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League of Legends Build Guide Author badastronaut

Kayle the Judicator: A support/dps build

badastronaut Last updated on July 27, 2010
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Kayle is my most played character and my favorite character. I have tried many builds on her. This build is a hybrid build that will allow you to DPS with a focus on support. I have found this to be the best build for me. If you came here because you want a champ killing spec you are in the wrong place. If you understand that 5/1/20 is more impressive than having 15/10/3, than this is the build for you.


Holy Fervor

Holy Awesome. Makes you viable for hybrid dps.


It slows, it hurts and it makes your Righteous Fury hit like a tank. With a sheen it will make your Righteous Fury hit like a nuke.

Divine Blessing

A heal with an increased movement speed component. Heal someone if they are low, heal someone if they are chasing, heal someone if they are running away. That pretty much covers it.

Rigteous Fury

Our main damage source. Follow it up after a reckoning for some insane damage. I pick it up last because it's the same duration rank 1 as it is rank 5. You can push it over Divine Blessing if you want to trade healing for some added dps. It depends on how your team is doing. If you are harassing and the other team is constantly running, than some added damage will be nice.


Invulnerability to damage! With the 40% CD, you will get to see this quite often. I use it early sometimes if I know the other team will try to focus someone and mid-end of that fight I'll have it up again. Otherwise save it for just the right moment. It's short but if you time it right, someone will be thanking you. Remember that it only covers damage. Stuns, slows, and any other cc will get through. I usually shield someone and heal them than throw a Reckoning and Righteous fury to push the enemies back as my injured team mate runs away. Stay with your team mate. If you die, it doesn't hurt you that much in the long run. If a carry dps or other dps dies, it will hurt them much more.

Summoner Spells:

I pick up Clairvoyance and Teleport for 5s and for 3s I drop Teleport for Clarity to give me a strong early game. Summoner spells are always a preference issue so go with whatever you like and adjust the masteries to fit. Here are my thoughts on the summoner spells.

Best Spells:

Invaluable on 5s, not so useful on 3s. It lets you get anywhere, port in to tower push, port to defend. I think it's a must have on 5s.

I love this spell. ~43 second CD with 9 seconds of map viewing. It's saved me countless times.

Good Spells

Flash is generally good on any character. It will allow you to be more aggressive when needed and help you escape when needed.

Cleanse is a pretty good spell for Kayle if you are a more aggressive player. Intervention will not block CC's, so with an Intervention, Cleanse, and Divine Blessing, you should easily get away.

Pretty good. Kayle is not the best last hitter and she definitely is not a good jungler. Pick up improved to get some extra G.

Great early game. Kayle is mana hungry. Loses usefulness end game.


You already have a slow with 40% CD. A second is overkill.

You have a heal that speeds you up. Though this will stack I believe. Might help you get to a battle insanely fast or get you away from danger

You already have a heal. Another backup heal doesn't hurt and probably makes you even more annoying than you already are.

There is a bad stigma behind this spell. Honestly though, on 3s I think this spell is decent. You can revive and defend a tower super fast. Kayle makes for a great defender.

I think this should be delegated to tanks. It's not a bad spell but you won't have it improved at all.

Ignite is always nice in case there is a healer on the other team. It will help you add some dps to the fight, but I think there are better choices for Kayle.

Rally is a nice spell. However without improved it's not nearly as good. Since you won't be pushing down offense tree in this build. It's not worth it.

Runes and Spec
I always spec Kayle as 9/0/21 as shown above. The most important thing is to pick up both CD reduction talents in Utility and Offense. If you do that and have 7 glyphs of celerity, you will hit the CD cap once you pick up Nashor's Tooth and hit 18. This is key.

Alternatively you could go for Focus Runes to give you flat CD reduction. Your goal is to hit 6% CD reduction from runes. This will allow you to have CD reduction cap once you get Nashor's.

The runes I would consider are

Marks of Insight: They are the best marks. I've seen some guides say attack speed, but I think that's a waste. Your items will help you there, you won't be picking up any Mpen in your core which effects your Righteous Fury and Reckoning.

Seal of Vitality: More survivability.
Seal of Clarity: Mana regen is very nice.

Glyph of Celerity: For the CD Cap
Glyph of Force: More damage.

Focus runes (except marks) as discussed above.

