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Kayle Build Guide by FaiVayne

Not Updated For Current Season

This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author FaiVayne

Kayle - The Judge of Battles

FaiVayne Last updated on September 5, 2012
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Not Updated For Current Season

The masteries shown here are not yet updated for the current season, the guide author needs to set up the new masteries. As such, they will be different than the masteries you see in-game.



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I'm Back! It's time to Update just a bit!

Hello, I'm FaiVayne, and I am here to tell you some things about Kayle, the Judicator. Please, read through the whole guide and at least try the build before voting and commenting. I may not know how to use those fancy pictures that other guides have, but hey, they aren't really needed to get my point across. If there are any questions, please leave a post and I will get to it as soon as I am able to. Kayle is my main character, and I love her, and I would love to share this to all of you so that we may see more of them, and that she is not underestimated any longer. This guide is also meant for 5v5 Classic.

Many people see Kayle as a support champion. This is wrong, she CAN be played as a support, but this does not bring out her full potential, as her Divine Blessing only scales 35% of her total AP. This guide may (Or may not) teach you how to bring out her full potential and serve your team well. It always has for me.

Kayle is a huge team player. And when I mean huge, I mean HUGE. She has to have support from her team to be able to do well in mid game. In return she keeps them alive and deals damage. At late game, she ends up dealing a lot of the damage and she rises up to be a force to be.. shall I say... Reckoned.. with.

Another large thing about Kayle. Her title is not for show. To use Kayle to her full potential, you need to judge everything you do. You have to judge correctly, or you and your team will suffer. Positioning, attacking, enemy strengths, weaknesses, ALL of this needs to be brought into consideration while playing Kayle.

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Runes in testing have been tested, and Destruction runes are now priority over Desolation and Insight for Kayle.

Took out Divine Sword and replaced with Ionic Spark.

It is okay to solo lane as Kayle.

Changed Masteries up a bit, I realized I used to many points. heh

Monday, May 28, 2012

I changed the masteries and I edited the mastery part of the guide with the reasons why.

Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Item order has been changed.

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Pros / Cons

Ahhh, the pro's and con's. What makes a champion strong and weak. Our hero may have some bad cons, but she has good Pros as well. without further ado, lets get started.

-Amazing with supporting her team
-Her heal is amazing even with low AP ratio.
-Her Q and E go hand in hand.
-When she is fully built, she can be a teams carry.
-She can mid.
-She is an angel!

-She is mana hungry early game
-She is also squishy.
-She is not very rape train until her a Nashors Tooth, but she can still kick *** before hand.
-She is underestimated.
-Item dependent.
-Team dependent mid game.

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Summoner Spells

Summoner spells are not that crucial to playing kayle, but they do help a lot with certain situations like, escaping, chasing, and all that.

My summoner spells are Exhaust and Flash. The reasoning behind the is that the flash will help kayle get away from most situations that may be almost impossible to. She may have her heal to move faster and her ult to keep her alive as she gets away, but sometimes that doesn't do anything. Exhaust for those pesky carries that try to beat your team down. Exhaust can also help you escape. I generally use exhaust to save myself/other team members, or use it to beat down on some damned pesky Teemo late game. I believe these two summoner spells are the best for kayle, and to be used wisely.

Clarity: Clarity is very good if you believe you will be harassing to much or if you do not have mana regen per level Seals. As I said earlier, Kayle is mana hungry. Maybe not as much as other champions, but if you need this, go ahead and take it, as it may also assist your team mates.

Ghost: Ghost is also one to consider if you do not have flash yet. (Yes, I'm taking people under lvl 12 summoner into consideration as well.) Ghost can be great for catching up, or running away, and I think it stacks with your heals speed as well. (I will test this if someone doesn't comment on it when I have a chance to.)

Ignite: Ignite can be used to reduce the persons healing, and bring your damage out-put into greater heights. This can be taken as well.

Teleport: Another good spell. this can be used for quick escapes or to protect your lanes.

Don't Use these!!
Smite: Leave this to your jungler.

Surge: This will end up becoming useless later game, as with this build, you hit max attack speed.

Revive: Revive is rarely taken by anyone, and is unnecessary on Kayle.

Cleanse: Some people may say this is a good spell, but I believe other spells may be used with Kayle to bring out her potential even more.

Clairvoyance: Leave this for your full support champion. This may prevent ganks, but there are better summoner spells for kayle.

Promote: Just no. In late game you shred through minions to even worry about taking hits from them when you're killing someone.

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Ahh, I love this part of the guide. Runes are a huge part into what makes kayle a deadly angel of death.

