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League of Legends Build Guide Author Necropolis

Kayle: Into the fray!

Necropolis Last updated on April 24, 2011
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Not Updated For Current Season

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Okay, so this is my first build I put up on mobafire.. ever.

To me, Kayle is am AP Ranged DPS, tower pushing, team fighting/assisting, assist ganking *****. I love her. It's a blast to play her and I hope most of you will enjoy this build just as much as I do.

Heads UP!: This build requires a person to play smart. Not saying that all of you are dumb, just saying theres a lot of dumb people that play LoL now-a-days.. Im sure most of you will agree.

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Pros / Cons

Good harrasing.
Massive assist for team with skills.
Crazy gank help.
Invulnerability for teammates and yourself.
Good farmer
Can do almost anything! IE: Tower push, Gank, Heal, Life save, team fight, support, ANNIHILATE! (Can't tank for shii though) :(

Squishy early game, mid game and somewhat late game.
If caught off-guard you will be rolled unless you can get away. (Shouldnt happen if you play smart)
Squishy mid game

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Greater Mark of Insight: Magic penitration, shes crazy AP DPS so this is a must.

Greater Seal of Alacrity: AP DPS with speed? This bound to hurt with Hextech Gunblade and the other items.

Greater Glyph of Alacrity: Same reason as above.

Greater Quintessence of Fortitude: Survival if you want to chase, escape or just annoy the hell out of the other team.

Greater Quintessence of Swiftness: To catch that bugger thats running away with low HP.

Both quint sets have helped me in every situation. The choice is yours on what you take, mix and match, that might work for you too.

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The items are straight forward, the boots can change though, Swiftness or Berserker are just fine.

Items are usually what I grab, they work with me though Im up for anyones suggestions, if it works better then the current, I will change it up and give you the credit you diserve.

The 5 Hextech with sorc boots does work quite well, so give it a shot.

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Summoner Spells

Ghost: Amazing get away with the speed if you're getting ganked then you can quickly zoom over to your team, or get away to recall.

flash: Good for wall jumping to gank, get away or to jump into a team**** and kill or get a turret at low HP.

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Team Work

As you are also a massive support champ, assisting your team takes priotity as to going for the kill. Heal if they need to be healed. If they're about to die, invulnerability them. if the enemy is getting away, slow them and speed them up with your heal then work together to bring them down. I found out she works well with 3 man including her: Shaco (AD/DPS) Mord (Tank/AP) and Kayle (AD/DPS) Went 4 matchs in a row with no loss.

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Kayle is quite cappable of farming, last hitting and all that goodness to get the shiney. Kayle can start running the jungle on either side when she gets the berserker boots. If you plan on going to the other side then be very careful. Most of the time, I hit up their phantoms if one of their turrets are pushed, however I don't do it often unless Im on an aggressive team, or am playing aggressive myself.

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If you get bored

Pull a Mordekaiser (I've done this as a guilty pleasure) 5 Hextech gunblades and sorc boots with the swiftness build. I've done it for the lulz and if you feel like it, go for it! Don't forget to crank the music!

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At the end of the day

At the end of it all, Kayle is a super fun champion to use and super effective, like a crit with Hydro blast on charizard, ya dig? Kayle is superior support and a crazy tower pusher. There are many ways to use her, like an F-18 she is a multi-role character that can pack a punch and make or break a game. She requires a smart player to be behind the keyboard or she will be a feeding baddie and we really REALLY dont want that.

Also if anyone listens to music (Mainly metal) I found listening to industrial (IE: Turmion Katilot, Scorngrain, Rammstein) are perfect for playing Kayle. If you're in an aggressor mood, its even better.

Here are some links as to what they are (If you dont, like that veiger build, somebody gonna get hurt real bad)

Scorngrain: 24-7 Hell
Turmion Katilot: Teurastaja
Rammstein - tier
Or for those who like it casual but want to be fast and effective here's a little something for you. It's not as heavy as what I normally listen to while playing but this suits Kayle quite well in my eyes. so here you go!

Airbourne - Born to Kill
Now back to Kayle, shes a badass, if you are in a premade for 3v3 or 5v5 it's amazing. Everyone will know whats going on and you have the advantage, you have the speed, the heals, invulnerability, slow, Hextech slow, and massive AoE damage output.

If you have the courage, you can go and solo-gank just be careful and make sure your team is somewhat close to you, if the gank gets turned around then you can whip over to them and be done with it. Get the assist or kill and keep pushing or recall and item it up

I hope this guide helps some of you that are looking for a crazy DPS Kayle, it works very well in my hands so I hope this shared build works for you too

!Thanks and have a wonderful day!