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Kayle Build Guide by Can I Bust in U

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This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author Can I Bust in U

Kayle the Baneslayer Angel

Can I Bust in U Last updated on July 25, 2012
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Not Updated For Current Season

The masteries shown here are not yet updated for the current season, the guide author needs to set up the new masteries. As such, they will be different than the masteries you see in-game.



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Welcome Summoners, to my mobafire for my favorite Support/Carry Kayle. In this guide I will detail the runes, masteries, skill order, and playstyles I've found to be the most efficient at making an AD Carry Kayle build.

Please leave a comment so that I can improve the setup, as I'm afraid i've forgotten how to hotlink items into my descriptions and that would help alot.

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Kayle is one of the more unique champions right has created, in the fact that she is a support, and a carry at the same time. She has quite the advantage to being on your side of a teamfight.

Strong Early game
Natural Tiamat skill
Can lane anywhere
Strong burst with a maxed Q
Controls the focus of teamfights

Shut down by crowdcontrol
Becomes focused late game
Hard to get a good CS

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Skill Sequence

The gambit shows R>Q>W>E for a good reason. Maxing your heal will increase the mana cost, and turn you into more of a support mid game, rather than a carry with a heal. Maxing your E will give you SLIGHTLY more base damage on your auto attacks, and cause them to splash harder in creep waves. Making you push more, and make slightly more creep score, while suffering in your overall burst. Maxing the q gives you a harassing tool, a burst source, and the skill that will secure most of your early game and mid game kills as kayle.

Remember this is a guide, if you prefer to play Carry Kayle with a maxed righteous fury go right ahead. I see plenty of normal and ranked kayles do that, and it takes them forever to be a true damage threat. It is interesting to note that kayle can jungle by maxing that skill.

I max my heal next, Divine Blessing, because it increases the haste on target, coupled with redbuff or Kayles Reckoning it can help you secure kills and even turret dive people. Also putting extra points in your Righteous Fury really only increases the base damage slightly, and unless you struggle with creepscore, or are jungling it's more important to max last.

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These are really preference to what you like to have buffed level one. I wouldn't be surprised to see a kayle with runes dedicated to attack speed, and masteries in the offense tree as it's probably the more potent way to emphasize your carry role. In the end it's all situational as well. So I'll give my reasons behind my masteries, and runes rather than say there the one and only way to fill them. Because they aren't.

For masteries, I take increased Attack Damage, and Last hitting in Offense, slight boost to attack speed, and armor penetration as an increase in ignites use.

In utility I take Decreased Death timer because it's a mastery you can't go without, as well as a decrease in flash's cooldown. I take mana regen per 5 to supplement my mana regeneration runes. Light amount of spellvamp, and neutral buff duration bonus because I plan on using blue buff whenever our ap mid isn't using it. Red buff as well. And frankly the gold per 5 masteries (and runes for that matter) really do not add up if you know what math is. Increased gold and experience on champion kills is important, and I'll come back to that. But the decrease in summoner spell cooldowns allows me constant use of flash and ignite whenever theres a fight.

Now theres a situation you'll run into a lot as you instant que with kayle. You'll end up supporting bottom lane, because morgana is mid, olaf is top, amumu is jungling, and your carry needs a support. Well this is good for you and your partner in multiple ways. Early on, Kayle can be the support for a carry, and during skirmishes it's as though there are two carries to fight. As well as you'll want to secure your carry kills and feed them, by allowing them the last hit on champions. Assisting in kills generates you extra gold, and experience in this situation with these masteries. Think about it.

Reds go for Attack speed or armor penetration. They're both primaries and give kayle some early game benefit
Yellow go for mana regeneration per level, as you take flat in masteries, and it's really the best thing for kayle for lane sustain.
Blues are flexible, flat ad, magic resistance, cooldown. preference here.
Quintessences are the same, pick what you prefer really. I end up taking flat health, or armor penetration mostly.

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Items and Summoner Spells

My item choice is sort of the typical glasscannon carry for two reasons:
1. This is a guide, and you will not build this every time.
2. AD Carry Kayle is item dependent, and to get the full feeling of it this build emphasizes that.

Usually the build will become static after the Berserker Greaves, Infinity Edge, Zeal, Vampiric Scepter sometime around mid-late game. Instead of a second phantom like I list in the build, you will often want to opt for a defensive item, because being a glasscannon does you no good if you get stunned/silenced and focused through your ultimate.

For this reason I'd like to make mention to Banchee's Veil, Guardian Angel, and Frozen Mallet for your defensive item. Banchees fits beautifully into place if the opposing team has a lot of ap damage. Guardian is perfect for the opposite, and offers a slight amount of magic resist for fun, and a ressurect effect which can be extremely useful if you continue to be focused.

Last and most importantly Frozen Mallet. It's scripted for Righteous Fury that Kayle does not gain a RANGED attack, she only gains range. Hence her attack still qualifies as a melee attack, and will prock redbuff and the frozen mallet to fullest effect. Allowing you to kite enemies, and be beefy enough to absorb focus before timing your ultimate to shut down your opponents burst damage.When you become an intermediate or master kayle player you will understand when to use your ultimate and under the circumstances that it wins teamfights, ganks, and even games. It's really what seperates good kayles and bad ones, even if they use an awkward skill order, build randomly, and bring the wrong rune page, if they can time their ultimate it's going to be a hard fight for your opponents.

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Using Intervention

In my experience i've noticed theres two situations people will use the ultimate for.

They're used to tryndamere, and they use it to delay death. Activating it at about 50-200 health during a gank or teh end of a teamfight. Lots wrong with this idea. They already bursted your 2000+ health (or a teamates) down to 100ish, and just have to auto attack you after the 2-3 second invuln. You can't turn and burn a member of their team, because you effectively trade with them even IF you manage to kill one. Also, unlike tryndamere who has a fun habit of getting away from fights after near death, kayle has no immediate blink abilities and has to rely on flash for this circumstance.

Situation number two, they activate their ultimates on a teamate that is initiating a fight, such as amumu, or xin zhao. This is a safer bet, and one of the steps to learning when kayles ultimate is beautiful. Usually the initial 2 seconds of a 5v5 teamfight will flush most of everybody's burst damage onto one or two targets. Being that this 2 seconds is invulnerable for our initiator, means he will likely soak a hilarious amount of skills from the opposing team whilest they are jumped on. They'll be scratching their heads and staring frantically at cooldowns while your team descends upon them to finish them.

The best situation as you rise in elo, is when your carry, or biggest damage threat is getting focused in a teamfight. Everybody knows when the kogmaw/ezreal dies, their team suffers a huge overall dps drop. So you dont activate the ult immediately, because they dont initiate fights. Neither do you activate it when they're about to die as we've said above. And for arguments sake it doesn't have to be a carry either, whoever the TARGET of the opponents focus, or the person who's health pool is being struck with a baseball bat, is who you should intervene upon. While they still have enough health to fight back instead of run. And while they still have enough health to get away after they become vulnerable again. Those 2-3 Seconds is often all the time your team needs to shut the enemy teams cooldowns off, and wail them into retreat or submission. All it takes is you learning your ultimate's timing, and practicing with League of Legend's only support carry Kayle.