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Kayle Build Guide by Mijeman

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This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author Mijeman

Kayle - The Carry Nobody Sees Coming

Mijeman Last updated on January 13, 2012
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Hello Leaguers!

I've tested this build of Kayle personally in several games, and it has not only proven to be quite effective, it has turned a non-carry character into a hard carry, dealing significant damage along the way.

If you take the time to read the entire guide, it will greatly help your chances of success with what most people know as a weak champion.

Let's begin!

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Pros / Cons


  • Incredible farming and lane pushing, because of the splash damage
  • Destroys slow champions quickly
  • Amazing team support
  • Great team fighter, especially when the enemy team is grouped together
  • Relatively quick starting
  • Enemy champions don't usually expect such a force, and they will underestimate you

  • Rather squishy throughout the game

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Greater Mark of Furor (9)

Some might ask why crit runes, and the answer is simple: With the increased crit chance because of the Phantom Dancer, Kayle tends to hit much harder, and because of the speed that's included with this build, the crits will come very fast. It only makes sense that you should increase the damage of the crits.

Because of the crits alone, end-game Kayle can build upwards of 1100+ damage crits, which allows you to overpower even the tankiest champions rather quickly, not to mention solo farming, such as being able to solo the dragon.

Greater Seal of Alacrity (9)

This build is, after all, a build of speed in attacks. There is really no other reason to stack this rune than to increase that speed. You won't need mana regen runes, because of the way that the items are built early game. Late-game mana is never a problem for Kayle.

Greater Glyph of Fortitude (9)

Since this build doesn't include any health increases, Kayle remains squishy through the game. These runes would be best used to add more to her, even if it doesn't do a heck of a lot.

Greater Quintessence of Furor (3)

Once late-game Kayle has come about, you'll see that there isn't any further use in more speed in her attacks, since they're pretty blazing as it is, so the best thing to do would be to enhance the crits even more with an additional 13.38% damage.

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Game Start

When you appear on the battlefield, start with a Meki Pendant, because it will build into the Nashor's, and then get two Health Potions. With the combination of these two, as long as you're careful enough in your gameplay, you will last through three or four levels before running out of mana, with relatively regular use of Righteous Fury. If you find that you're running out of mana faster than that, you might want to start the next game with one potion each health and mana.

Early Game

Once you've cleared out a few creeps, and if you're lucky/good, a couple's time to start building that Nashor's. Since Kayle is slow as hell, and her attacks rely heavily on speed early-game, the best thing to get first are the Berserker's Greaves. This will give her some much needed movement speed and additional attack speed to allow her to farm better. Afterward, get the first item that the Meki Pendant builds into: Fiendish Codex. You won't notice a huge increase in damage yet, but it's necessary to get this at this point in the game, since the heavy-hitting really hasn't gotten started yet.


The most important two items should come fairly soon after level 6 or so. First, build a Stinger, which will quickly lead into the Nashor's. This will give you a significant speed increase, and you should notice a clear difference in the effectiveness against both minions and champions. Afterward, build a Pickaxe into the Guinsoos's Rageblade. The pickaxe is the more costly of the two items that build into Guinsoo's, but you'll see that it's worth it for the initial damage before actually getting the Rageblade. From this point, you'll see a big difference in how hard you're hitting.

The very next thing you should get, which is fairly cheap, is a Dagger. It will give you more attack speed, which you will need to bridge the gap in the amount of time that it takes to get a B.F. Sword needed for the Black Cleaver. As soon as you can afford it, get the Cleaver.


Now that the game should be at its peak, and most champions should be at least near level 18, it's time to keep pace and get some MORE SPEED! Oh, and some crit chance. That's important too. Since the Phantom Dancer is a little expensive, the best thing to start with is a Zeal, and if you need to get something else before completely building into the Dancer, get a Cloak of Agility. These two items will increase the speed a bit and give you a fair increase in crit chance. Finally, build the Phantom Dancer.

Optional Last Item

At this point, Kayle is pretty stacked with attack speed and a decent crit chance (with damage, if you included the runes). The last item I personally use is the Black Cleaver, again. It's more damage, more speed. However, you can adjust this item based on what you need in the game. The only thing that I've changed is getting a Madred's Bloodrazor if there is a really tanky, hard to kill team.

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Skill Sequence

The diagram at the top of the page explains what you're to do fairly well, but I must stress the importance of the first two skills. It's absolutely necessary to get the Righteous Fury first, because when the you lane against two champions that are likely sticking together, you'll increase your odds of hitting them both at the same time. Another important reason is because it gives you the range you need to keep Kayle's initially slow speed from being a problem, causing you to get focused and killed early.

Secondly, get Reckoning. At first glance, it will not do much damage, but since it slows the enemy champion for a short time, it allows high damage, if not early kills.

From here, it really depends on how you're doing and who you're laning against. If you're getting beaten up, definitely get your heal with Divine Blessing. If you're not taking much damage, and you have a somewhat tanky counterpart, go ahead and put a second point into your Righteous Fury. After this, follow the guide above, putting less emphasis on the heal.

Mid to late gaming with this skill gives it more use, since your teammates can usually use a top-off of HP before entering a team-fight. You may also save their lives if they're very low on health and are being chased. Every bit of health counts.

Your ultimate is absolutely necessary for survival. Without it, Kayle is severely squishy and can't get in the fights she needs to without getting destroyed. Since the ultimate gives you 2-3 seconds of invulnerability, she's similar to Tryndamere in that it's best to use it when either almost dead or running from someone that could kill you with their next attack. The advantage over Tryndamere's ultimate is that you can use your skill on your teammates. Be mindful of them, because their survival may very well aid in YOUR survival.

