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League of Legends Build Guide Author Myyr

Kayle - The Angelic Page

Myyr Last updated on April 28, 2011
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Not Updated For Current Season

The masteries shown here are not yet updated for the current season, the guide author needs to set up the new masteries. As such, they will be different than the masteries you see in-game.


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Ok, first and foremost, I am not the best player in the world (I can admit that). But i do really enjoy playing this game, and I've noticed that a lot of players overlook Kayle because she is most assuredly not the strongest or most tanky character in the game. That said she isn't the best support either, this goes to characters like Sona or Soraka. What this guide will hopefully show is how to play Kayle, a character that can deal a lot of damage when supporting her team, and help keep them in the running. It is all about using Kayle to keep your team up and theirs wishing that her ult isn't ready.

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Runes i find to be pretty pointless to explain. I've chosen the runes that i like to run, but it really depends on the player. Some like more CDR, or others want more AP, or AD.

I end up running armor pen for one reason and one reason only. This is your auto attack, and this is also the base for your Righteous Fury.

Desolation for the Armor Pen, for the same reason that i took Desolation up there as well. You will hit for primarily AD, so why not make the most of it. Plus people think that Kayle is all about AP, on her 'E' so you'd be surprised when someone starts calling hacks due to your armor pen hits.

I've chosen Clarity's for the fact that Kayle's biggest problem is MP. She goes through MP like it is going out of style, heal your team, ult and attack. Before you know it your running on dry and you need to back off. To mitigate this I think having a lot of regen is the way to go, this way you can stay in longer, and keep your team pushing. Nothing is worse than knowing you can save that Veigar, but having to watch his 10 kill streak get ended cause your 5 MP shy.

Also Clarity, if Kayle needs anything early, it is more MP. Keep her fed, and you'll find that you don't need to back off unless your team does.

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I can already hear people wondering why i didn't max the offense or utility tree. But I feel that being balanced is better than over committing. Neither of the later tier masteries would be beneficial too the extent that they would be needed. CDR will come from the items you are going to by and damage is remarkably easy to stack with Kayle.

But once again, i feel like telling someone that my build is the best is not the way to go. If you want to change something, go for it. The builds are just example and guides to help players find their way. I've had great luck with this, so give it a shot.

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The meat and potatoes of the build. This is really what everyone wants to know, why did he take what he did? Why in the blue blazes does he have two Dorans ring's?

Doran's Ring:
Plain and simple, it gives you everything you need to start the game.

+100 Health
+5 Mana Regen/5 sec.
+15 Ability Power

Kayle is unfortunately very squishy early game, so the extra health will keep you from getting completely jacked by ranged characters such as Miss Fortune or Ashe. However to that end you will also notice you burn mana far faster than you can regen it. Too this end I grab a second Doran's Ring. This will give you plenty of health, AP bonus and mana regen. Plus with Kayle's passive, it will slightly buff your damage output, not a lot but it is helpful.

Guinsoo's Rageblade

+35 Attack Damage
+45 Ability Power
UNIQUE: On attack or spell cast, increases your attack speed by 4% and ability power by 6. Lasts 5 seconds (stacks up to 8 times).

This is Kayle's bread and butter and should always be your 3rd item. I usually start this by grabbing the Pickaxe, mostly to help even out my AP and AD. Once you do get it, Kayle will have a great boost to DPS and will be someone for enemy Champs to be cautious of, especially with Reckoning.

Mercury's Treads

+25 Magic Resistance
UNIQUE: Enhanced Movement 2
UNIQUE: Reduces the duration of stuns, slows, taunts, fears, snares, sleeps, and immobilizes by 35%.

While some will be scratching their head at my choice of boots, I find that Kayle benefits greatly from the defensive boost that these boots give her. The Magic resist give you that slight bit of time to pop your heal or ult if you getting targeted. Plus the reduced time for slows, taunts and fears goes a long way when you need control of your character back. You need to be able to support your team, be it damage support or healing with Divine Blessing.

Nashor's Tooth

+50% Attack Speed
+55 Ability Power
+10 Mana Regen/5 sec.
UNIQUE: 25% Cooldown Reduction

This item is when Kayle becomes an angry Angel of Death. With the boost to AD, CDR, Attack speed and Mana Regen it is like Christmas for Kayle. This stacks wonderfully with Kayle's passive and with Guinsoo's. When combined with Righteous Fury you are suddenly beating an enemy from beyond their normal reach. Don't expect to be a Yi, but you will be able to quickly add up damage.

Probably another head scratcher here, but hear me out.

