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Kayle Build Guide by Toxic Tapeworm

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League of Legends Build Guide Author Toxic Tapeworm

Kayle the on hit Queen!

Toxic Tapeworm Last updated on February 15, 2012
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Welcome to my fist moba build page. With one of my favorite and underestimated champions of the league on Dominion Kayle. This build was built and designed and tested by myself and my cousin on League after several hours of testing. It focuses on "on-hit" with lots of attack speed. I have had lots of success with this build and a few variations I will also include. For the longest time I didn't want to share my ideas on here for one main reason. i didn't want to compete against my own builds on LoL on Dominion. However I felt it was time after being frustrated by other builds that I should contribute and help others enjoy the game with my favorite champions as well.

Note: This buil will bet you close to or at max attack speed depending on whether or nto you grab certain situational items as explained below.

Also once i have developed an understanding of adding pictures and having the appropriate url's for the pics I will be adding them to help color up this build.

Please feel free to actually leave a comment as i have quickly reached a thousand views and only have 1 comment.

With no further ado I present my first Moba page for Kayle.

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Pros / Cons


    Destroys tanks and squishys
    great 1 v 1 fighter
    helps team by reducing resistances
    develops quickly
    finishable build

    Semi squishy
    no sustain
    vulnerable to multiple CC

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Although it seems awkward to put all 30 points of masteries in just the offensive tree i do this to serve a purpose. This purpose is to reinforce her passive and compliment the item build.

Summoners Wrath gets a point to bonus my surge and solely for that reason as i do not use any of the other summoner spells in this category.

Brute Force and Mental force get max points to increase early game damage on Reckoning.

Alacrity for attack speed of course this is an on hit Kayle!

Sorcery for cool down to help Kayles ultimate, Reckoning and Righteous fury come up faster.

Weapon Expertise for the armor pen to work with Kayles passive and eventual item build to reduce even the tankiest of champions armor to a reasonable level.

Arcane Knowledge for the magic pen for the same reasons as above but also that this help kayle significantly with this build due the the amount of on hit magic dmg that is dealt.

Havoc gets a full three points as it work wonderfully with her Reckoning increasing dmg that is dealt to her target. This dmg increase Although small adss up quickly when shredding your enemies!

Blast gets maxed as well since it helps Kayles Reckoning do more damage and helps increase Righteous fury's damage per swing.

Sunder gets three points as well to further help Kayles armor penetration and work with her passive further increasing her per swing dmg output.

Executioner gets a point as this has helped me so many times finish a target, with Reckoning, that may be trying to run with low hp. Not to mention that epic ultimate to help get larger targets low so that this can take effect and have that final swing from Righteous fury really burst them as they have low armor and magic resistances.

The extra point here goes to Archmage. I have many times considered moving this point to Summoners Resolve to help my Cleanse. However, after playing as many games with Kayle, I have noticed that this is not necessarily a functional option so i opted to put it here. This actually helps keep a balance between Kayles attack damage and ability power throughout the game.

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Skill Sequence

The skill sequence is very straight forward and wont take much time to explain. Get one point in each ability at the start. That way you can boost your teammate that is going to grab mid for a brief period possibly allowing them to get to top sooner than otherwise. Additionally you can use it again to help you get to top quicker as well after that. From there I focus Righteous Fury and Reckoning equally and alternating until both skills are maxed taking a point for my ultimate every time it is available. Remeber to start this alternating process with Righteous Fury since the 1% extra you gain from reckoning is negligible and is already accounted for in your masteries with Havoc. But adds up as you continue to level it to 10% bonus dmg.

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The runes are simple and straight forward. The goal here is to maximize Kayle's DPS output with attack speed and on hit effects. Since the items and masteries give us all we need in penetration for both armor and magic resist our Glyphs, Seals, Marks and Quintessences will all be Alacrity for attack speed. Not going this way can severely hurt the early game damage and make you a negligible target for you enemies. Although that may be nice since you wont be first target it also means that you wont be of any use to you team until 12-15 minutes in. By then you team has probably lost.

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Summoner Spells

For Summoner Spells I always take Cleanse and Surge. I have noticed that as people notice the strength of Kayle with this build I generally take the first Exhaust in every fight. So Cleanse allows me to remain viable in a team fight and continue debuffing my enemies with every swing and improve my teams chances as well as lay out some scary dmg. Try it without and notice that no Cleanse = death or waste of your ult just to run.

Now Surge is wonderful. I will generally save surge for group fights unless it is necessary to use it otherwise. The bonus ap makes Kayles Rekoning and Righteous Fury do extra damage and the attack speed is amazing all game.

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This is a step by step walkthrough which also contains options and variables based on how the game has progressed.

I always start with Berserkers Greaves and either a dagger or an Amplifying Tome. This is truly preferrential. As of late I have taken preference to the Amplifying Tome. With these runes and starting items your starting attack speed is close to 1.2 and allows Kayle to sit in the back of the top group and shred opponents while the fight takes place.

From here work on developing your items into a Malady. This gives you 50% attack speed, additional magic resistance shred, and magic damage per swing with Righteous Fury. This item in combination with Righteous fury activated increases the magic dmg per swing to just above 50. (30 from RF and 20 from Malady)

My second item or third if you count boots, which I don't, is Guinsoos Rageblade. This item grants Kayle additional attack dmg, ability power, and attack speed. This item is under alot of scrutiny by many players here on Moba. I have taken a liking to it as of late since it seems to be semi-broken in the fact that Kayles damage output almost grows exponentially with each swing.

From here items vary situationally. But one of the next two must be Kitae's Bloodrazor. Sometimes building this in pieces with another item can give you the flexability you need. At this point I always grab the Recurve Bow as it builds into all of the remaining items (Kitaes, Ionic Spark, Wits End, Lightbringer) giving you maximum flexibility. Except of course the last situational item Frozen Mallet.

Depending on the team composition of your enemies select from those four items accordingly without taxing your gold per finished item total. With a recurve and you current items you still have two items slots available. I like ionic spark for the hp and the magic proc every fourth hit. So grabbing the Ruby Crystal and a Pick Axe gives you more hp and damage and flexibility. So if no one on their team is very tanky or has a lot of hp yet you can get the Ionic spark first otherwise I recommend that you finish Kitaes first.

Wits end is a later game item to help you with those pesky mages as they tend to seem op late game.

And only get Lightbringer if they have invisible champs like Shaco, Akali, Twitch, Wukong etc. Also, i should note that you should generally get Lightbringer as a substitute for Ionic Spark and sometimes even before you finish your Kitaes if necessary. Beliee me it makes a World of diference.

Finally the last situational item which is expensive and detractd from the build greatly. Frozen Mallet. This item I added purely for the extra HP and the slow to help me kite champions that do not have a distance closing capability. The extra health is the primary thing here. DO NOT grab the Giants Belt first ever for any reason. The reason being is if you follow the above suggestions you will already have the Ruby Crystal for Phage and it makes it sort of a quick fix kind of item wihtout spending too much gold out of your build.