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Not Updated For Current Season

This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page

Kayle Build Guide by Bhakti

Kayle: "I go whatever lane you need me"

Kayle: "I go whatever lane you need me"

Updated on April 21, 2012
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League of Legends Build Guide Author Bhakti Build Guide By Bhakti 2,191 Views 0 Comments
2,191 Views 0 Comments League of Legends Build Guide Author Bhakti Kayle Build Guide By Bhakti Updated on April 21, 2012
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  • LoL Champion: Kayle
  • LoL Champion: Kayle
  • LoL Champion: Kayle
  • LoL Champion: Kayle
  • LoL Champion: Kayle


Kayle is a great first champion choice. If you learn Kayle you can play every position in game.
Her skills are very easy to use.

Having a champion that can play all positions is great because when u play let s say AD carry don t learn just to AD learn your champion as well...and some things you will learn as AD you can use them also when you play support or jungle...

For example...As a jungler you will learn to use Q-W in ganks to close the distance to attack. As support Kayle you need to do the EXACT SAME thing to save an ally that is being chased

Still not convinced that Kayle is a superb choice? Let s hear a pro...Dyrus from TSM.

I disagree with many things Dyrus says...but that s because Dyrus guide is with the old masteries and runes...IDK what Dyrus would think of my guide but his video is what motivated me to play Kayle in the first place so I have to mention it.

As I said Kayle can play anything but she really excels as a Jungler and Solotop
So in this guide the various Kayles are with order of preference which is
Jungler/Solotop/Support/AD carry/Solomid

Some items suggested in this guide are only for early game and should be replaced with more powerfull in the endgame. Like the tiamat in solotop
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Pros / Cons

+ Flexible in draft pick. It s allways great to be able to fill any role in draft pick
+ Is never baned from draft pick so you can learn about her in proper laning ranked games...
+ Can play any position in the game
+ People think she is worthless, the few that don t have paid there lesson in the summoner's rift
+ Has been buffed (Hecarim s patch)
+ Fast movement

- Kayle has a very bad reputation. People tend to leave selection screen when some1 picks Kayle
- You need to memorize a lot of items that work with each of the builds
- You need 1-2 rune pages that would work probably only for Kayle
- You need a lot of runes to play all the positions
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Missing info

I won t explain each of the builds in detail...
What is more important than that is to learn what each of the roles (AD carry, solomid, solotop, jungler, support) plays ingame.
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Role summary

Here will be discussed the various duties and responsibilities of each role in the game. This stands for all characters not just Kayle

The various duties will be in order of importance.

Jungler: 1)Clear your team's part of the jungle ASAP. 2)Assist the solotop(gank) 3)Assist the solomid(gank) 4)Assist bot lane(gank) 5)Help your team get dragon or steal it from the enemy with smite 5) Give blue to solomid and red to carry in the middgame 6)Invade enemy jungle 7)Try to give champion kills to ad carry or mage...ofc never risk an enemy kill for that purpose

TIP: The jungler should be no more than 1 level behind the others...if for some reason you r falling behind practice in a solo game without bots...all jungles are the same

Solotop: 1)Last hit the creeps 2)Try to ward and push the lane 3)Avoid get ganked 4)DO NOT PUSH when the jungler is coming for a gank.

Support: 1)Protect and feed the AD carry(you must make sure the carry gets ALL the last hit creep kills - creep scores) 2)Harass the enemy champions(AD will be busy CS) 3)Ward bot and mid lane - mid game the entire river should be visible at all times 4)Join the teamfights ASAP

Solomid 1)Last hit creeps 2)Mid is the most important turret...protect it at all costs. 3)Avoid ganks and ward don t expect everythin from support 4)Do not push when the jungler is coming to gank, show a fake weakness... 5)Do not leave your lane unless it s safe for the turret and you r sure you are absolutelly needed bot or top. 6)Ask jungler for the s yours by right at least midgame/endgame, keep in mind he needs xp though.

AD carry: 1) LAST HIT CS!!!! 2)Avoid dieing at all costs 3)Protect the support 4)break enemy turrets and join baron/drake fights 5)GRAB THAT RED BUFF don t even ask...

Tank: (This can be either the jungler or the solotop.) 1)Protect the squishies AD carry / mage in team fight 2)Dive in turrets(again practice in a bot game makes you perfect) 3)CC the enemy damage dealers in team fights...(Kayle doesn t have cc but she can protect the squishies better than any other)

ZONING: this is a skill everyone should be aware of. The idea is to move ahead of the enemy minions/turrets to prevent enemy champions reaching xp areas or good defensive positions
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Jungler: Kayle strong points are speed, slow enemies and aoe
Solo: Difficult to gank successfully(popup ulti and speedbuff), she can return in lane really fast, aoe
Carry: Kayle can be a monster early because she can benefit from both AP and AD alternatively one may consider AP runes(they are now buffed), many carries bot lane neglect MR early or get MR at lvl 18(make em pay!), damages the support with aoe,the downside is that she is extremely squishy with the suggested build.
Support: speedy and ressilient. Keep in mind that your w (heal spell) isn t that strong...You are not s purpose is moreto speed than heal. It has greater range though...
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League of Legends Build Guide Author Bhakti
Bhakti Kayle Guide
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Kayle: "I go whatever lane you need me"

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