+50% Attack Speed
+25 Ability Power
UNIQUE: Your physical attacks shred your target doing 20 magic damage and reducing their magic resistance by 6 for 8 seconds. Magic resistance reduction stacks up to 4 times.

This item was taken because it makes Kayle's attacks that much more nasty. While there are heavier hitting items, few have the sheer benefits of Malady. With the increased attack speed, Kayle now swings significantly faster, with more AP she heals with Divine Blessing more and also once again hits harder. But the UNIQUE passive that shreds magic resistance is where this really shines. With reduced Magic Resistance, your splash does more damage and that Reckoning speeding towards them hits harder as well. Overall this is an amazing item, that i feel doesn't get enough credit.

Hextech Gunblade

+60 Attack Damage
+75 Ability Power
+20% Life Steal
+25% Spell Vamp
Active UNIQUE: Deals 300 magic damage and slows the target champion by 50% for 3 seconds (700 range). 60 second cooldown.

This is a fantastic late item for Kayle. By giving her both AP And AD, it almost pays for itself in damage. The Life steal and Spell vamp are just icing on the cake. At this point, when you start hitting an enemy, they need to decide to leave or switch targets. You are literally going start smiting unwitting enemies.

Rabadon's Deathcap

+155 Ability Power
UNIQUE: Increases Ability Power by 30%.

My final item. I take this for its massive boost to AP. This lets my heal work better, Reckoning to be a freight train and my Righteous Fury to hit harder as well.

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Skill Sequence

You are going to want to start with Righteous Fury. However i find that maxing this does little to help you. Instead your Priorities after lvl 1 should be as follows:

1) Intervention

2) Reckoning
Divine Blessing

3) Righteous Fury

You will obviously be maxing your ult Intervention so that you can keep your team and yourself alive. Prioritize teamates first, then yourself. You shouldn't be mixing it up in the brawl in the first place, so keep your Carry alive.

Next we have Reckoning and Divine Blessing. Both of these are amazing skills, but you should choose the one you need more than the other. If you need more damage, take Reckoning, otherwise take Divine Blessing. These are what you are going to be using constantly. As usefully as Righteous Fury is, it pales in comparison to these two.

Is an amazing skill that lets you slow your target, letting you team get closer and finish them, or let you smote them. It also has the added advantage of making whatever you hit with it take more damage from you. Truly letting you bring your anger down on the target. However, remember that this isn't a huge damage output skill, it allows you to stack lots of damage quickly, so you should lead attacks on enemy champs with this, as well as hit fleeing enemies with it.

Divine Blessing
Is the skill that makes Kayle your allies best friend. They getting ignited? you heal them up, increasing their health saving them from death. Enemy's chasing them down? you speed them up so that they can run to safety. This spell is your support tool, use it.

Righteous Fury
Many people wonder by I end up leveling this last. It comes down to the fact that the bonus damage doesn't stack as well as would be liked. Instead I find that Reckoning is the better option early. You get more damage with it rather than with Fury.

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Summoner Spells

I take Ghost and Flash. Both are High mobility skills that let you quickly react to a situation. Allies need help? Pop Ghost and Divine Blessing and you will almost fly to them. This is great for allies running from enemies. Flash I find is great for jumping over obstacles like Creeps or Walls, not only that but it quickly removes you from a bad situation. It can be invaluable for a support character, to be able to flash away after ulting an ally.

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Okay, here it is all layed out for ya. Kayle is an interesting champion that can be a blast to play. But she needs a little love to shine. Keep her well fed with Mana and you shouldn't have to many problems. Also remember that you are not a Yi and be cautious about attacking enemies. You shouldn't have to much trouble, just be careful of stuns and you should be fine. Avoid entering a melee, you have Righteous Fury, this increases your attack range, use this when you attack. You will be attacking fast enough that you shouldn't worry about buffing that particular skill until later. Also you may be accused of KS'ing, with your crazy attack speed later in the game. Try to avoid doing it, but it can be hard when your splash damage is going off, so take it with a grain of salt and apologize.

Also don't expect to be your Carry, your just not that kind of character. While it is true that you can mess up turrets, and basically solo them under the right circumstances, you should expect a lot of assists, a few deaths and a handful of kills. You are there to assist your team, by softening them up and keep your team running strong.

Also remember that you can jungle a little to buff your income. Red and Blue really help Kayle so if your team isn't taking them or you feel that you need one, take it. Only try to do this around lvl 5 or 6 at the earliest, otherwise you may just find yourself slain by a mob, a depressing thing to see and a moral boost for the enemy.