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Kayle Build Guide by H4R3

Not Updated For Current Season

This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author H4R3

Kayle-Death in Fire

H4R3 Last updated on September 21, 2011
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Not Updated For Current Season

The masteries shown here are not yet updated for the current season, the guide author needs to set up the new masteries. As such, they will be different than the masteries you see in-game.


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Whats up guys,this is H4R3(Not quite known)and this is my very first build.I didn't want to make a troll build and go with a "This is my first build" excuse.Please don't downrate this build if you didn't already play it,as I'm sure that if you have at least played Kayle once,you will melt faces without breaking a sweat.

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This build is designed to tear down enemies at ease,while also being able to support your team if you're coordinated and skilled enough.This is a build mainly focused on DPS (Damage per second) Kayle;Utilizing her DPS potential to the maximum.Without further ado,lets get on with the build.

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So for runes I go standard:
I take Armor Penetration Marks

Flat Armor Seals

And Cooldown reduction Glyphs

This rune combination will help you tear down champions while keeping you safe from them at low levels due to your ArPen,Armor,and some CDR to help out with the early harass.
I do not prioritize Mana regen.Glyphs due to Kayle's ability to restore mana with ease.
If you tend to cast Reckoning often,I would advise you to take Mana Regeneration Glyphs.

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So here we have a fairly basic offensive mastery tree,with some other goodies from the utility tree.You could also go 21/6/3 While grabbing the same Offense masteries,Some armor and MR in the defense tree,and getting Improved Ghost and some death reduction at the Utility tree.I usually go with the first Mastery tree mentioned,but the alternative can be fairly good as well if you are new to Kayle.

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Summoner Spells

My Summoner spells are simple:

Ignite-For some additional damage to your already destructive attacks,and a very handy tool for picking that About-to-tumble-away off Vayne.You know what I'm talking about...

Ghost-One of The most useful spells in the game:It grants you 27% increased movement speed.Oh my god.I cannot stress how useful this spell gets in the game.It can be used both Offensively and Defensively;and with your full build and heal activated,you will be moving at about 550 Movement speed!!!Screw LeBlanc's double Distortion when you can Fly at this speed!!!

I do not think the other spells are that good for Kayle,while some of them are being considered fairly viable:
Flash-To get away after casting Intervention on yourself,or for a quick blink.
Exhaust-Overall reduces the enemy's damage output,allowing you to take them down with no fear of death whatsoever.
The others are pretty much weakening the concept of DPS Kayle,or just aren't useful enough for most of the situations.

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Skill Sequence

To test this skill sequence I played many matches.Some were with balanced healing with a minor damage output,but the best Skill Sequence is This one:
Grabbing Rigteous Fury first for a TON of damage troughout the game.This skill will grant you an ability to easily harass your opponents,and net you some early kills.Max this skill ASAP For being able to truly carry your team as a RANGED DPS.Kayle's amazing Mana Regen lets you use this skill as soon as it gets of CD without losing any mana.You should use this to harass at level 1,and try to get first blood.You will be strong enough to get first blood with a little help from a teammate that can Stun or Slow(Taric,Rammus) or even another Damage dealer such as LeBlanc for instance if she didn't go mid.Rush to the 2nd Bush on their lane,Righteus fury as soon as you see them IN the brush,Ignite,ghost,and follow up with basic attacks for the kill.
Reckoning is the skill I max Second,Due to its fairly useful ability to slow,do decent amounts of damage,and for the cherry on top:It Increases your Overall damage against the slowed target.Using this right before you attack with Reckoning will surely take at least 30%-50% of the enemy's health.
Divine Blessing I max out last,cuz this is mainly a healing skill with a pretty nice haste buff.I use it mainly for the speed while I chase,not so much for the heal,but combined with Intervention,it can be a very nice survival combo.
Intervention is Kayle's ultimate;It Makes the selected target Invulnerable for 2/2.5/3 Seconds.This ultimate allows you to avoid death from any sort,lets you support your team,and most of the enemies will back off when they see you casting your ult on yourself.Timing is the key to proper usage of intervention:When you are on low HP lets say 300HP and the Garen chasing you has used all of his skills but his ult,and you are getting out of range;Don't hesitate to use your ult!!!I have done it many times and paid for it with my life.It has a fairly short cooldown,allowing you to rapidly survive tough encounters with the enemy's nukers such as Annie,LeBlanc,Anivia,Vladimir ect. ect....
Use it when you enter teamfights and see their team lashing out whatever they have available,and block a TON of damage.

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The Item build is fairly simple,and is a result of many tests in normal games.
Dorans Blade is a good start for all the DPS chars
Berserkers Greaves will be grabbed as soon as possible,as they grant some nice AS
Phantom Dancer is a good pick for some Crit chance,Mobility,and extra AS
Frozen Mallet will be the factor that takes away your "Glass Cannon" Factor
The Black Cleaver for some very nice Damage,ArPen,and AS
The Bloodthirster will give you that much needed lifesteal,and Damage that you need
Infinity Edge gives you Crit Chance,Bonus 50% Damage on your Crits,and some Damage.
This is what makes you a rampaging killing machine that goes around Critting things for 900 Damage from range once you have baron and use reckoning on your target.With red buff,NOONE and I mean NOONE will escape your reckoning slow,Frozen mallet slow,and Ref buff slow.Enemies will not leave their base cuz' they will be too busy drying their underwear at the well.

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I am having major problems during the Image uloading of my quad kill match history;Can anyone help me with how to upload it?I have tried many ways but none of them work.Will Update ASAP

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So that is it for my first build guys,I will be updating it as necessary,I hope you get many many many hours of fun with this build,comment below your critics,ideas,thoughts about this build.Peace out!
P.S. Forgive my English,as I am not from England or USA. :P