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League of Legends Build Guide Author Namanigav

Kayle - The Supporting DPS

Namanigav Last updated on July 28, 2010
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* Editted due to patch + a few suggestions *

This is the very first build I've ever put on this site, and I do so only in the hopes that I may get either positive or negative feedback to help me grow as a LoL player. I haven't played the games tons, but I feel like I've been playing long enough to finally piece together one of these bad boys. With that said, let's move on to the star of the moment: Kayle - The Supporting DPS

- Pros -
: Very survivable, even without defense based items :
: Good burst damage :
: Perfect team player - healer, dps, slows and saves all in one character! :
: Of course the best pro of any character, fun to play. :

- Cons -
: Very mana hungry - fixed by clarity :
: Knowing you can heal, admittedly, can sometimes lead to greedy, failed turret dives. :
: CCs are not your best friend, but that's with most characters. :

The Game

In the beginning...
A health potion, well, just because they're gonna bring one; and you might as well save a bit of that mana for dps'ing, and boots for early game. In my experience, laning with anyone that has a good stun or snare provides great results; but luckily, you're kayle, and laning with anyone is definitely possible. I, personally, don't attempt anything fancy in the beginning. Watch the brush, farm minions, and harass the enemy with reckoning anytime any of them get close. (Side note: always choose the target that doesn't have a means at which to get their health back without the pot. Silly to waste your mana just to see them get it back. The exception is lifesteal items. Can't really help that.) Farm farm farm until you have enough gold to go back for your berserker boots, which will definitely help you put in more hits with righteous fury which is, in turn, more harassing and farming

Killing early game...
While I'm not the best at this, it's not something I've never been able to do. Surprisingly, it worked the best with paired with one of the most downplayed characters on LoL: Evelynn. Any character that can stun or snare definitely works; and the setup is simple. Level 3, all skills learned - have you partner setup a timed snare or stun and open up; and you quickly move in with reckoning + righteous fury to double up damage. Quickly heal yourself (for the speed boost) and hunt them down for a potential early bird kill. In my experience, this tends to work a good 75% of the time. Just something to try. If you don't want an early kill, like I'm sometimes feelin', just hang back and farm. :P

Mid Game
Yay, time for mid game. I'm not entirely sure about what the exact definition of mid game is, but I'm sure it's right around the time a team begins to send gankers from one lane to another - or towers really start getting pushed. Typically, this seems to be around level 9-10 for me. (maybe I'm noob, correct me if I'm wrong). Regardless, by now, a mejai's is definitely obtained. I know some people don't like snowball items, but I'm definitely not one of them. Potentially, mejai provides the best bonus in the entire game - providing you can get assists and kills, and let's face it, you're Kayle. You'll be getting kills and assists. Dying, well, that happens when you make a wrong play. I know I don't play anywhere close to perfect, but I can easily manage to keep around 10 stacks at the very least. Still a good amount of AP, for a very cheap item. Regardless, depending on the amount of farming you've been doing (hopefully LOTS) and kills you've obtained (maybe not too many, but you've got some assists!); you can either have or be obtaining your rageblade. Put simply: rageblade makes kayle rage on enemies. Try not to ever be alone at this point. You're the supporting dps, not a die hard tryndamere intent on the path of glory.

End Game

The game's down to those last clutching moments, in which the next few deaths determine the winners and losers - if neither team has a fed xin zhao running around, at least. ;x You should have rageblade by now, because you're just getting those kills in - or at least, even if you don't have those items, it's because there's a heavy dps there snagging all that gold; in which case, hell, you've got it good anyways. Regardless, try to get nashor's, because the CD reduction and attack speed are going to put you over the top on enemies. Toward the end of the match, easily, you should be scrounging up gold to make you truly the most pesky member of your team - the crystal scepter. And then, you're ready. Play the role of Kayle - the Supporting DPS by throwing annoying reckonings at anyone who dares get close to a teammate, healing those who need it, and throwing your ult out on those unlucky teammates who get targetted. In a team fight, your role is to slap on righteous fury and pummel the opposing team with your flaming sword in one hand, and a ball of reckoning in the other - throwing out the heal or ult save when a teammate needs. Overall, in the end, Kayle can easily be a character who makes or breaks the outcome of a large scale team encounter.

Overall, I've recently been getting more and more into this character, and just thought I'd share what I thought made for a very fun experience on LoL. Please comment and rate, I'd really like some feedback - positive or negative, it will definitely help me in the long run.