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Kayle Build Guide by Methuselah

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This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author Methuselah

Kayle Heavy Build

Methuselah Last updated on October 23, 2011
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Not Updated For Current Season

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The heavy Kayle build

This build focuses on spamming 2 key abilities on Kayle. One being, Righteous Fury, and the other being Reckoning. Use Divine blessing to speed up to a champion, then use Reckoning to slow them and spam them with Righteous Fury, re-stun them and speed yourself up again. This build focuses on heavy damage, utilizing OCCULT and MEJAI.

This build is effective because of it's relatively cheap items, utilizing tier 1, 2 and 3 items to build up quickly and allow maximum farming ability to get those powerful game changing tier 3's. Kayle can get her tier 3 items before other heroes as a result of a correct play style using her powerful abilities.

The masteries do not greatly matter in the late game build, however , focusing on ability powers within the mastery trees as well as rune choices will offer a powerful late game.

Kayle can also play a good support or offensive role when utilizing her Reckoning ability.
She can be offensive and she can tank. Kayle does a very good job of farming with her Righteous Fury ability. Keep in mind, that Righteous Fury gain's more damage with Mejai (160+) than with Occult (110+). At lower levels, be sure to farm as much as possible to build up Kayle with items. Also, if you are getting piled a lot, don't be afraid to get Boots of Speed earlier and focus a couple levels on the Invulnerability Ultimate.

Tip: Start the game by standing just out of range of the enemies turret on the top right or top left in the jungle. Wait for the enemy heroes to notice you, then run back towards your spawn, staying away from the route they normally take on the top or right side. Lure them behind a cannon nearest your base so that they are both killed when they try to run past it to escape.

The most important thing you have with Kayle is a farming advantage. She essentially starts the game with Tiamat. She can be a very effective support class, and she can be quite harrowing late game as an offensive unit. If you decide to use different items, keep at least the 2 core items, Occult and Mazai. Fill your hero out with Warmog's and Randuin's Omen for some serious tanking and spanking.

A good item to use that can replace boots of swiftness in the core build might be a Frozen heart. The ability cooldown effect helps to keep spamming Reckoning and Righteous Fury. Cooldown time reduction is good, but do not hurt your total damage output by over compensating with armor and health.

I would like to take the time and explain why I use the items listed above.

Doran's ring gives you the mana boost you will need in the beginning of the game for extended farming. More farming with Righteous Fury means more GP and more exp.

Fiendish Codex to Nashor's tooth offers an attractive 25% ability cooldown. Increased attack speed and ability power are useful too, making this an all around good item for this hero.

Mejai and Occult combine for some serious damage upon use of Righteous fury. Each attack hits something like 160 + 110 + 150+ dmg with those two items alone.

Blood thirster offers an attractive 15% vamp at low power and a powerful 25% at max. This weapon also maxes at another +100 damage. Now we have Righteous Fury dealing somewhere in the vacinity of 160(Mejai) + 110(Occult) + 150+(Righteous Fury) + 100(Thirster), or 520+ semi armor piercing.

Gunblade can replace Blood Thirster considering it's +40 dmg and +70 ability power adding up to a higher hybrid damage than with Thirster. Gunblade also does 300 dmg with it's special attack which greatly adds to total damage per engagement.

For example, with gunblade, your total damage per engagement with another hero figures to be around 160(Mejai) + 110(Occult) + 150+(Righteous Fury) + [40 + 70 = 110](Gunblade) towards the hybrid damage using Righteous Fury. 555 damage + 300 instant damage + the insane damage of late game Reckoning (600+ damage) in the first engagment, is a whopping 1400+ damage before armor and magic resist. The second engagement would be more or less 555 damage and so on.

Phantom dancer and boots of swiftness can be bought earlier in the chain, if mobility is an issue. Sometimes mobility will help you to farm faster and sometimes you end up being held back in your late game because you delayed it by buying your mobility items too soon. Mobility is not as great a concern with this build of Kayle essentially because she has her boots of speed built in by utilizing Divine Blessing instead.

Now we can focus and see that Kayle starts with Tiamat and Boots of speed via her abilities. In fact, boots of swiftness are not really necessary and can be replaced with some armor, or some more stat boosting items.

Frozen Mallet is very effective with Kayle, as well as many other tier 3 items.
When utilizing Frozen Mallet with Righteous Fury, you have an effective means to slow the enemy unit continually and deal insane damage.

When fighting a hero with High defence and Magic resistance, the best tactic would be to use Divine Blessing or flash and run away. Kayle's movement speed is often misleading because she essentially has a pair of hidden Boots of speed. Kayle can often lure enemies quite well, once again attributing to the fact of her misleading movement speed.

Kayle's power late game is truly sickening as mentioned above.

160(Mejai) + 110(Occult) + 150+(Righteous Fury) + [40 + 70 = 110](Gunblade) towards the hybrid damage using Righteous Fury. 555 damage + 300 instant damage + the insane damage of late game Reckoning (600+ damage) in the first engagment, is a

truly disgusting 1400+ damage.

(before armor and magic resist) The second engagement would be more or less 555 damage per 0.75 seconds.

God Build

Reckoning + Gunblade's damage ability can be disgustingly powerful late game, dealing around

1800+ damage instantly.

This god build or tier 3 build for late game domination is:

Frozen heart, Majai, Phantom Dancer, 2x Rabadon's deathcap, and a Gunblade.

Majai can be replaced with another deathcap, phantom likewise. However, the ability cooldown Majai offers is very attractive.
Phantom dancer allows you to attack faster, and have a slight speed boost.
Anyhow, Reckoning becomes insanely powerful as does Righteous Fury.

When Kayle casts reckoning (Tier 5 + maxed items), she is bringing down the wrath of god nearing the capability to one hit heroes, especially if you are with a group.