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Kayle Build Guide by triavatar

Kayle ownt Build

Kayle ownt Build

Updated on October 19, 2011
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League of Legends Build Guide Author triavatar Build Guide By triavatar 1,706 Views 0 Comments
1,706 Views 0 Comments League of Legends Build Guide Author triavatar Kayle Build Guide By triavatar Updated on October 19, 2011
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Right so, this is MY kayle build, I cannot stress this enough because no matter what is ppl will always flame, anyway, I play kayle very offensively and love taking risks as long as i have my ulti up. I've been playing kayle for quite a while now and she is an immense amount of fun, win or lose i always enjoy a game with kayle.

Extra awesome tip: If your mouse has extra mouse buttons on the side, I like to keybind my Heal to that extra mouse button and my ulti to Shift+Extra mouse button, this is quite good and i highly recommend doing this.
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Since Kayle's damage is hybrid (split between magical and physical) having armor pen Marks will amplify her damage quite a bit.
I go for flat attack speed Seals cause attacking fast makes Kayle into a pretty awesome machine-gun.
I Go for CD reduction Glyphs as well as one Quintessence in CD reduction, having your "E" Spell always active is an important part of playing kayle as well as making it so you can use your heal more often.
The other 2 Quintessences are Magic Pen. for the same reason as i have armor pen. Marks.
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Kayle can dish out A LOT of damage, and i mean A LOT. But taking it is not one of her specialties though most people would prefer going 21 in Offense cause this is a DPS build i choose to spend those points in defense which turns Kayle into a very VERY beefy champion, that is also able to do some nice damage.
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Items are pretty self-explanatory, start out with a meki pendant which you will later upgrade to a fiendish codex and get sorcerer's shoes for that sexy magic pen. After getting nashor's you are free to choose guinsoo's or Malady first, i usually go for Guinsoo's but ultimately its up to u, other items in the build are simply luxury, if you can afford it and are pwing go for it, if not, what you already have is more than enough.
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Skill Sequence

Maxing your "E" first goes without saying, pretty much all your damage comes from that spell, i usually max reckoning first cause - although getting a level of the heal early on (this has saved me quite a lot of times) - its a pretty nifty spell, it packs quite a punch and has a low CD. Your ulti is awesome, Really awesome. Use it often.
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Summoner Spells

Ignite is pretty nice for preventing stupid 5 hp runners, however if you dont like it, go for teleport.
Flash is awesome, end of story.


Exhaust. I dont usually pick this, mostly cause you already have a good slow and you are pretty good at running away and chasing already.

Clairvoyance. Meh.

Heal. Double Meh.

Clarity. This does have some uses as early game you are extremely mana dependent, but starting with Meki usually fixes this.

Smite. No, just no.

Fortify. Let a tank get it.

Rally. I dont use this often, though i imagine its pretty good in team fights.

Ghost. This is quite a good option if you are getting chased by someone who is quite good at keeping up with you even with your "W".

Cleanse. This is extremely handy for using in conjunction with your ulti and being immune to Everything...... EVERYTHING.

Promote. I have never used this.

Revive. I GUESS this is pretty good coupled with teleport. But still. MEH.
League of Legends Build Guide Author triavatar
triavatar Kayle Guide
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Kayle ownt Build

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