Quick Build Order (if you don't want to read wall of text):

1. (460 G) Meki Pendant & 2x Health Pots
2. (1205 G) Fiendish Codex and Boots of Speed
3. (1505 G) Boots of Swiftness and Stinger
4. (1360 G) Nashor's Tooth and Blasting Wand
5. (1375 G) Guinsoo's Rageblade
Core is built, pick up defensive items if needed.
6. (1260 G) Sheen
7. (1350 G) Lichbane
8. Hextech is Viable but you won't usually make it this far. It's also intensely expensive and if you aren't dominating already, you won't be able to buy it.

Early game:
Pick up a Meki Pendant and 2 Health potions. Head to a side lane. Going mid with Kayle is silly. Don't do it. You are there as a support and you should delegate that spot to a dps carry or ranged dps/burst class. You are best off laning with a range harasser. Early on you are extremely mana hungry. Keep this in mind. A lot of people pick up clarity to have a stronger early game, it's a major help, however I have found if you play smart and conserve a little, you will be fine. Clarity is almost useless endgame. You can't really harass until level 3 and even than, most people can shrug off your damage. This leads to picking the right targets to harass.

General Harassment Rules:
- Harass the DPS char who has lower health.
- Don't harass unless you can get at least 2-3 hits in with your righteous fury (after your reckoning of course)
- Make sure to have enough mana for shield or heal for your lane partner.
- If they have Sivir, Morgana, Pantheon, or a hero with a banshee's veil, you should burn the shield down with Righteous fury first. When the shield is gone, you hit them with a reckoning and continue the fiery sword swinging. This allows you and your partner/team to do maximum damage.

A few other tips:
- As with any character, last hit mobs! Have extra mana? Reckoning a low mob for some gold. Enemy champs run away from your Righteous Fury? Hit some mobs instead. While you shouldn't be hording the gold, you will need some. Let your partner get most of the last hits if possible. Remember, you are a support and require less gold to be awesome.

At this point, you and your partner have probably obtained at least one kill. If not that's ok. Once you hit 1205 G, and conditions seem right (your creep wave is at their tower or close, one of the enemies is dead... etc.) Head home and pick up Boots of Speed and Fiendish Codex. Teleport back immediately. This is generally where teaming starts to pick up. Always be with your team to support them in anyway possible. Slow the kill target, heal the hurt and shield anyone who is about to get an *** whooping.

When you hit 1505 G you pick up a Stinger and your upgraded boots. I generally pick up Boots of Swiftness or Mercury Treads. Boots of swiftness is my generic choice because your job is to always be there at the action. Throw a divine blessing on yourself and you will fly like a jet. Your team will thank you for that shield and heal that turned the fight around. Mercury treads are awesome if you have lots of CC coming your way. Ninja tabi's is a decent choice for a physical dps team but you shouldn't be openly engaging the other team up front. You should be in the back to mid lines. The other boots I think are far inferior. I know lots of people tend to go Beserker's. However the attack speed you gain from them is negligible. The other boots provide so much more. It's of course your choice.

When you can pick up Nashor's tooth and a Blasting Wand. Totaling up to 1360. Than prepare yourself for how awesome of a support you are about to be. Team fighting should be happening at this point. Get in their and get some assists, even some kills. Use your shield either at the start of a fight on whoever initiates as it will absorb all the enemy ability/nukes or on whomever is low. The choice is yours and should reflect your enemy play style. If your team has just wiped the floor with the enemy and one smart enemy decides to run, don't forget to heal the chaser. Or if you know you can catch the runner first, heal yourself and nuke them with that slow so your team can come and destroy the target.

When you hit 1260 G you can head back, as long as you are no longer needed, and pick up Guinsoo's Rageblade. Start building a Lichbane if you have extra G; starting with Sheen. Sometimes I will skip Lichbane and pick up other items depending on how my team is doing. If you need a bit more defense I suggest Guardian Angel. Caster heavy, grab a Banshee's Veil. Pick the armor/magic resist/health item as you see fit. Remember that you are already at CD cap, so avoid picking up CD items.

With the Nashor's/Guinsoo combo you are an awesome tower pusher. If a tower is low, sometimes I will charge in eating tower blasts to take it down. Heal myself than shield to get the extra last few hits in. Remember to keep yourself healed when attacking a tower as it will proc your Sheen/Lichbane and always use Righteous Fury. Keep your eye on the mini-map. Be ready to teleport in and nuke a tower down than recall before their team can get you.

Thanks for reading my guide. If you have any comments, suggestions, constructive criticism, etc... please let me know. Congratulations on your 4/1/25 score. Your team may not always recognize that you carried them, but you will know that if it wasn't for you, your team would have lost.