Marks: There is only one mark which I believe you should get as Kayle, in my opinion. I believe you should get the Marks of Destruction, for this will give you more hurt to your arsenal of skills.

Seals: There is only one type of seal I take with Kayle, and that is the Greater Seals of Clarity. These will solve your mana problems later on in the game.

Glyphs: There is only one type of Glyph you should ever take as Kayle, and that is the Greater Glyph's of Celerity. These will make it to where your ult is under a minute cool down. It will also help you reach about 35% CDR once you hit level 18 and get a nashors tooth. This 35% CDR will help you with keeping your Righteous Fury up forever if you have the Nashors Tooth as well.

Quintessence: There are many quints you can take for Kayle. You can take fortitude for survivability, Potency for more damage in AP. But, I believe the best to use are the Greater Quints of Destruction . These will help you maximize your damage as a hybrid and help you in those rare occasions where to do not have enough mana to use Righteous fury, or if you do not have a nashors tooth yet to keep your Righteous Fury up.

Runes in testing!

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Masteries, one of my favorite words. In here I will tell you the reasoning behind my choices of Masteries.


Tier 1:
Brute Force: This will help you little, I just take it to get to the next tier
Mental Force: Same reasoning as Brute Force

Tier 2:
Alacrity: This will help you get to your max attack speed.
Sorcery: This will help your CD's go down, which is AMAZING for kayle

Tier 3:
Weapon Expertise/Arcane Knowledge: This will help you rip through tanks and squishies.

Tier 5:
Sunder: Again, this will help you rip through tanks and squishies with armor

Tier 6:
Execution: This will help you annihilate those squishies you are tormenting so wonderfully. Bring down the punishment on those who oppose you and what you stand for.

Defensive Tree:

Tier 1
Resistance/Hardiness: This will help you survive early game.

Tier 2
The points in durability, I realized, will help you survive alot more, and can be nicer than the mana regen in the utility tree, seeing as we already have clarity seals.

Tier 3
Veteran Scars: This gives us even more health to help us survive. Think about it, each fortitude quint gives +26 HP ea, with Scars and Durability at lvl 18, thats like have 5 fortitude quints

I have decided to take out the utility masteries because I have tried a game without them, and I realized that the seals fo more than enough to help kayles mana pool in the beginning.

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The very first item you should get is a Dorans Ring. This will almost solve your problem with mana regen, give you more health, and more damage. always a plus in my book.

Beserker Greaves: I take these over any other boots, because you need the early attack speed to dish out damage. Your main sorce of damage when you get these is your E, so you need something to hit faster with.

Malady: I take this because it reduces the magic resist of your enemy, which increases your damage output with your E and Q. It also gives you more attack speed.

Ionic spark: This is probably one of the Core items for Kayle, since it has replaced Sword of the Divine. Every so many hits is more damage, and it gives you more attack speed. This will give you a chunk of damage output. Decide between this or Madreds Bloodrazor

Nashors Tooth: THE most important items for kayle. Once you get this and max out your Righteous Fury, You will be able to keep it up ALL THE TIME if you have the mana for it. You will have about 35% CDR and It also gives you tons of attack speed and mana regen! That is AMAZING!

Madreds BloodRazor: This item will boost your attack speed, and give your E more punishment to those beefy characters that are on the other team. It also gives you more armor as well as AD. Decide between this or Ironic spark first.

Hextech Gunblade: This item will maximize your damage with your Q and E. It will also give you a small boost of your W heal. Not only that, you get Spell vamp and Life Steal. If you have to choose between the cutlass or the Revolver, get the cutlass, because Righteous Fury is still an auto attack with an additional magic damage, and you do more AD than AP at the time.

Phantom Dancers: These babies give you crit chance and more attack speed, and movement speed. this is usually the very last item I get because I replace my boots for these.


Black Cleaver: Great for people stacking Armor, this item gives more attack speed, and it gives a bit of support to your team.




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A few other memorable items

The Wit's End is an alright item. It gives you more att spd, and more Magic damage, I just believe there are better items. It may give you more survivibility, but I prefer the maladys magic reduce per hit, as you hit fast so you can proc it quickly, and you do more damage as their Magic resist lowers.

Guinsoo's Rageblade: An item I have been asked sooo many times to buy as Kayle. It is just in my opinion that it is not needed for kayle. I never get this item and I still melt peoples faces off. It is not needed to be a good kayle, but there are people who like it better than other items.

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Most of the time you will follow the skill sequence at the top of the page, but it is not always necessary to do so. If you and your team is staying alive very well, take your Q first.

