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Kayle Build Guide by plybuba

Kayle, The Winged Killer

Kayle, The Winged Killer

Updated on September 20, 2011
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League of Legends Build Guide Author plybuba Build Guide By plybuba 6,653 Views 2 Comments
6,653 Views 2 Comments League of Legends Build Guide Author plybuba Kayle Build Guide By plybuba Updated on September 20, 2011
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Hello all, I'm PlyBuba and this is my best build for Kayle and I just want to share it to everybody because I have seen many players that are not that good with Kayle.
Even if this build may look pretty suckish, It's not, and I can almost guarantee that if you play this build you will end up beating almost everyone on 1v1 and even in 1v2 situations.
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For runes I use:(Mark of Malice): I run those Marks on Kayle because it can give you an edge at early levels and some very good damage output once you get the Phantom Dancer.
(Seal of Evasion) I use Dodge Seals on Kayle because it can give you the edge on some fights.
(Glyph of Potency) I run AP Seals on Kayle because it can drastically improve your damage output.
(Quintessence of Potency) I use this Flat AP Quintessences for more damage output when using your spells.
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As for the items, I usually start with an dagger, then I get Boots of Speed for Berserker's Greaves.

So the items are:(Berserker's Greaves) I think this boots best fits Kayle because it gives some attack speed that you will need in early and mid game.
(Malady) I personally love this item, It's easy to get, It gives AP and a good 50% Attack Speed and let's not forget that it shreds the target.
(Nashor's Tooth) I like to get this item early on because of it's CD reduction, good AP and Attack Speed.
(Will of the Ancients) Ok, I find this item better than Hextech Gunblade because of it's low cost + team support.
(Morello's Evil Tome) I get this item because of its CD Reduction + Very good AP. You can getDeathfire Grasp instead if you want, but I still prefer Morello's.
(Phantom Dancer) This is the last item I get in a game, it really puts your Critical Chance in to use and it makes you unbeatable on 1v1 battles.
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Summoner Spells

As far as Summoner Spells go, I use:
: Clarity because of Kayle's mana problems at early stages.
: Exhaust to help you when things aren't going your way in a 1v1 fight, or when trying to escape someone that is faster than you or vice versa.
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Skill Sequence

Because of the Cooldown Reduction gained from the items you can use Righteous Fury as basic attack because it will have an 9.6 sec cooldown.

So as far as the skill sequence goes just use E-Q-W. And so on.
When in team battles don't forget to attack the player that you attacked with Reckoning.
As for Intervention use it when you are low on health, or when in team fights use it on a High-DPS ally rather than a tank, or use it on the main target of the enemies attacks.
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Kayle is a very good starting character because of Righteous Fury and it's AOE Damage.
When early in game you can easily keep even a ranged enemy at an certain distance and farm more minions than him (I sometimes even play mid and do good).

If you want an High-Dps Kayle this is a very good build.

Please try this build and give me feedback about it ^^.
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League of Legends Build Guide Author plybuba
plybuba Kayle Guide
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Kayle, The Winged Killer

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