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League of Legends Build Guide Author Hockeygod

Kayle - Heavens Reckoning (DPS)

Hockeygod Last updated on August 4, 2010
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Kayle - Heavens Reckoning

Welcome to my Kayle DPS Guide. This guide will take you on a DPS heavy side of Kayle, where u can still throw hefty heals and such on teammates, but your main concern is blowing people up.

Early Game:

I start with boots and 2-3 Health potions (2 if i buy 1 mana potion). I find this handy for when im harassing with Reckoning bombs, i can keep on them due to superior run speed, and possible nab a early kill. The health pots obviously allow me to stay in lane longer.

Its very easy to harass with Kayle, especially on casters and such with low HP. While harassing the other team, make sure your not forgetting to last hit creeps. Righteous fury makes last hitting cake, so there isn't really any excuse why you shouldn't be raking in gold.

I only go one point into Divine blessing early on, cause it gives me just enough move speed to catch/get away from people, and just enough heal to stay through some harassment. Between your potions, and generally smart play, you shouldn't really need to level it early on.

Utilize your ignite also. Popping ignite on a champ at half life, followed by a Reckoning bomb, and then righteous fury can quickly lead to a kill. The ignite does damage itself, but since we masteried it, we get 10 AP from it, which translates to 1.5 Atk dmg also. The 10 AP will help with Reckoning, as well as righteous Fury. And as you all know, early game, every little bit helps.

Work on getting any boots you need asap. Boots are your choice, and also depends on what you are going up against. If the team you're up against is very high CC, then you need to pick up Merc treads. If you want some tank aspect to you, then go ninja tabi. If you want your spells to hit harder, go sorcerer's shoes. Finally, if they don't have CC, and you want straight Atk Spd, go Berserker Greaves.

Mid game:

Once you've got yourself your boots of choice, you should be working on Guinsoo's Rageblade. This makes you a beast from the start. Shouldn't take you long to farm it, between "Greed" mastery, and your ability to farm with Righteous fury, and hopefully you've pulled off some solid ganks so far. From there, get Nashor Tooth, this will make you swing incredibly quickly, adds a large amount of AP, and the best part, 25% cooldown reduction. That pretty much makes your Reckoning bombs spammable. So between Divine Blessing, and Reckoning, you wont have many people getting away from you. Also the cooldown reduction will allow you to have righteous fury up at almost all times.

Try setting up some ganks with your teammates. Get two other people to run around with you, taking out the 1-3 enemy champs in lanes attempting to push lanes. 10 minutes of solid effective ganking mid game can mean game later on. It will allow you to "Feed" and then take control of the game from there. But its important to not feed in the beginning or this task will be much harder to accomplish.

Late Game:

You should have your boots, Guinsoo's Rageblade, and Nashors Tooth by now. If you haven't, you're playing Kayle wrong. You either arent lasting hitting well, you fed, or you've been playing way to defensively. Now its time for Hextech Gunblade. This item adds so much damage to you champ its amazing. Not only that, but it allows everything you do to, to give you life. You do a reckoning bomb, you gained some life, you atk, you gained life. Its awesome, between this item, your Divine blessing, and intervention, you're incredibly hard to kill at this point.

If the game goes on long enough, get a lich bane, it will make alot of your attacks hit for ridiculous amounts. Some may want to push this up in importance, and get it after Nashors tooth, your call. Hextech Gunblade is more DPS and survivability, Lich Bane is more Burst Dmg, for ganks. Late game, it becomes lots of 5v5 battles, and it comes down to what your preference is as a player. Do u want to go in, drop a reckoning bomb, hit em with a high dmg Lich Bane buffed Righteous Fury, and maybe back off. Or do you want to go in, DPS, get some people attacking you, and be able to stand your ground a bit.

I chose the runes i did for the following reasons.

Greater Mark of Insight x9: The magic Pen will go well with your 15% mastery talent, to make your Reckoning bomb hurt bad.