Reckoning will cause a bit of damage to your enemy, not only that, it will also slow them. AND LASTLY, it will let you deal more damage!! This skill is amazing for dropping down squishies. Even though I usually max it out last, level 1 reckoning damage increase is still pretty impressive at +6% damage at rank 1. After every rank, it only increases by another 1%, which is only noticeable later on

This will heal you or a team mate for quite a bit of health. With all your cool down reductions at level 18, this will be a short cool down, and you can heal more often than soraka, although it is not as much as her, it's more often, expecially sence you will have about 35% CD reduction.

The skill that Kayle is famous for. This will be your bread and butter skill, the very first skill you get. This makes Kayle into a ranged character and it has a decent range as well. ALSO, it has a small AoE! This is amazing for farming and Team fights if they are to close together. It will make them spread away from each other and perhaps screw with their positioning.

My favorite skill out of Kayles whole arsenal. This skill right here is what will decide if you win or lose a team fight or a normal fight. This skill is how Kayle judges on who will win. If used correctly, you will win every game. If you use it incorrectly, you and your team will suffer. Use this skill wisely, this is a skill that needs to be handled with care.

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At early game, the only things Kayle can not do effectively is jungle. So as Kayle, you will either Duo lane, solo land, or mid, but I suggest leaving mid to that AP carry of yours and top to that beefy garen up there, look at him go, just watching him makes me dizzy..... as they will need the money more than you. Go down into the duo lane and start farming, make sure not to take all the farm, as your partner will need some as well, maybe even more than you. Try not to farm with Righteous Fury until its about level 3 or 4. Use Reckoning only to secure kills and escape, I never use it to harass because I believe its a waste of mana. Only use it if you want to kill or get away, not farm. Build up your speed and spells, and harass the enemy with your Righteous fury, and do it early, because your righteous fury HURTS squishies at level 1.

At mid game, you want to be with atleast one or two team mates. Kayle will need support until she gets her nashors tooth. Help in team fights and save others if you can, always put your team before you. Put your ult on the carry they are focusing, or use it on a fleeing team mate who will not make it without it. Heal your team over others, as they may need it more. Now the other team will realize you are becoming a growing threat if you have played right.

Late Game... My favorite part of the game. Once you get into late game, you should start punishing people who are alone and squishies in team fights. There are only a handful of people that can kill you in this stage of the game. Know what the enemy is capable of, know their weaknesses. Farm like a boss, and secure kills for your team and protect them. From here on out, you are probably the only thing that decides who wins. Kayle plays a huge role, do not let your team down.

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Team Work

Kayle is a huge team player. She can not be in with a bad team, or she will lose. There are no bad or good laning partners when you play as kayle, it just depends on how they play. You need support, and don't die. Kayle can not be deprived of gold or experience or she may not be able to help her team as much as she could. ALWAYS PUT TEAM MATES OVER YOURSELF. The only time you put yourself over is when you're in extreme danger, or you KNOW you can kill them, or if you're by yourself. Kayle becomes a wrecking ball late game, and can be countered if she does not have a good team. Be nice to your team, if they make a wrong move, tell them that they should not do it next time. Do not yell at them or curse them out. It will put them down or make them angry, which both ways decreases performance not only to you, but to that person as well. Protect your team and kill the other team. Kayle is not an easy champion to play, she requires a lot of thinking.

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Top Lane

I have taken top before as Kayle, and Kayle may not be a top tiered champion, but she does fine. She has sustain, and damage. There are a few champions you have to be weary of when going top. Here is a small list I will be editing as I find them in top lane.


GangPlank: He is a hard top, one o the hardest that I have encountered. Be very careful if you lane against him.

Garen: He is tough, but not the toughest I have been up against, just keep your distance and try to keep him away with your Q+E harass

Malphite: He is an somewhat easy lane to go up against. It depends on how well he plays. Keep up your harass and make sure you do decent damage on him if you plan to.

Shen: So far, I have been up against few Shens top. As far as I know, he is an easy top to go up against, but I am still currently testing with him, because the Shens were not good.

(More to come)

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Some Game Scores

Here are some two kayle games that I have played in the past few days. This is recently from my last ten games.

And my latest Kayle games. Just ignore the Evelynn games

Even Later games!

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There are many things that make Kayle the champion she is. She plays a huge role on her team. Not only can she support her team, she can also destroy the other team if given the chance. Kayle decides late game who wins and who loses. She is the ultimate judge of the league. She can either punish those who stand in her way, or let those who oppose her walk right through her. She is a force to be reckoned with still and should always be handled with care, and in the right hands, she will greatly reward you.

Remember to leave comments and vote if you like, but please, do not vote before reading and/or trying it out. Thank you, and remember my friends, Correct Judgement shall grant your victory.