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Kayle Build Guide by IRON WIBOWO

Not Updated For Current Season

This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author IRON WIBOWO

Kayle- Unnoticeable TONS OF DAMAGE

IRON WIBOWO Last updated on April 6, 2012
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Not Updated For Current Season

The masteries shown here are not yet updated for the current season, the guide author needs to set up the new masteries. As such, they will be different than the masteries you see in-game.



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Hey guys, welcome to my Kayle build. This build focuses on late game damage whilst greatly easing the pain of early game struggle many receive when playing Kayle. I use this build on Kayle as it can play many different vital roles at any time. For example, the main purpose of this build is creating a sustainable large damage dealing fighter, but Kayle can immediately play support with Intervention, Divine Blessing and Reckoning.

I've put a lot of thought and time into making this build the best I can, so please spend time to read it through

Please feel free to leave any comments and suggestions to improve this build.

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Pros / Cons

- Deals a surprisingly large amount of damage
- Usually not focused in team fights
- Great support during critical moments (armor/MR shredding, slow, heal, speed buff, bubble)
- Sustainable for the whole game
- Can play carry, fighter and support in the one build

- Lacks early game damage
- Doesn't purely play one role
- Often unnoticed by team mates when providing valuable assistance

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9X Greater Mark of Alacrity (15.5% Attack Speed)
Typically, most builds will choose armor penetration or magic penetration. However, Holy Fervor alone will ensure enough penetration. Attack Speed marks will help you at all stages of the game, especially early game, allowing for easier harass and farm.

Greater Glyph of Focus (5.85% Cooldown Reduction)
These runes are probably your major runes. The 6% cooldown reduction they give are invaluable at all stages of the game. It greatly helps you farm early game, and when combined with Nashor's Tooth, Randiun's Omen and masteries, total cooldown recuction is 39.85% (40% being the CDR cap).

9X Greater Seal of Resilience (12.6 Armor)
These runes will also help your sustenance early game, becoming more durable with great synergy withMercury's Treads andWit's End.

3X Greater Quintessence of Swiftness (4.5% Movement Speed)
Kayle isn't up there in being the quickest champions in the game. Movement speed runes will boost her to over 400, allowing for greater maneuverability and zoning. Extra movement speed will also help her in the case of ganks. For example, if you and your lane partner are ganked by an enemy jungle, you would use Divine Blessing on your ally, ensuring both player's safety, without the movement speed runes, the player without Divine Blessing will have a far greater chance of death.

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3X (Boots of Speed & 3X Health Potion): The typical starting item is either a Doran's item or Boots and 3 pots. I prefer the boots as it helps with maneuverability and dodging skill shots. Also, Kayle's abilities except for Reckoning don't scale well with AD and AP, and in this build Reckoning is leveled last.

(Mercury's Treads): These boots are amazing on Kayle, they give her great sustenance in the early game laning phase and valuable Tenacity late game.Berserker's Greaves are also a good choice if you're not having a hard time laning.

(Wit's end) is my first main item because it has a little bit of everything to help you lane early game. MR for sustenance and Attack Speed and On-hit damage for farming and harassing.

(Heart of Gold): I quickly get this next after Wit's End for two reasons. Firstly, the 250 bonus health will greatly ease Kayle's early game difficulty, and the Gold per 5 will make up for any creep kills you were likely to have missed.

(Nashor's Tooth) is my next core item. This item is my personal favorite on Kayle, as it gives a little bit of everything you need as Kayle. Quite of lot of AP for both damage and healing. Attack Speed for damage, farming and her passive. 25% massive cooldown reduction to keep you constantly active in team fights and keep Righteous Fury active at all times bringing its cooldown under 10 seconds. Finally, a lot of mana regen so you wont have problems for the rest of the game.

(Madred's Bloodrazor) comes next. With this item, you won't have any more trouble dealing damage. As soon as you pick it up, you will notice a massive increase in your damage output with it's on-hit effect and increased Attack Speed. It's armor is also handy against those hard hitting AD's

(Will Of The Ancients) might seem like a strange item on Kayle. However it works extremely well on her. The 80 AP increases both her damage and healing, and the spell vamp gifts her life steal with her auto attacks with Righteous Fury. The spell vamp will also keep her healthy, allowing her to use her heal on others whilst supporting her teammates greatly.

(Randiun's Omen) sounds like an odd choice on Kayle, but is perfect for those tiring long games. Purchasing this will greatly beef up Kayle with health and armor as well as give your team the leading edge in a team fight. With this being your last item, your build The 5% cooldown reduction will also max out Kayle's CDR. By the end of this build, Kayle will have an even balance of good MR and Armor, have a large damage output and supports the team well.

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Skill Sequence

(Intervention): Like most champs, Kayle's ulti is her priority to level, at 6, 11 and 16. Not only does it greatly increase it's duration, but the cooldown is also greatly reduced.

(Righteous Fury): I level Kayle's [E] first to help her have a good farm. Taking a point in level one will also help you put a few hits on your enemy if you're lucky.

(Divine Divine Blessing) comes next as it will help you survive whilst leveling. Increasing the heal as well as movement speed buff can be extremely handy.

(Reckoning): Many players will level her [Q] first because of its damage and harass ability. However, I choose to level it last as it will not help you farm or sustain your lane presence. In addition, the slow duration or percentage is not increased when you level it, so leveling it last is my preference.

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Summoner Spells

(Ghost) is my first summoner spell. I like it because it ensures my safety when being chased. Often you realize Kayle's Ult, slow, heal and movement buff don't always save her from death, so use ghost to allow your escape.

(Exhaust) is my other summoner spell for Kayle. It synergises well with Holy Fervor during fights and also helps Kayle's early game struggle when being ganked or near death.

Flash is also a good choice if you like the wall jump, however I prefer Ghost as it covers more distance.

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Because Kayle lacks early game damage and composure, it is difficult/important to get a good farm. Do not try to kill creeps when Righteous Fury is on cooldown as you will end up being harassed. The best way to farm early game is to last hit when your Righteous Fury is active. You will notice sometimes minions being killed when you're [E] is on cooldown, it sucks, but there's nothing you can do about it. That's why I chooseWit's End as my first main item, because it is relatively cheap, gives valuable Attack Speed and on-hit damage to greatly increase your farm rate. After you purchaseStinger on your way toNashor's Tooth, farming should be a breeze with Righteous Fury being active 100% of the time because of Cooldown Reduction, and it's splash damage also killing minions.

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How To Use Intervention

I usually use Intervention on whichever team member is closest to death first, kind of like Tryndamere with his uli, only you can use it on other players. Either this or on a teammate to secure a vital kill. Many players also use Intervention to tower dive. This is ok, however I recommend not doing this until level 11 as until then, Intervention can only block 1 turret shot.

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Skill Rotation

At the start of a team fight, I would already haveRighteous Fury activated as I have 40$ cooldown reduction. I will usually use Reckoning only to slow enemies chasing allies or to chase enemies unless to secure a kill when I know my teammates cannot. I use Divine Blessing in three scenarios. When an ally requires healing and Intervention is on cooldown, help allies escape, or help allies chase down enemies attempting to escape.