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This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author GeneralMat

Kayle - Season One - My DPS/Support Build

GeneralMat Last updated on July 17, 2010
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Hey, First off - This is my First Build. So constructive criticism is welcome.

I personally do enjoy playing as Kayle, as she is extremely versatile. Allowing you to adapt her during the game, with tremendous ease.

Kayle, is a rare type of Champion. She can be made a tank, a Healer or a DPS and be rather good at the designated role. However, this build is going to be focused on her Dps/Healing side, as her DPS build - does utilise Ability Power, which aids in her healing.

Skill Order:
As to her Skill Rank Order, is just what i use in a team game - and changes rather drastically depending on the risen situations, so don't follow it exactly, use it as a... Guideline.

If you find yourself healing allot. specc heal earlier. Either way i Opt for Righteous Fury, Fairly early on. And i take Reckoning as a way of scaring the enemy, and slowing them for the team mates nuke.

I start with a Saphire Crystal, A health and a Mana potion. This gives you tremendous staying power in a lane, so long your not wasteful with your mana. This is good as this build is rather on the exspensive side. So get your last hitting mob skills into play. Also don't barrage the enemy with Reckoning's or Righteous Fury, let them wonder what your doing, and why your playing defensively.

Once i have enough money i will usually get an item towards the Rageblade, this item is practically MADE for Kayle. and the beauty is, you can decide what you want to get first, if your finding yourself Healing allot, grab the Blasting wand, if you find yourself dishing some pain with Righteous Fury - go and grab the pickaxe. Or if your feeling really confident opt for the Mejai's.

If money is an Issue or you burn your mana out exceptionally quickly (E.g. Tanks in your lane, or your finding yourself too agressive) then grab a cheaper item, for example Berserker greavers, the attack speed is always welcome. If for whatever reason, you find yourself lacking - feel free to grab an elixer, they stay through death (not that you should be dieing!) and gives you a tasty edge in your burst.

The rest of the build order depends on situation as to how your playing, i usually grab zeal before sheen, as i hate moving slowly, but sheen itself is a very dangerous combo, as when you pop your Righteous Fury sheen's effect is bought into play. Which you then hit them with Reckoning giving you a damage boost, and then your first RF hit will benefit from sheen's effect, dealing a nasty first hit, which usually sends most Champions running.

Just so you Know, the last 2 items - Dancer, and Mejai's are items i don't usually include, usually do to Money constraints. but feel free to delay some items so you can get these, however Rageblade should be your priority, Along with Zeal, and Sheen, and Berserker greaves. Once you have these, feel free to get the other items before you make Trinity Force.

Play style:
I think i've rambled enough about how i play this gal, but if you've survived reading thus far, whats a few more Lines?

I personally enjoy holding just behind my team mate, supplying a nice stream of heals. there usually very grateful, and it saves you being a target, as they think that your team mate is the threat. However MANY people underestimate Kayle's damage output. i usually like to heal, wait a second. Then decide to fly in to my team mates rescue. I find its much better to hit Righteous Fury, before Reckoning. as it saves you those precious miliseconds between the attack animation and hit. plus its a nice burst. they'll turn, start to flee and as your attack is range you'll continue to pummel. feel free to pop your ignite, slightly earlier, due to your attack being ranged, and you benefiting from the +10 Ability power when Ignite is on Cooldown, your oponent being slowed, and the power of your being able to move faster if your drop a heal on yourself. Along with the magnificent ability to bubble and tower dive, and Speed away!

Thanks for Surviving this long! i understand there's a wall of text, and i do apologise. But feel free to ridicule me in the comments box, or add me on LoL (Name is GeneralMat).

Have fun everyone, Thanks for reading. And Maybe see you on the Battlefield!