, aka, heal and slow; as well as for leveling runes. Why did I go into offensive after utility you ask? Well, you might be tanky, but you still need power for your moves to do anything. Like I have said, you still need damage to put pressure on the opposing team.

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There shouldn't be so much explaining for the items in the Assassin specialization. What you are probably thinking is I am F***ing stupid for focusing on ability power and not going hybrid, nearly at all. Some may say, I am half-***ing hybrid simply because I have guinsoo's. Let me clear this up for you, I did not get it for the AD although it is quite helpful. I got it mainly because I also happen to have malady. I like stacking items... The atk speed and AP boost from Guinsoo's as well as the affect from Malady really goes together nicely. Furthermore, some may complain that the enemy gets away. This should NOT be a problem as you do indeed have slow, and a speed buff from your heal. These two moves SHOULD BE UTILIZED!!!!!

Now you are thinking, what about the magic resist. I say, F*** the magic resist. When you have 1k AP as karthus or anivia, you don't care about such a thing as magic resist... it doesn't apply to you. You only have 500 AP with this build, although not as much as 1k, with the magic penetration, it shouldn't be a problem. That is of course, unless they are only stacking magic resist, which then they have to fear the rest of your team. To be blunt, you just don't f***ing stack ONE stat as a tank. Trust me, you will be raped in unimaginable ways. Unless you are truly getting carried THAT hard.

The Support spec should be easy to understand, knowing what I have said before. I am an extremely aggressive support and tend to do everything. Off-tank, heal, dps. The key point in this is that you don't ever have to go back. With 5.2k mana, this is not a problem. With the nice amount of ability power, you can heal yourself, your allies, and throw a slow on an enemy which makes them cry. Your heals won't be as affective as the dps build, but it's not supposed to be. You are supposed to be a non-squishy support that can do multiple things REALLY well. Some who have played Karma will understand that she is simply put, a squishier version of kayle without the amount of dps that kayle has.

For replacements, You can easily build troll for the assassin build. If you don't know what an AP Troll build is, it's simple. Archangels X 3, Rabadon's deathcap, Rod of ages, and boots or Lichbane. You will have about 1k ap, and when you hit someone with the lichbane proc, they will cry. This is a similar build to what troll Anivia does, and troll Karthus does. They just can't do lichbane like kayle can though, they may get a 4th archangels or w/e they want.
For replacements with the support build, I suppose if you really don't want to be an off-tank, you can get some more ability power via anyway you feel like it. This will indeed make your heals more affective as well as making your hits do more damage. The problem with this is the fact that you will be squishier; but you gain more pressure dealing on your opponents, and healthier teammates ( I find though, if you want my opinion, you really don't need more ap for the heals or damage. It does very well on it's own).

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Skill Sequence

I refuse to say much about the sequence. It is truly something you get a feel for with kayle that you won't understand as you play any other character. It is entirely situational. Situational should be capitalized to 172 font, but that's not possible. reasons for this is one point in a wrong move and you will F*** yourself over for a period of time that you may not be able to come back to. An example of this is the enemy running away with 1 hp if you are dps build. For support build, the problem may be that, if only your slow did more damage, they would have too much pressure to bum-rush your ally/you.

With that said... That's all. I do not feel i need to spell it out anymore, especially since any nub who would read this guide, would probably q.q because I am ever so harsh/mean.

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Summoner Spells

Ghost is your best friend for those who are not pro enough to fully utilize the abilities of Flash, or are simply no where near a wall. Ghost and flash can be exchanged between each other, but I will highly suggest it does not go beyond that. In fact, if you are not of high elo, or atleast level 30, I would suggest one to avoid touching flash all together. That is of course unless you are a troll/smurf.

Ghost and flash. I said you need to be pro with flash and I still stand by those words, but even as a support you will need it. These two moves will make your in-n-out much easier. This will not only help you utilize the heals and damage more, but you will then be fully capable of being an extreme HxC Heavy Support Kayle. If you don't like them, I would be surprised because everyone likes ghost and flash. You are no exception.

Summoner spells you don't get, F***ing period... are teleport, heal, fortify, and exhaust. Doesn't leave you with much... I know this. You shouldn't be left with much else. You shouldn't pick those spells, period.

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Team Work

Anything that I could say for the dps build would have been covered already by the LoL Commandments, or the religion that has started up her ALL TOGETHER! I refuse to say anything about it due to this precisely. If you don't know what the LoL religion is, you are screwed.

Support has LOTS to say about. You should be moving 24/7. Especially in a team fight. If you stop moving, you will cause a deficit in your team's ability to win. You have 5.2k mana, and a good amount of health. If your ally has one hp missing, you heal them. No exceptions. It's not like you will ever run out of mana anyway. With this said, I suggest you turn into a Korean, bust out the 999 APS and support your team. nuff said.

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What I have just told you in the most blunt way imaginable, is you need to adjust to kayle in order to be good with her. One can get a nice 10/5 ratio easily, but that doesn't make you pro. What makes you pro in the end is the fact that you have a 100% chance of winning a game as you play kayle. If you don't have a 100% chance, you did not reach perfection. With Kayle's massive ability to heal, off-tank, and dps; you should be able to win if you use her correctly. She is one of those heroes that easily turns the tide of a game by walking up to someone, and slapping them.

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Skill cap. We are finally here. I am sorry about having this is the end, especially when I announced skill cap in the very beginning of this whole lecture. If you don't know skill cap is, that is okay. That is the only thing I will say in this whole guide, that is okay being ignorant about. A lot of people apparently don't know what skill cap is, so I will educate you.

Skill cap is how well you can play a character till you just can't get better. You can think all you want that every character has an unlimited skill cap, I will just face-palm. There are extremely limited amount of champions that have an unlimited skill cap. You can be the best kayle in the entire world, and then someone comes around and beats you. The fact that you can fill in almost any role in a game is proof that you have one of THE highest skill caps. If all you got is dps, your skill cap is limited purely to how hard you can carry your team. Tryn for an example, can be soo friggen leet and rape people, and then a cho comes up and get his thornmail; followed by you killing yourself. With hybrid characters, the skill cap becomes exceptionally high as you have ad and ap. It then rises when you not only hit the kid, but you use tons of spells as well. If you are limited to either or, you can't get as high as kayle can. Kayle's damage, especially with E, is extremely hybrid. You have physical damage, and magical damage. Thornmail can't do much about that. That is a skill cap itself.

With all of this long paragraphs of educating, I bid you farewell. It was nice informing any/all of you about the many aspects of Kayle/the game.