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Kayle Build Guide by chuffs

Not Updated For Current Season

This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author chuffs

[Kayle] - Legit AD carry for 3v3

chuffs Last updated on June 30, 2011
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Not Updated For Current Season

The masteries shown here are not yet updated for the current season, the guide author needs to set up the new masteries. As such, they will be different than the masteries you see in-game.


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Hello readers, this is my first build. Lately I've been experimenting with unorthodox builds, and really enjoying it. Theres just something about strange builds that makes them extremely fun to play. For example Ad soraka, while difficult and flawed is EXTREMELY fun to play. Once I decided to try pure AD on kayle, I was so surprised at it's effectiveness and fun that I just couldn't keep it to myself.
So here we are, AD Kayle!

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Pros / Cons

-Very fun to play
-High health pool (Has 611 health with Doran's ring at level 1)
-High damage at all levels
-Can completely alter team fights with her ultimate
-Very difficult to kill
-Gouges some intrigue from players

-Relies on basic kiting, or a team mate to distract/tank enemies.
-Relies on good last hitting, harassment and general lane dominance skills

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Item sequence

For my starting item, I always grab a Doran's Ring. It lets me start with 51 ability power, 60-70 attack damage, and 611 health. Health regen isn't an issue because your heal, although weak, is enough to keep you in your lane for your next item:
B.F. Sword - The damage this gives you is easily noticable, it allows you to tear through most enemies with just a single Q + E + autoattack combo. If you are forced to bluepill with under 1650 gold, buy boots of speed then go back to lane and farm for this. If you can get this, buy boots of speed ASAP afterwards.
You'll want to build your boots into berserker's greaves, these really up your damage output. Even if the enemy team has a CC heavy team, you'll want to get these because a well-timed ultimate can make up for not having merc treads, but can't make up for not having Berserker's greaves.
Straight after greaves you'll want to build a Black Cleaver, and although it may seem strange, Kayle's attack speed really makes good use of this. After this you buy a vampiric scepter, and build a Bloodthirster ASAP.
These are the core items finished. At this point you really cant go wrong with items, but you may want to choose items that suit your situation. E.g. Armour pen if they're stacking armour, defensive items if they're killing you, or just straight up damage items like Infinity edge.

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I prefer to solo top as kayle, as I can 1v1 most champions if they get aggressive, farm extremely well and in general, control the lane. When laning I prefer last hitting in melee range, and use Q + E to harass them if they try to keep me from last hitting. You may want to consider pushing to tower and then ganking bottom, if they require help, as Kayle is an excellent ganker. Do keep in mind that Ult + flash + ignite can kill most low-hp champions at tower, so don't be afraid of tower diving, but definately do know your limits.
By mid game you will start to become fragile unless you are EXTREMELY fed, but good use of escape abilities, and/or teamwork easily counter this.
By late game you should be able to kill most people in a few seconds, and will likely be the enemy team's primary focus. You want to play extremely carefully, letting allies initiate and be the enemy's center of attention.

Don't forget that your heal and ultimate could save some lives, the range on your ultimate is long enough to support tower diver's while not going in too far, and a Q on enemy + W on ally is an almost certain save.

By far the most important thing to remember is that you are VERY strong early game, try to play as aggressive as possible, because if you have a good early game, mid and late game will be no problem ;)

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Summoner Spells

I prefer to run with Flash + Ignite.
Flash gives me that emergency button for when my ult couldn't save me, or when I can't catch up to the enemy to land my Q. To me, this spell is NOT optional.

Ignite gives me the ability to out-damage virtually any champion in a 1v1 confrontation early game.

Some alternatives are:

Cleanse is extremely useful, as you can remove stuns (that prevent you from ulting yourself) and then ult yourself to get out of most bad situations.
Clairvoyance is a great addition to any team, although you generally want to leave this to the assists. But still, you may find it more beneficial than ignite.

Some bad choices are:

Ghost is an extra escape ability, however I believe that an invulnerability, flash + speed boost (W ability) is enough to get out of most situations.
Exhaust may be handy for shutting down an enemy's damage, but you already have an ult for that, and you can use Q for slow instead of exhaust.
Clarity - If you were to be churning mana fast enough to make good use of this, it's unlikely that you would get enough creep kills to carry. If you are using this to farm creeps however, you should just learn to last hit and get a different summoner spell.

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Skill sequence

Why max Q before E if we're going AD? Simple, your Q increases in power much faster than your E does, and at max level Q is an incredible slow, with crazy damage, allowing you to cut them down with your E. In addition, upgrading Q will increase your basic attack damage on that target much more than upgrading E will.

We get Q first because it will deal 130 damage at level 1, and slow significantly. This is far better for first blood than W or E is.

We max out E straight after Q because by that time you should have some decent AD and Attack Speed items.

We get W at level 4 for the speed boost, and minor heal, and then leave it till last.

We get R whenever we can because you never know when that 0.5 seconds could save someone, or even change the outcome of a game =)

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I've gone standard offensive masteries, but picking up Archaic knowledge for extra early game damage output (As most of your damage is magic damage early game). Recently I've started putting 9 in defensive rather than 9 in utility, and while I have not noticed the decreased XP gain, I have definately noticed the increased armour, magic resist and health regen.
And that's the way it's staying.

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For marks, I've decided that Mpen is only good early game, and Apen is only good late game. For this reason, I've gone with attack speed marks, that are effective at ALL stages of the game.
For seals, I've gone with straight Mp5 rather than armour, due to kayle being already quite resilient to begin with.
For glyphs, I've gone with straight AP runes rather than Mresist, for the same reason as above. The AP really helps alot with early game, and a good early game means a good mid-late game.
For glyphs, I've decided that straight AP gives more benefit than anything else, as it does still give us a decent amount of AD early on, and also much higher burst damage with your Q.

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Is this good in 5v5?
I don't know, you'll have to try, but if you do I would suggest taking mid (but good luck convincing your allies to let you take mid)

Why no ability power?
Ability power tends to be less effective late game, and we get enough from runes and a Doran's ring for early game.

Why no CDR?
Honestly, most fights don't last long enough for my E to run out, and if they do, meleeing still does a good amount of damage.

Why no rageblade?
Same as above really, most fights don't last long enough for me to use this item to its fullest. And short engagements such as harassment don't make use of this at all.

Ap/hybrid is better
You can't really prove that, and whether it is or isn't doesn't matter to me, as I play for the enjoyment of this unorthodox build.

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The End

Thanks for reading my guide, please try it out and rate it!