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Kayle Build Guide by Engyy

Not Updated For Current Season

This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author Engyy

Kayle - The Omnipotent

Engyy Last updated on June 27, 2011
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Ability Sequence

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Not Updated For Current Season

The masteries shown here are not yet updated for the current season, the guide author needs to set up the new masteries. As such, they will be different than the masteries you see in-game.


Brute Force
Improved Rally

Offense: 21

Strength of Spirit
Veteran's Scars

Defense: 0

Expanded Mind
Blink of an Eye
Mystical Vision
Presence of the Master

Utility: 9

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Editting the Stats chart up here

Guys, very important thing, these stats at the beginning af all guids are relatively close the real stats, but they are wrong, they are calculated by computer automaticaly.

Differce: Kayles passive is a great thing that we are using to our advantage, but the computer dont, so, the final AD/Ap will be more like 300/325 than 260/250 - and i think that is a big difference.

Considering clasic carry focusing Damage output with dmg reduction round 30%-35%, your one hit will deal around 250-300dmg, and that's just the worst case scenario.

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Hi, there's no interesting thing for me to say why I made this build, i simply love Kayles options on battlefield and i wanted to share them with U, cuz she is really underestimated champ. In solo queue I pretty often find ppl who are beging me not to play Kayle, cuz she is noob champ and she sucks ofc... they couldn't be more wrong. Why? Keep reading and U'll see, I step by step explain why is she so strong and why i play her like I play her.

EDIT1: I feel that I must mention to you guys, why this build isn't using any defensive items in the end... there are few reasons - 1, Kayle is really underestimated champ which means the enemy will think they can easily get U with a weak gank, but with your ghost, flash, blessing(W) and ulti U will easily escape. 2, they wont focus U in teamfights, cuz every other champ is more dangerous than U(again underestimating) which gives u an awesome chance to kill enemy carry and support. 3, every devensive item makes your offense weaker and then, yeah, U will survive everything, but noone will care cuz U will be uselles on the battlefield.

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    Marks - your damage output is combined AD and AP so going for MP or AP would be a 50% waste of runes, that's why U pick attack speed marks!

    Seals - Kayle is early game very often out of mana, so we gonna need some flat mana regen here for sure, unles U wanna go back to base every 2lvls.

    Glyphs - Kayle has very low Magic resist throughout the entire game, so u need to pump it a little by flat MR Glyphs

    Quintessences - flat hp cuz U got really low hp in early game and u dont wanna feed from the beginning.

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Masteries are pretty loose here in Kayles case, but I like to play her very offensive, so I use 21/0/9

I will try to explain why the whole Offense root:

1.lvl - U R not using hightened crit dmg or chance at all, but since u need to put those points somwhere, 2% chance to suprise your enemies with a hard strike seems to me like a good deal. AP needs no explanation i guess.
2.lvl - CDR classick for a mage and AS, as i said before, really nice thing on this ranged carry.
3.lvl - all the penetration we can get
4.lvl - I dont like to put here points with no champion, but as long as this kayle has only 2% crit chance, is Brute force much better option than lethality.
5.lvl - blank
6.lvl - BAM 4%more dmg :)

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As I said before, Kayle is very squishy early game, so U will like to act as a support, buying Philosopher's stone and Heart of gold provides U enough health and regen to stay in line and help your teammate and gives U a nice 1g each second , which is great in longer games(40min).
U'll have to try it and decide yourselfe which one to buy first, it depends on your temate and your style of game.. and enemies, ofc.

As a third item U need to buy boots finaly, than U hate to decide again, go for the Fiendish codex to enhance your mana regen even more, or complete berserker's greaves, again it depends on how the game is going for U...

U will need to ocmplete nashor's Tooth as soon as possible, becaus this item will change your game, until now U were weak support hiding in the back, but with this awesome 50%AS and 25%CDR U R able to keep your E skill triggered almost permanently and pushing and pushing.

Guinoso's Rageblade is the next item that will greatly enhance your dmg output and gave U more AP and AS as long as U stay active in fight.

And at last, we'll bring the big guns, two Hextech Gunblades will provide a ****load of dmg as well as great 40%life steal and 50%Spell Vamp
- it is not necessary to leave the at the end but they are really expensive - that's why U bought those two moneybags at the beginning of the match :)

EDIT1: Some of U might feel too slow with 380 movement speed, the problem would be probably that U don't realize the speed boost potential of your (W) skill. But anyway, u can always buy Boots of swiftness insted and focus more on been quick annoying support/carry than support/assasin - cuz that extra 25%AS will be pretty handy in situation whn U'll hide in the crowd of teamfight and unnoticed start at range killing a carry or support(U see, unlike the rest of the ranged attack animation, yours dont show the direction, there is no traveling missile, nothing that could be seen, the enemy will be like "what the hell is going on here?!" and before he realize he's been targeted, he's too low to escape your reckonning/blessing/flash megacombo.)

