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Not Updated For Current Season

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Kayle Build Guide by Adovid

Kayle the Angel of ELO Hell

Kayle the Angel of ELO Hell

Updated on September 7, 2012
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League of Legends Build Guide Author Adovid Build Guide By Adovid 1,883 Views 0 Comments
1,883 Views 0 Comments League of Legends Build Guide Author Adovid Kayle Build Guide By Adovid Updated on September 7, 2012
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Lets keep this simple. You are stuck in elo hell and we are not talking about just below 1200. You have fallen into a place where no one wants to support or buy wards, no one wants to be flexible-- disconnecting, rage quitting, passive aggressive raging and feeding, trolling, smurfing, snowballing these things happen every game when you get below 900, 800, 700 it just keeps piling on... You don't have to worry about the skill of the opponent as much as the problems you face with a dysfunctional team.

You may not find your way out of it with champions that could pub stomp at 1300 elo or in normal games. These champions at least require you to get a decent lane and to not be counter picked.

Kayle can help you.

Kalye is the beacon of light in the dark place of this realm of elo. She is the ultimate anticarry, doesn't need to cs, can't be counter picked easily and is the best babysitter after level 6 of all the supports in the game.

She can turn that noob Yi or Jax getting caught out of position into the ultimate initiator. And turn champions that were made to snowball into unholy hell spawns.
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-36 second cooldown on her ult at level 16 with finished build(Nearly 3x more often than a Tryndamere ult).
-Good at babysitting snowballing champions.
-Good at 1 on 1 fighting and escaping from small skirmishes.
-Percentage based armor and resistance shredding passive that is fixed from level 1 and stacks with each attack.


-Cannot and should not initiate team fights.
-Not as effective when focused by the enemy team.
-Does not favor defensive play(allies have to initiate fights).
-Not the strongest lane partner before level 6, very touchy about loosing experience.
-This build cannot sustain warding the entire map.
-Anti-carrying requires good split second decision making and fast reflexes.
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Using Skills

1. Never ult yourself in team fights(especially not to initiate) unless you have to.
3. Best to force enemy to change targets and waste skills on allies with full health than to save people.
3. Don't sit on ult, 36 second cooldown, don't be afraid to waste it on people with full health to avoid damage.
4. Never underestimate the range of this skill or Divine Blessing+ Flash to get in range.

1. Use it to keep people from dieing in battle in many instances.
2. Use it on allies chasing enemy targets or who are trying to get into position.
3. Use it to get across the map faster.
4. Use it to heal allies while out of fights.
4. Use it defensively in lane to escape ganks and lane aggression.

1. Either use it to slow someone from running away or so you can use it to escape.
2. Save it for it's crowd control or effectiveness against soft targets.
3. Use it to increase damage of Righteous Fury and your auto attacks.
4. Use it before Divine Blessing to counter permaslow.

1. Keep in sync with Reckoning to maximize damage output with the bonus % damage.
2. Level 2 is usually enough for early game, going higher will cut into Kayle's utility.
3. Start leveling this skill when you get Guinsoo's Rageblade for maximum effectiveness.
4. Use this to shred armor/mr from a distance(not required for shredding).

1. Don't waste time trying to shred tanks when your allies are busy, use your time to help allies focus targets.
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Most important thing about Kayle is early lane phase. Getting enough experience to get to level 6 without dieing in a skirmish or being forced out of lane if possible.

Shes does a lot of damage early game but is also very squishy and extremely reliant on her kit.

Kayle's Reckoning does damage based on ap or ad. This seems like the best way to add damage to her Reckoning and Righteous Fury combo for early game damage.

Like having a gp10 item at level 1, so Kayle can start with Doran's Ring(which compliments her kit greatly) and sustain her build regardless of the lane. It should be well enough to support Kayle if she has to play defensively or to sustain her through the game while buying wards without denying cs to the ad carry.

Flat magic resist so that Kayle doesn't get spiked down. It's often the magic damage from the enemy support that puts Kayle in a bad situation due to her reliance on her kit. After early game Kayle should be good by just ulting or healing herself but before that time she's susceptible to being spiked down.
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League of Legends Build Guide Author Adovid
Adovid Kayle Guide
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Kayle the Angel of ELO Hell

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