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Mobafire League of Legends Build Guides Mobafire League of Legends Build Guides
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Kayle Build Guide by RottenGums

Kayle - Solo Top Boss Mama

By RottenGums | Updated on February 11, 2012

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This is RottenGums here and this is my second guide here on Mobafire. I have recently come ti like kayle. A LOT. You might say we kinda have a thing ;). But not really. My place on my team is Solo Top. And I've been trying to use a variety of champs. Kayle, out of the champs i like to you, has the most potential to carry a team and also support them. At first I didn't think she was that good of a support because of her low heal and short duration on her ult. But the cooldowns will make her insanely good, and insanely clutch. In my opinion, kayle is best solo top simply because ranged carries should be going bot with the support. And kayle shouldnt be straight support because there are way better supports out there. and youre Ad carry needs to farm. Kayle need farm very badly as well. So that just aint gunna fly. There are also beter mids, and I dont feel like i can hang against good mid champs, nor can i compete with better jungle champs as kayle. So there ya go. Kayle solo top. Done and done.
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Well, I like these masteries because i feel i get beter cooldowns, but if youre one to play top and really need the sustain, then by all means put 9 in defense. But 21 should always go in offense. You get cooldowns there as well, so its nice. But you need the damage output or you probably wont make a very good field presence. Ionic spark is more for the health, but the attack speed is more than a wits end. 50% > 40%. If you are being dominated or you are worried about a caster then you should switch this with wits end. The gunblade is more just for the lifesteal, and its nice to have all that other stuff like ap and ad. ALSO, DONT FORGET ABOUT ITDS ACTIVE. once you obtain this item, switch it to slot 1 and use it when needed.
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Well, to start solo top, youre gunna need some health regen. Then youll need the mana regen. Then Movement speed and cooldowns. NAshors should be the 3rd item you get. But after Nashors its all up to you. Life steal is more for being comfortable in lane, and surviving in a small skirmish. If no one is really being a threat or you want to do more damage rather than fight toe to toe go with the rageblade brochachos. ATTACK SPEED IS AWESOME AND MORE FUN. And then after that, you can sell your philosophers stone for something else attack speed related, like bloodrazor if needed or wits end/ionic spark (which ever one you did not take already. Or you can turn it into Shurelya's and get that extra health and that awesome active!
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Skill Sequence

I try to max my E as soon as possible so i can have a presence on the field and do some consistent damage. With the attack speed and cooldowns your E (maxing first) will do more damage than your Q (maxing first). But if you have others on your team able to carry harder, then max your q first in order to become more of a utility (slow enemies) to those dudes rather than trying to steal their kills. Always max W last because your other spells are just more important. Unless you truly do not have an amazing field presence and you are now used to buff allies and debuff enemies. If you are going to not carry, then just go Q-W-E. and then fit your ults in whenever you can (obviously...)
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Thank you for reading my build, I encourage a lot of feedback. I can take negative feedback. Even if you hate my build just say why it sucks and be on your way. I want to become better, tis why i made this build. I wanted to share my thoughts and get some feedback. Also, I'm sorry I dont know how to get the pretty pictures to show up in the guide. If anyone knows how thatd be great to know.
Remember, SOLO TOP.

League of Legends Build Guide Author RottenGums
RottenGums Kayle Guide

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Kayle - Solo Top Boss Mama