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Build Guide by Beastly Skittlez

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League of Legends Build Guide Author Beastly Skittlez

Kayle - Like an Angel with Nikes

Beastly Skittlez Last updated on December 13, 2010
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Not Updated For Current Season

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Welcome to my Kayle (Kay-ul, glad we cleared that up) guide! I've been playing Kayle for a bit now and I want to share the build that I have made from looking at various builds and from each, taking aspects that I like. Before I get into the build, I want to address my title. A while back, a RL friend of mine played Kayle for a few days and always called her "Fast Guy". Whenever he would turn on his heal to rush to the battle or escape he would say something along the lines of "You can't catch fast guy. He's like an angel with Nikes!" So now back to the guide.


I go with 9/0/21. I see a lot of people go all the way down the Offense tree but I don't think it's worth it. To me, it seems that the best talents in the Offense tree are first to third tier and I couldn't bring myself to click the button to raise my crit damage. It is also essential to get to CDR cap, which I come extremely close to achieving through runes, masteries and one CDR item.

Summoner Spells

I use Clarity and Ghost. Clarity is awesome for lane staying power and can let you escape with your Ult or finish off that last guy with your Q at the end of a team fight. In my opinion, this is required. Ghost however, could be replaced if you have a favorite spell. Flash is fine and I have seen Kayles getting Exhaust or Ignite which aren't the worst choices ever.


Marks: I'm using AS because I have Archaic Knowledge in my mastery setup and AS is very good for Kayle.
Seals: The MP5 is not needed but it sure makes an impact. I don't build very much MP5 at all so I take these. With Clarity, you should always have mana when you really need it.
Glyphs: You need CDR. With Nashor's Tooth, this gives a good amount of CDR (nearly capping it, which is required for Kayle) to make your ult more potent and to keep Righteous Fury up more often.
Quints: I take HP Quints because they're my favorite for most champs. I love the early game boost they give you and with Doran's Ring you get as much HP as a tank to start.


Holy fervor: Your passive and a good one at that. There isn't much to say here, it would be a great passive for any hybrid so it's great on Kayle.

Reckoning: This should be used all the time. It is a decent harass, can be used for chasing because of the strong slow and is half of your nuke. For four seconds after using it, you get a great damage boost as well. The synergy with Righteous Fury is phenomenal.

Divine Blessing: This puts the "fast" in "Fast Guy". It's a solid heal that I put one point in early before abandoning it for the damaging abilities. One thing to note is that it has great range. On TT especially, you can aid your team through walls and keep yourself out of harm's way.

Righteous Fury: This is your damage dealing, tower killing, team fight owning, first blooding, cancer curing E ability that you need to learn to love. It gives you great auto-attack range and damage and it's great for clearing minions with the AoE. If you can sit back in a team fight with this on, the enemy team will be comprised of 5 very sad pandas.

Intervention: This one should be simple to understand. Use it to survive ganks, save carries, absorb ults, get away, tower dive or to 1v1. One thing to note is that it has even more range than DB so you can get your allies to safety from the comfort of your jungle or base wall.


I start with Doran's Ring so I can get early laning power. My boots of choice are Sorcerer's Shoes but Merc Treads could be used situationally. I then get Guinsoo's Rageblade which is my key item, you need this before you can do strong damage. From there I go for Nashor's Tooth for the AS, AP and CDR, the MP5 is just icing on the cake. That is your core build. From there I get Malady. I see it a lot on Teemo, but not as often on Kayle. Now, the game is almost over. You can start work on the Gunblade, but you most likely won't finish it unless it's a long game and you were very good at farming and got plenty of champion kills. In theory, the next item will be an Archangel's Staff for virtually infinite mana and a truckload of AP.

I'll only put basic things here.

Early Game
Here you can to harass with your Q but the most important thing is to keep your farm up. It's very easy to focus on just the enemy champs and not the minions. If you're laning partner has a snare, there is a good chance you can pick up first blood once you have your Q and E. With the improved Clarity mastery, be sure to share it with your ally when you use it.

Here, you have options. You can go for ganks, which Kayle is decent at, with your team or stick with them, which you're good at, or push towers, which your E makes you fairly strong at. I can't teach how to do teamfights very well here and experience with Kayle is key to doing well. Some basics are to not hog your ult , don't try to initiate, remember that your heal spell gives a speed boost and click the portraits for your ult and heal spell. It is also easy to underestimate yourself but once Guinsoo's gets stacked, Righteous Fury makes quick work of your enemies.

Final Statements
I hope you found this guide informative and enjoyable to read. I plan to check back and add to this guide based on changes in my play or based on comments if they give good recommendations. I put this build on to help new Kayle players and to receive critique on how I play Kayle. Please rate and/or post a comment. Thanks for reading!

Edit Log
12/13/2010: Moved Malady in the build and changed descriptions for some things.