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Kayle Build Guide by piedol

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League of Legends Build Guide Author piedol

Kayle: The Lost Carry

piedol Last updated on September 12, 2011
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Kayle is a hybrid Champion. She can be many things for the player, but in this guide, I'll focus on her proficiency as a Carry. She may be MEANT to be a melee champion, but her E changes that, turning her into a ranged champion with splash damage, and this skill is what makes her so special and viable as a carry.

Late game, she has the full attack speed of 2.5 when attacking, and can take out turrets in mere seconds if she gets the chance. Even a late-game hero like Tryndamere stands no chance against her (Provided he doesn't have his ultimate ready, as it outlasts yours) with her slow, invincibility, and pure damage output per second. She is truly a force to be feared, and will so be a prime target for the enemy team. Stuns and disables may or may not be the end of her, but early-game, you might want someone there to protect her.

Please, try out the build, let me know how it worked for you, and DON'T FORGET TO VOTE. Thanks

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Early Game

The reason Kayle makes such an amazing Carry starts here. The first skill you're going to pick up is Righteous Fury. The first items, a dagger and a health potion. As you can see, ALL of your runes are supposed to be Alacrity (Attack speed). This may seem insane, sacrificing all other potential benefits from runes, but there's a method to the madness. For starters, things like armor penetration and magic penetration etc may be useful early for some champions, but they are mostly negated end-game, making very little difference in actual damage output, while attack speed stays just as effective throughout. This is even more effective on Kayle because of her Righteous Fury.

You see, Kayle's Righteous Fury is a very unique skill, and the only one like it in the game. Not only does it make you ranged and give you decent splash damage, but the amount of shots you get off before it runs out solely depends on your attack speed. It does NOT drain mana per hit, which is why it's so invaluable.

From the moment you start, your dagger, runes, and masteries will give you a total attack speed of nearly 1 per second, which is FAR higher that most other champions have at level one. You can take any lane you like, though I recommend going mid against one hero, or assisting a teammate on top or bottom, but make sure that teammate has a stun or disable ready to net you kills for careless play.

Regardless of whether you're facing one or two heroes, Kayle can fend them off and keep them well away from killing a single one of your minions for gold (With practice), or even staying in range for experience. Righteous Fury's splash damage can be aimed at the minions, or at the hero themselves if they attempt to get too close. This nets you a TON of last-hits and gold early, and makes pushing a breeze.

Because of your aggressiveness, melee champions will likely be forced to change lanes entirely, and even ranged champion will find that getting near enough to you to deal some damage will not be worth the resulting backlash. You will gain gold faster, level faster, and maybe even take out their turret before they know what's happening. This also gives you a chance to go for First Blood, because either they try to push back and get killed, or fall back and lose their tower. Be wary of incoming help from enemy teammates, but your own teammates and a close eye on the mini-map should prevent ganks.

Stay in your lane till you can afford the 500 gold for your berzerker's greaves. The extra speed early helps in chasing, and the attack speed is monstrous for pushing. Then blue pill back, get it, and either run back to your lane before the opposing champion has a chance to push, or teleport directly there (preferably behind them so you can hit them as they run) in the event that they are already doing so. By now, you should be level 2 or three, maybe even one level above them. Now, your main source of damage comes from the Q, W and E combo. Slow them with Q, boost yourself with W (The heal itself is ****, so you only need one level on this till you have no other options), and activate Righteous Fury to stay on their tails and whittle away their health while you chase. Make them AFRAID to lane against you.

Keep this up till you have at LEAST 840 gold for two more daggers, or even the full 1800 to buy your Malady. Always play cautiously, but keep a constant pressure on your enemy to keep them in check. When you make your second or third trip back to base to buy Malady, you should be around level 6-7. Malady gives you an even bigger boost to your already high attack speed, and deal 20 bonus magic damage per strike (100+ per hit with your righteous Fury, this early in the game at such a high rate can easily seal the fate anyone foolish enough to attack you without proper CC) while also lowering your opponent's magic resistance. This, in addition to your seemingly worthless passive, can make targeting almost any hero easy.

Head back to your lane and stay there till you have taken out the enemy tower, or feel free to roam around helping your allies now. Dying should not be of much concern to you, because of your sheer damage output and your ult. Still, don't get cocky. If you see more than two champions attempting to target you, or you see one with skills that can disable and kill you in an instant or neutralize your ultimate, back away till they leave, possibly changing lanes and helping your team in the meanwhile.

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Beserker's Greaves only cost an additional 570 gold after the 350 spent on your Boots of Speed. This should take you less than 3 minutes to farm with your Righteous Fury. You need boots both to beat a hasty retreat, boost your attack speed some MORE, and to chase down enemies with pesky escape abilities and flash. After getting them, aim for Guinsoo's Rageblade. This will make you attack progressively faster, making it harder and harder to get into a solo fight with you. In fact, unless someone has been feeding the enemy, you should now be virtually impossibly to solo-lane against by anybody but champions with low cooldown disables and high health. Your splash damage denies experience, gold, and keeps them away from even helping their own minions push. You are developing nicely into you role as a Carry.

Anything between here and Late-game should be common sense. You move in, you pwn. You kill hundreds of creeps in mere seconds per wave, and become a force to be feared. Aim for the Hexten Gunblade next. You first buy the Hextech Revolver, then get the vampiric scepter at your first chance, before moving on up to the Bilgewater Cutlass when you can afford it. High attack speed + Range + Splash Damage + Life Steal = Essentially infinite lane sustainability. If you're ever in danger, and there's no immediate need to run, you can jungle to regain your HP. In fact, you can easily solo the dragon at this point. Make sure to cast your Q if you have trouble, as it increase damage dealt by a percentage, which also translates to more HP restored. Also, put the gunblade into your first inventory slot once you have it (Pressing '1' will give you the option to cast it without having to click on the tiny icon). 300 magic damage + a 50% slow basically makes it a more powerful, potent version to your Q. Learn to use it in chases or if your Q and E are on cooldown.

