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Kayle Build Guide by Zaderton

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League of Legends Build Guide Author Zaderton

Kayle Hybrid - Melting Enemies - A Most Try

Zaderton Last updated on May 12, 2012
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First; If you won with this build or raped with it but lost cuz of bad team please thumb it up, if you didn't win please let me know what went wrong :P

My English writing skills aren't the best, so any corrections would be nicely accepted, also this build is still under construction, so any valuable suggestions will be implemented.

I've noticed how powerful a mixed damage Kayle is, since her E skill gives him a nice magic damage as added damage and makes her attack ranged with splash damage. That's why i feel maxing it first is important for farming and added damage early game.

And with the movement speed from her W gives him a great chasing or fleeing ability. While her Q makes gives him slow for enemies with 10% bonus damage and the skill base damage increases both from ability power and physical.

Thanks for taking interest in my guide :)

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Pros / Cons

Mixed damage; so kinda hard to counter her.
E allows her to be range for 10 sec with Splash damage and added magic damage, raping early.
Can save allies and help initiates with R
Can make allies and self run faster with W
Reckoning slows down enemies

Squishy early
Unknown role
Not too much mana to spam early game
When E is on cd, you become meele again

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Since Kayle isn't really a carry, leave bot for the carry and support, so either solo Top or in games when there isn't a jungler top with someone.

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The marks gives a huge advantage early game, while the rest of the runes give you huge advantage mid-game to late game where attack speed is valuable, since there is 10 seconds of your E skills and 4 Seconds of 10% more damage from your Q . Also attack speed runes are important because you want to create as much damage as possible before you being targeted, the 40% splash is huge in crowded team fights.

If Greater Mark of Destruction is too expensive, substitute it for crit chances or attack speeds runes.

Reason why I don't take any cooldown reduction runes is because its better to attack fast in 10 seconds than spam your Q

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The reason I wouldn't take any Masteries in Utility (except for Flash if you take it) is because you can spend them somewhere else that gives you more advantage early-mid game, especially for mixed damage.

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I would like to note that the only times I ran out of mana were only early game, and that's before the 1st run.

The last 2 items depend on the situation. Starting with Boots and 3 Hp pots gives you great survivability, you can chase or flee faster early and you have extra 450 hp.
On the first run back, if you have 1,260 gold buy sheen , if not, buy boots and sheen components if any gold left. You will notice that with sheen you do a lot more damage while using E and attacking a hero.

Trinity Force is very expensive, but it's valuable for Kayle, both for more hp, crit, and mixed damage, and movement speed.

Next is Guinsoo's Rageblade it give's great mixed damage and stacking attack speed.

After that you will notice you will need life steal, so Hex gun is great, it gives you both Life Steal and Spell Vamp, amazing on Kayle, and gives you a 300 damage nuke and a slow.

Now decide if you want added damage or tankiness, all depends on the game, either Madreds first or Mallet.

Usually the game ends before you finish Madred's Bloodrazor, take the attack speed component first for added attack speed.

And last, which you will rarely will get (since the game should be over by than), is Frozen Mallet, for added hp and slow.

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Skill Leveling Reasoning

The reason I max Righteous Fury first is for faster farming, push your lane whenever you can to make it harder on the enemy team to farm, but be careful on ganks.

Heal is lame, you don't really need it, the only reason this skill is good for is because the movement speed increase.

Reckoning not being maxed first is because it's a nuke, and this build doesn't give you any mana regen, so it's kinda bad to run out of mana because you spammed it, being able to do a lot more damage with Righteous Fury is much more valuable. and maxing it second because by the time its maxed than the 10% bonus damage become truly valuable.

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Skill Sequence

To get the most damage, Q first, Ignite, E, and W for chasing.

Either that or if you want a bit more riskiness, save your ignite for finishing, the reason ignite is right after Q is for the added 10% damage, we all hate when someone escapes with 15 hp...

To initiate on someone, W ( yourself for speed, Q , E and start raping.

The trick in the ultimate is not to save it for when you low on hp, what so special about Kayle ult is that they can still target you with everything, but it doesn't do any damage for 3 seconds. So when is the best time for that? At the beginning of the fight, when they throw everything at you, USE that 3 seconds to null all their ultimates and nukes, show them who's the boss when 3 seconds after they throw everything at you they realize they 50% low on mana, no ults, and nukes are on CD.

Also what so awesome about it, it's always a great way to help a friend escape from Ignite when he has 20 hp left.

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Summoner Spells

Ignite is a must.

Flash or Ghost, I usually go Ghost because I like to be able to W myself and add ghost on top of it, you are fast as ****.

You can go Flash if you feel more secured, I failed to kill many heroes because I couldn't flash to last hit them with my Q.

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Does it work?

Try it yourself, I'm winning 75% of my games with Kayle, here are some results, I don't show more cuz its too much work and some are still positive but with 5/4 or 6/5, but still victories. These are the ones I was very dominant in

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I enjoy playing Kayle, simple and easy hero, although require some skills to be able to rape with her. her Ultimate become useful in many situations so that gives you room for decision making while using it.

Thanks for reading :)

Please comment and suggest, either correct my English or bring up valuable suggestions for improvements.

Please thumb it up or if not write why :)