In the case of team fights, when there is all sorts of chaos, and it's a bit difficult to tell what's going on, it will save you when you're jumping in to Righteous Fury all over their faces. Trust me, put points in this skill as quickly as you can, because it will save your (and your teammates') life.

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Summoner Spells

Since Kayle is an amazing creep-killer, because of her splash damage skill, you might find better use out of Teleport than Exhaust. If you're a team player and prefer to help everyone out rather than to run in and get kills, I'd definitely choose this skill. There are cases in nearly every game where a tower is being overrun, and someone needs to appear quickly. This will save the game in many cases. Consider it.

Flash, as everyone knows, can determine the difference in a winning game and a losing game, even for just one champion. Again, Kayle is slow-moving, so the chance to poof away is paramount to her survival.

Optional: I chose exhaust mainly because Kayle is a slow-moving champion. When you've got some attack speed built up, the enemy champions will, without a doubt, run when you start attacking. If you can manage to pop them with this, it takes away their chance to get away from a slow moving damage dealer, allowing you to get kills quickly, not to mention when used in succession with your Reckoning, it's like a double-slow.

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Tips and Tricks With Kayle


You'd think that the best way to harass would be to use Reckoning, but it's actually not. When you're farming, and the enemy champion moves in to either intimidate, farm, or kill you, harass them with Righteous Fury by hitting the creeps near them. Remember, splash damage is your friend. You'll farm and deal damage at the same time, the most efficient way to lane.

Ganking with Kayle

As with most champions, what you want is a teammate in front of the gankee, then you move in from behind. The reason it's best for you to be in the rear is because when you come out for the kill, you'll use Reckoning to slow them. Immediately use Righteous Fury, start wailing on them hard. If your teammate is worth anything, they'll jump in and start attacking as well, as they enemy starts to run...but here's the great part. Your Righteous Fury has ranged damage, so even if they make it past you, you'll continue to hit them for a little ways afterward. This is extremely useful for champions like Master Yi that are difficult to slow down, giving you more time to destroy them.

Tower Diving

Tower diving can be momentarily possible with Kayle. If you have creeps attacking a tower, and there's a turret-humping champion in low health, move in close, pop your Reckoning to prevent them from running, engage Righteous Fury, wail away at them as much as you can, and when the tower starts attacking you, use your ult on yourself. It will not only block all counter-attacks, the tower can't hit you either. Flash away, heal for the speed boost, and you will survive, leaving the enemy champion knowing you're not to be trifled with.


Kayle has amazing backdooring abilities that rival notorious backdoor champions like Sivir and Master Yi. Once you've gotten built up to a Black Cleaver or at least a BF Sword, Kayle will blister straight through creeps in no time. Here's how to do it:

Wait for a team fight for at least 3 enemy teammates to happen, which usually happens in middle by this point in the game. When they're engaged, teleport to the lane that has the farthest pushed creeps, start destroying everything as fast as you can. Save your Reckoning for the very likely gank as a defense. While the enemy team is engaged and trying to kill your team, you'll be pushing turrets, getting the team valuable gold and putting your team at a strategic advantage.

Running Away

Running?! Of course you won't, but just in case: You have a slow AND a speed boost. Use this to your advantage. When you're being chased by someone that you can't defeat, first use your Reckoning, which will slow them. Start moving in the direction you want to escape to, and heal. When you do that, you'll get a speed boost while they're slowed. If that's not enough, in the case of Master Yi, for example, who can't be slowed sometimes, it's time to keep that ult for yourself. Use it, get to the nearest turret or teammate to take the hits for you.

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Team Work

If you're not a team worker, you'd probably be better off not playing Kayle. Two of her abilities, while they can be used on yourself, are almost always better used on your teammates. Divine Blessing will help keep your teammates healed up, and Intervention will save their lives when they need it most. Your ultimate will literally be the difference in winning and losing a game if used correctly.

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Early game farming can be tough, since Kayle's Righteous Fury is relatively slow. Since the creeps come in three parts: Melee, tank, and distance, the best thing for Kayle to do is immediately go for the distance creeps. This will not only allow your lane-mate to get some creeps, it will save at least three for you (if they're greedy and try to get them all), and it will intimidate the opposing team from advancing and attacking you both while farming.

Mid to late game farming is a piece of cake, because at this point, Kayle will have the speed and damage to tear through entire waves of creeps in a matter of a couple seconds. If you're feeling froggy, leap to the dragon. A fairly decently built Kayle can solo the dragon with ease.

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Isn't Kayle really susceptible to death, being a glass cannon build?

I don't generally consider it a glass cannon build as much, mainly because of Kayle's support abilities: She has a heal which also supplies a speed boost, not to mention an ability that makes her completely invincible. It's all in how she's played, really. Kayle is not a champion that can run up against someone like Tryndamere, even fully built, without getting slain. It's 100% strategy with her, because you've got to know how to keep a tower in range, use your teammates and creeps to take hits for you, not to mention knowing how to escape a situation where you could be easily slain. As long as you play responsibly, playing support to your teammates, you will not take as many deaths as you think.

If you have questions, feel free to post comments, and I'll gladly answer them here.

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The Evidence of Victory

Now and then I'll post some screenshots of scoreboards for details of how this build will work for you. I'm removing the names of the other champions for the sake of privacy and flaming.

Jan 10, 2012

  • Duration: 44:40
  • Result: Victory, destroyed nexus.
  • Average Champion Level: 25
  • Notes: I initially laned top with Master Yi, which was a solo lane against Xin. Udyr was jungling, who was responsible for 2 of the deaths, one because of getting caught offguard, one saving Yi (ultimate, healed, took the hits). The third death was irresponsibly turret diving.
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