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End-Game + A Use For All That Built Up Cash

From here, you move on to the Stinger then Nashor's Tooth, because both are relatively cheap for you at this point and increase your already ungodly attack speed even more. By the time you buy Nashor's, you should be nearing victory. This build is meant for a winning team. It takes a while to get your final items, but if the match last long enough for you to get them, then I'm sorry to say you won't be able to enjoy them for long. By the time you get Zeal and Phantom Dancer, going up against you with no support would classify as nothing but feeding. Yes, you'll be that hard to kill.

However, you will get some laughs watching the enemy team use all their abilities just to try and get AWAY from you. Snares don't mean anything to Kayle with her E, so long as the enemy doesn't gang up on you and focus you down. Even then, there's your ultimate and Flash to save your skin. Remember, you're impossible to solo, or even duo, but 5 people means possibly constant stuns, and life steal only counts for so much. However, if you WANT the trouble, just for the kicks of killing everyone before they can so much as turn around, lane with a partner who can save your *** in a tight situation. And don't EVER forget about Flash.

About that extra use for the cash I promised, if you manage to store up 3k plus in a match in which the enemy just refuses to give up (Which is good, because only weaklings surrender) sell your Berserker's Greaves, and instead buy a SECOND Phantom Dancer. The bonus to move speed it grants makes up for the loss of your boots, and you can always use your W to speed yourself up. After that, I promise you that once you start fighting, your attack speed will hit that glorious mark of 2.5 times per second. Savor it.

Good luck winning. :p

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Variations to the Build

Having trouble with tanks or enemies stacking MR? Well, you shouldn't. You mastery and passive already wipe out 30% of their MR simply from FIGHTING you in the first place! Not to mention Malady. If they have, say 100MR, that's FIFTY-FOUR (54) MR reduction, simply from being hit by you! If their HP is high, and is giving you issues, forget the Phantom Dancer, because that doesn't really NEED to be added, and instead get yourself a Madred's. Do the math. 3% max HP in magic damage each hit + High attack speed + Significantly lowered MR + Your ADDITIONAL damage (Because the rest was just bonus damage)= A dead tank/HP stacking champ. Go figure.

As I said, Kayle's only weakness in this build is her lack of survivability if stunned. If her ultimate is off cooldown, or she can't use it, she's screwed. Come End-game, you can sell Malady for a Quicksilver Sash, which is superior to Banshee's Veil in team fights because you can CHOOSE when to clear all the negative effects. You sacrifice attack speed and some damage for survivability. Let them hit you with all they have, tank the damage, then clear the snares, stuns etc, and either come back with a vengeance or beat a hasty retreat. This not only leaves them at a disadvantage, but it can help the rest of your team take them out with less hassle.

Another alternative is to again sell Malady at the end, and instead invest in Warmog's Armor. With the sheer amount of minions Kayle kills, and the speed at which she does it, the HP and HP regen bonuses will be maxed out in no time flat, even without Champion kills. This turns her into a nigh-impossible to kill tank with over 3.5k HP. You should know by now just how deadly this makes her when you factor in her other stats.

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Champions to Avoid

Try to avoid people that can take you down in an instant, before you can even get to use your ultimate, as well as those who can spam disables that enable team amtes to take you out.

People that can ruin your game include:

Tryndamere. (On his own easy, but if he catches you low, you CANNOT run because of his Mocking Shout. Fight to the death, or juke like mad and try flashing into the forest if possible. Also, remember that HIS ULT OUTLASTS YOURS. In a fair fight, try to let him get you low, hopefully tricking him into over-committing, because he'll HAVE to use his ult to survive your damage output, considering that a Carry doesn't usually invest in MR boosting items, then use your own at the last second, slow him, and finish him.)

A fully stacked Cho'Gath (with a partner)

Annie (Her stuns enable her to solo you if the player uses the full combo. Be wary of the stun + ult + flamethrower combo. With Warmog's Armor, or Quicksilver Sash, she becomes less of a threat.)

Taric/Rammus (Their stuns can be spammed annoyingly often, and it can really get you killed if you engage them too close to the enemy base alone.)

Jax (His ability to stun you immediately after dodging an attack can be a real problem considering just how often you attack, and his natural 18% dodge chance. Try to keep him at a distance if possible, and avoid being targeted by him in team fights.)

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My Build in Action

Just in case you want to see just how beastly she is. The replay you should watch is the one featuring Yorick, not only because you get to see a rare champ in action, but because Yorick goes AFK from 10 minutes in, turning the game into a 4v5! And what happens? We STILL win. Sure they weren't good. But they weren't stupid either. People underestimate Kayle and come at her without a gank, they die. Simple as that. That replay shows how easy it is to steamroll a team that takes you on unprepared once you have your basic items ready.

The second was just there to demonstrate how your laning phase should actually go, assuming you're mid or soloing a lane. The players in that game were absolute noobs, but that's not the point. You see what Kayle is capable of, and how you should play her. Enjoy.

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End of Guide

Go on, try it out, have fun. If it works as well for you as it does for me, let me know. Feel free to give me tips if you feel you have a way to improve her survivability/ability as a Carry.