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Kayle Build Guide by IridiumDevil

Kayle - Divine Smite

Kayle - Divine Smite

Updated on May 1, 2012
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League of Legends Build Guide Author IridiumDevil Build Guide By IridiumDevil 3,499 Views 0 Comments
3,499 Views 0 Comments League of Legends Build Guide Author IridiumDevil Kayle Build Guide By IridiumDevil Updated on May 1, 2012
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Chapter 1

The build I am going for here is quite simple. Using Kayle's ability to reduce armor and magic resistance on every hit (against a champion), and increase her damage per attack by up to 10%, coupled with the bonus damage from her ranged attack make this build an ender of worlds.
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First things first, the rune that you want in Glyph is FLAT AP, not AP/Level. The Flat Ap rune was not showing up in the list when making the guide, sorry. The runes are set up to increase Kayle's early game Ap to a drastic level. This is because her ranged attack scales off of ability power, as does her heal and her slow. Having a high early game Ap grants her an incredible amount of bonus damage early game.
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Just like the runes, the masteries in this build are aimed at giving Kayle an offencive upperhand early game, which will allow her to feed. Simply put, the bonus attack speed, damage and ability power make Kayle dangerous alone, when coupled with Penetration however, it increases her damage by a small, flat amount that stacks with her passive.
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The items in Kayle's build are designed to make her very powerful. The bonus magic damage per hit from Malady, Wits end and Bloodrazor give her excesive damage when mixed with her ranged attack and her slow, as well as surge. In addition, the bonus ability power, both from the items and from hits with the Rageblade, raise Kayle's ranged attack's damage, while Malady and Black Cleaver work with her passive to quickly rend a targets armor and magic resistance, again working with her passive. Wits end raises Kayle's magic resistance a flat amount, plus more for her each attack, while bloodrazor gives kayle some bonus attack damage and armor as well.
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Summoner Spells

The reason behind the spells is simple. Surge raises Kayle's attack speed, which works with her passive, ranged attack and on-hit item build, and raises her Ap, to buff her ranged attacks damage more, and her slows damage. And as for flash, well, it's got many uses as I'm sure you all know.
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Skill Sequence

The way I chose to level the skills here is to keep Kayle running a smooth growth after maximizing her ranged attacks power. This way, she can heal/speed up as well as damage/slow and enemy at almost equal levels of play.
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Pros / Cons

I wont lie, this build has it's drawbacks. The first one is early game, while she has great power and a strong lane phase, she also lacks movement speed and health, which does make things tricky. In addition, late game she has almost no health compared to other champions or builds, and a tank essentially (if done correctly) out does all her work. However, if done properly, this build can turn Kayle into a carry that would make Master Yi run for cover. She still is not very fast, and must rely on her ult and heal to survive in extended periods of time, but the damage output more than makes up forit.
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League of Legends Build Guide Author IridiumDevil
IridiumDevil Kayle Guide
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Kayle - Divine Smite

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