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League of Legends Build Guide Author Lvx

Kayle: To AP or not to AP? & why AD rocks (graphs incl.)

Lvx Last updated on July 29, 2010
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You can find my other build and ideas as well as calculations about maxing out other champions potentials here:
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Not pretty much new ideas, but a glimpse behind the game mechanics...

You won't learn that much new stuff about Kayle here afterall. I suppose that you know how to play her or - if you have never have played her before - at least will realize from the skills (rightous fury on lvl2, low armor) that you are supposed to play as defensive as necessary, harassing (very effective!) ranged.

Real stats
First of all, the above mentioned stats are - once again - wrong. That's based on two effects, as first the calculation does not take into account Kayle's passive (30% AD -> AP, 15% AP -> AD), and second the base HP is wrong as well. It's 418 + 93/lvl, which is 2.092 in total, not 2.175.

You will find all stats, including HP, mana, AP, AD... in this calculation, it's the build to the left:

Just have a look on those stats yet. We will come back to the other values, colors and marks in a minute.

Summoner spells, masteries, runes
The summoner spells are left to your discretion, depending on your preferences. I like exhaust as a second support / escape mechanism espc. for the blinding effect. You might as well change it for any other spell you like. It's not vital to Kayle.
Same with ghost: I choose ghost for the +40% movespeed over 15,5s (with blessing it's 52% over 10s) as it will help with chasing, evading and roaming the map. You might as well take teleport - it will fit in better if you are going to play more defensive.

Mastieries are 9/0/21 as we like the cooldown reduction, regenerations, and exp/gold bonus. You might as well go for 21/whatever. That will give you a little bit more dmg afterall. But as the +5% bonus affects all kinds of dmg, it won't have any effect on the differences between the three builds (remember the graphs from above) that we are comparing below.

Runes: Magic resist for a reduction of dmg / magic dmg around 50% each. Dodge speaks for itself, if we dont get hit we dont even need reductions.
The rest is crit chance, as we wont get crits to 100% by items, so crit dmg would be wasted. Same with ArP, +25% dmg in average due to crits will have more effect (see my Doc Mundo build for more information on ArP vs crits).

Comparing the builds - AP, AD, or AP/AD?
Here comes the vital part of this build: the comparsion of AP-Kayles to AD-Kayles and their hybrid sisters.

Lets have a look on the above shown graps once again.
AP-Kayle first.. she shines in matters of AP, HP, heal(!) and the green dot at the end of the graphics, which indicats the splash dmg from rightous fury.
Sadly... we dont focus on heal, as we are going to deal dmg and not to support mainly. AP might be fine (with a rylais and some armor) for a tank build. For our purposes we see, AP isnt worth the expanses it would cause...

So what about pure AD? Pure AD builds will give you still 250 AP, which is enough for a 330 HP heal by divine blessing. Nice for some supporting afterall.
In terms of damage you can easily see, that the AD-build outnumbers all alternatives by far. Even the splash dmg is slightly higher than with an AP build, as its formula is:
28 + 0,3 * AP + 0,4 * AD.
The con of this build is, that you have to get along without the 650 bonus HP from rod of ages.

A hybrid then? To my opinion? Yes!
You will deal less dmg than a pure AD build would do. No discussions about that, you are less dmg efficent. On the other hand, you have more HP and a 35% more efficent heal by divine blessing (450 HP every 10s is quite nice).
The effects on your splash dmg (12% less effective than with an AD build) is not that big, compared to your loss on direct target dmg (23%). But we will use the splash dmg for farming and as a sideeffect during tower pushing anyway, so it's okay.

"Okay I got it so far, no pure AP build on Kayle... but what about crit builds?"
The main detriment of crit builds is, that your dmg comes by crits: but crit dmg is no base AD so it wont get you any bonus AP due to Kayles passive.

I made you another graph, an alteration of the one from the Doc Mundo build, showing the dmg Kayle would deal with a pure crit build:

The emenies armor is calculated with 0, as I did the same for the comparative calculations in the first graphic.

This items will give you +165 AD, so you'd be stuck with 49,5 AP. Dont suppose to make big bucks with that...