I also sometimes go for Gunblade before the Rageblade, and sometimes I even buy the Gunblade right afted Fiendish codex, before finishing the Tooth, but thats mostly in games where we own the enemy and they just wont surrender :)

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Skill Sequence

E is your key skill so U'll wont to max it first(lowers CD, hieghtens dmg)
but in early game U R also support so 2 points in W are essential(this skill gets like 25% of AP so U cant rely on Ap to boost your heals, u have to put some points in it.)

Your Ulti is a lifesaver - U'll need time to get used to it, and to master the right moments to use it and where. . best way is to shield your best DPS whwn the whole enemy team is focusing him and they are like .. WTF he wont die, god save us! .. this skill has a lot of uses, .. when U R dived under your turret it can really turn the tables. or when someone is making a suicide just to kill U. I always have fun watching Tryndamere beating the **** out of my teammate with his last 1hp holding by his ulti just to crit him to death while I shield and heal him :)

your heal nad Ulti both got pretty wide range and Ulti has very low cd on lvl3 - 50s .. so dont be scared to use it, it will be ready when U'll be needing it next time.

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Summoner Spells

Ghost and flash, classick combination for carry, it is the best option, U will need the speed when rushing for help to an ally or retreating from a lost teamfight, and flash? .. is there anything better? :)

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Pros / Cons

At the end of this build i would like to mention the pros and cons of this carry Kayle.

- very strong harrasment(thanks to your passive and splach dmg of E) in middle and late game
- U can actually control the lives of your teammates on battlefield, one good placed ulti winns the fight(dont waste it on someone, who will die 3seconds later anyway).
- U R ranged DPS champ with slow, haste, invulnerability and splash dmg and, most importantly U CAN ****ING FLY - how cool is that?!
- The best in killing enemy carry - slow him, haste yourself, and beat the **** out of him in both AP and AD so he cant defend.

- squishy early game
- no real penetration so U have no chance to kill a tank
- depending on teamgame - if your team doesnt work, U will feed badly cuz you are no solo killer(unless u R fed and u completed your items).

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Team Work

    Here I just pinpoint few things U can do if u R playing with a friend nad U R on TS(or anything else) or when U R playing with a really smart teammember(s):

    1)The ulti!
    U will ove it, teamfight usualy starts(in better team fights, not those noob or low elo idiot fight where is tank focused.) by stunning and fast killing a carry, and thts where your ulti goes in, 2-3seconds of invulnerability can safe the whole HP bar and get that player safely through his whole stun, so he can flash away unharmed. and in that moment u got the whole enemy team on one place doing no dmg :) so just enjoy tearing them appart.

    2)The big hunt!
    Chasing ganked enemy or surviovors of teamfight is a very important part of the game in LoL. While chasing an enemym, time is usually very important, even though he might be far from his base or turret, U'll need to hcatch him as soon as possible, to minimize the chase his teammates come to help or that his flash or some escaping skill will charge up. That is where your forst two skills and both summoner's spells come in. U R still a support champ, so your best ta┬Ęctic is to do everything U can to make your teammates catch up on the enemy as well as U. sometimes U R far behind your teammates and U alone have no chance to use your 1th skill, so just use blessing to speed up the one teammate with stun or slow, to give them the kill. dont be scared to use flash just to ensure your kill, I do it very often, is important not to give your pray more time to react, usualy they are suprised when U jump on them, that they just start running, not realizing u slowed them, but if u give them the one extra second to realize, that U will catch them, they will use ghost, flash, skill, and flee.

    3)The speed control!
    For controling the speed of champions is usualy known Zilean but U have this power too, while chased or helping chased ally U can use Q to lsow down the attacker and blessing(W) to hasten up the pray. and this is
VERY IMPORTANT - your W spell isn't a heal, it is a blessing, the speed acceleration is sometimes far more important that the amount healed by this skill. Yes, sure, on lvl 5 and with 250AP in the end u can heal for 350hp(despite the fact that this site whows Divine Blessing skill with 50%AP, some of the last updates had to change it, because in the game U'll see it's more like 20%AP - another reason not to play Kayle as Ap support, that is just silly), but that's just not enough... So, the speed boost, very handy surprise.

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I hope U'll enjoy playing Kayle as much as I do, but remember it's all about the teamwork, and Kayle is a teamplayer(I never had so many thanks in games like when playing Kayle).

And If u can't pull it off even in a good team, then I have to ask U: "Are you sure you're not in the wrong League?"