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Build Guide by Hunter Spark

Kayle cooldown reduction and flashing speed

By Hunter Spark | Updated on April 17, 2011

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This is a build for Kayle because, Kayle is very strong Supporter. When ally is very weak and is about to get a death use Divine blessing to heal them and it makes your ally move faster.

Kayle is very like ways to be easily controlled and she can use both attack and magic attacks.
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The runes you'll need is Greater Mark of Insight, Greater Seal of Replenishment and Greater Glyph of Potency 9 of each and Greater Quint of Potency 3 times for more of the ability power.

Greater Mark of Insight does Magic penetration
Greater Seal of Replenishment gives mana per 5 sec
Greater Glyph of Potency gives more ability power
Greater Quint of Potency does the same as the Greater Glyph of Potency.
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The Masteries will heavily be on offense and utility not for defense let the tanks get the defense.

Deadliness 3/3
Archmage's Savvy 1/3
Sorcery 3/4
Alacrity 4/4
Sunder 3/3
Brute Force 3/3
Lethality 3/3
Havoc 1/1

Good Hands 1/3
Perseverence 3/3
Awareness 4/4
Greed 1/1
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These are very good items to use because Kayle is very strong with the Divine Blessing and Righteous Fury.

1. Boots of Speed & 3 Health Potion& 32. Ionian boots of Lucidity3. Amplifying Tome & Meki pendent&4. Fiendish Codex5. 2 Daggers6. Stinger7. Nashor's Tooth8. Blasting Wand9. Guinsoo's Rageblade10. 2 Amplifying Tome11. Hextech Revolver12. Pickaxe13. Bilgewater Cutlass14. Hextech gunblade15. Blasting Wand16. Needlessly Large Rod17. Rabadon's Deathcap18. Giant's Belt19. Warmog's Armor
These are really good items for your health, Strength and Ability Power.
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Skill Sequence

The skills are in order:

1.Righteous Fury
2.Divine Blessing
3.Righteous Fury
4.Divine Blessing
5.Righteous Fury
7.Righteous Fury
9.Righteous Fury
10.Divine Blessing
12.Divine Blessing
13.Divine Blessing

Because Righteous Fury is range ability power move, Divine Blessing to heal and escape, Intervention because to be unaffected by attacks and Reckoning because it doesn't do much at the beginning and then you get it at the end because it becomes stronger with the Guinsoo's Rageblade.
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Summoner Spells

The Summoner Spells You should use

Ghost: Because you'll be able to escape and if you use Divine Blessing along with it your speed should be able to escape any harm.

Ignite: You have to use this spell wisely because if you use this at the wrong timing you won't end up killing them use Ignite when their health is 25% or less.

Flash: This can also help you to escape when you are in harm and you need to escape fast I recommended you till get this if you wish but I really recommend on using The Ghost & Divine Blessing trick.

Exhaust: This helps to slow enemy's down you can use this spell if you want but I'll rather Escape then kill.

Teleport: This is an alright spell not the greatest if you're trying escape but really good if you're aiming for a kill.

Spells not to use:

Fortify: Even though Kayle is a support she has Divine Blessing and Intervention No point.

Clarity: You got the Runes not worth it.

Cleanse: Use this for Tryndamere instead of Kayle.

Rally: Let other team members use this.

Heal: You have Divine Blessing.

Revive: this is really useless.

Smite: This is for jungling.

Clairvoyance: Let others use this spell.
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This is a great build hopefully this helped.
League of Legends Build Guide Author Hunter Spark
Hunter Spark Guide

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Kayle cooldown reduction and flashing speed