Greater Seal of Alacrity x9: Attack speed is vital to Kayle for dps. Against high CC teams, you'll need to buy merc treads, and so you will need the Atk speed from runes to make up for the lost speed.

Greater Glyph of force x9: I find the large amount of AP you get from these to be very beneficial while leveling. It will increase your Reckoning, Diving blessing, Rigtheous Fury, and due to her passive, increase you Atk Dmg as well.

Greater Quintessence of Fortitude x3: Nearly 100 hp bonus at level 1 is huge. Since you rush boots first, the extra HP helps a lot.

Items (In depth look at them):

Boots: I wont go into detail again on the boots. You need to make a judgement call on these. Look at the opposing team, factor in your playstyle and go from there.

Guinsoo's Rageblade: +35 Attack Damage / +45 Ability Power / On attack, increases your Attack Speed by 4% and Ability Power by 6. Lasts 5 seconds (stacks up to 8 times). This is amazing for Kayle. It scales everything she does as you attack more. Eight Attacks in, and she has 32% faster atk speed, and 48 AP which translates to 7.2 atk dmg also. That's all on top of the base 35 atk dmg, and 45 AB it has (Both of which add more do to her passive). So this very cheap item, essentially gives 32% Faster atk, 49 Atk dmg, 103 AB all at eight attacks, for the price of 2235.

Nashor Tooth: +50% atk spd / +55 AB / +25% cooldown reduction. With Kayles passive, this also means 8 atk dmg also. This is essential to a DPS Kayle for multiple reasons. First being atk speed, if you aren't atking fast enough to do the dmg needed to kill somebody, you're a useless DPS. Second, 55 AB gives bonus to 3 of her abilities, and do to passive, add atk dmg. Finally 25% cooldown reduction means Righteous Fury is almost always up, and reckoning bombs are nearly spammable.

Hextech Gunblade: +45 atk dmg / +55 AB / +15% Life steal / +12% spell vamp / UNIQUE Active - Deals 300 magic damage and slows the target champion by 50% for 3 seconds (700 range). 60 second cooldown. . After Kayles passive kicks in, its 53 atk dmg, and 68 AB. The life steal and spell vamp make everything Kayle does, give her life. No matter if righteous fury is blowing people up, or if u throw a reckoning bomb, this item will allow you to steal life from it. This makes Kayle incredibly hard to kill, between he life leech, spell vamp, Divine blessing, and Intervention.

Lich Bane: +350 Mana / +80 AP / +32 MR /+7% Movement speed / UNIQUE: Whenever you use an ability, your next physical attack deals an additional 100% AP in damage. After Kayles passive kicks in, it also gives 12 Atk dmg. This is great for the simple fact that, with all the Ability power you've been stacking work with the Unique passive bonus of this item make your strikes after you cast, anything, hit like a semi. Given, it has a 3 second cooldown, but regardless, its nice.

Last note:

Don't forget, you may be DPS spec, but you're still Kayle, which means you help the team. If somebody else is dying in a team fight, throw your Intervention on them, and heal them. Don't be a douche and save it for yourself just so your score looks better. This is a team game, Kayle is a great team champ. If somebody else (i.e. Warwick) is chasing down an enemy champ, hit em with Divine Blessing so he moves even faster to catch them. Don't buff yourself in hopes you can catch them before Warwick kills em so u can get a Assist or kill steal.

Its a team game, play like a team, and enjoy playing your DPS Kayle.

CC = Crowd Control
Feed = To kill enemy champs multiple times early and mid game to gain an advantage in money/XP.
AP = Ability Power
Gank = An ambush on a champ

Forwarning you, my math may be slightly off. I did round numbers, i also dont know if Kayle's passive works onto itself. (i.e. if i get 100 AP from an item, which gives me 15 atk dmg, do that 15 atk dmg, give me 4.5 more AB? i dont know, that would take some testing to find out.)

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