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League of Legends Build Guide Author True Sparrow

Kayle: Wings of Justice

True Sparrow Last updated on December 18, 2010
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A simple build, this guide focuses on utilizing Kayle's hybrid nature by creating a cost-effictive item, rune and mastery build around Ability Power and Attack Damage with Attack Speed and Mana Regeneration while maxing out Cooldown Reduction.

If you are unsure about any terminology or gameplay elements mentioned in this guide or other guides I would suggest visiting the League of Legends Wiki or League of Legends Learning Center.


Kyle was the first character I wanted to play after reading the descriptions of (what I thought was) his abilities, finding him to be very balanced. Of course I found that, aside from the fact the he was a she, Kayle's balance begets some difficulty. One part tank, one part support and a flair for DPS, Kayle is a classic example of "Jack of all trades, Ace of none."

If you're expecting a more focused character you should look elsewhere, but Kayle is a versitle team player. She can lift your team to victory on her Wings of Justice! (A little corny, I know.)


For up-to-date information about Kayle's abilities, visit Kayle's Official Page.


A ranged attack with a relatively low CD, this spell damages, slows and weakens your target to your attacks. I give a priority to leveling this ability above all others except for Intervention. If taking a beating early on, Divine Blessing should take priority over Reckoning.

On squishy characters, this ability can harrass early game and I always try to follow it up with a swipe or two with Righteous Fury. This "1-2 punch" is my bread and butter of attack. It hits harder than some players think it will. AP also factors into this ability at a respectable 80%, so it hits harder and harder given you continue to buy AP (or AD items, given her Innate) items. Reckoning increases base magic damage considerably as it levels, unlike Righteous Fury, making it a better choice to prioritize early.

Lastly, the 25% slow combines with Divine Blessing's speed boost nicely, widing the gap in a retreat or closing the distance in a pursuit.

Divine Blessing

AP factors into this ability at 50%, limiting its healing power. Towards the end game, having built several AP (Again, or plenty of AD) items, it does heal rather well - just not nearly as well as a Taric or Soroka would. Nevertheless, do not underestimate it! The 12% speed boost it grants may not seem like much, but it is noticable. Paired (as mentioned) with Reckoning, this spell can really help out.

With Intervention, Divine Blessing helps save an ally in peril. A little health and a speed boost with invincibility is usually enough to save someone unless they've in over their heads - then you don't want to waste it. More on that later.

Righteous Fury

Kayle's AP and AD factor more into this skill than the base damage of the spell. Think of it as extending your regular attack and adding some magic damage, most of which comes from your AP (1/3), rather than the ability itself. So Fury gets stronger as you increase AD and AP, more than increasing the level in the ability itself.

You'll want to unlock it though, as it fits well (as mentioned) with Reckoning and allows you to attack turrets and kill minions at range. Don't worry about the splash damage hitting enemy champions near their turret, causing the turret to attack you - it won't.

Fury does both physical and magic damage, meaning the physical attack can Crit. The magic damage won't increase, the but the physical chunk of the attack will hit at 210% or 260% (see Items), increasing splash damage as well.


Kayle's Ultimate ability. Seriously nerfed early on, it can still turn the tide of a team fight. But it is damn hard to use well, especially when your team does not understand the power and limits of Intervention.

Playing with friends via LAN in the same room, Kayle is a goddess, swooping down to grant immortality . . . but with some random players you'll meet, you'll become the tempermental demi-god wasting your powers. Most of the time they simply don't understand the power of Intervention, the other team or maybe even themselves.

"Why didn't you save me?"
"Because the ENTIRE other team would have killed TWO people instead of ONE idiot."

The best advice I can give with Intervention is to play Kayle alot, and with the same people/partner if possible. Saving people and turret diving is more intuitive than stopping a focus at the opening of a group battle. Which by the way, is awesome. Five characters wasting all their abilities in a flurry of power, all for nothing to happen, is hilarious. Especially as your team, still ripe with all of their abilities, crush them.

Timing is everything, lagg and teammates with delusions of grandeur are your enemy. Be patient and learn to forgive/forget idiots, and it will come.

Holy Ferver

"30% of Kayle's attack damage is added to her ability power and 15% of Kayle's ability power is added to her attack damage. "

This passive really speaks to the hybrid nature of Kayle, and really makes the items in this build work (especially Gusinoo's Rageblade). Once more, Rightous Fury is itself an offensive extention of this passive ability. It all works together . . . a great passive.


Thanks to the math of guides on this website, I have come to the conclusion that Kayle would benefiet most from armor penetration for Marks.

Glyphs and Quintessences are designed to allow Kayle to hit the Cooldown Cap (40%) with the purchase of only one Cooldown Reduction item (Nashor's Tooth). This is very important - Kayle with no cooldowns, Kayle with 25% cooldowns and Kayle with the max 40% cooldown is very much a different Kayle playing experience. With max cooldowns Kayle can activate Rightous Fury right as its 10 second duration ends, meaning if you've the mana, you can basically keep the flames rollin' - turning Kyle into a hard-hitting ranged character with splash damage! Of course making people invincible more often is a plus.

Currently the third Quintessence (you only need two CDR/lvl to hit 40%) and Seals are set to dodge. As of yet, I have failed to see a more benificial set here. Man/lvl is useful but dps Kayle is pretty weak in defense outside Intervention, so I really feel the dodge is the best. Think of it like a 10% reduction in physical damage. Handy!

Yet, each statistic these runes enhance need the paired masteries to complete themselves. The Seals need "Evasion" and "Nimbleness" to add the synergy with dodge while the Glyphs and Quintessences need "Sorcery" to hit the Cooldown ceiling solid.


Aside from the combinations between Evasion, Nibleness and Sorcery, I feel my mastery selection is pretty straight forward. 21 points down to the bottom for offense as I let Kayle's natural health and armor statistics take care of the defense while I fill in the offense for some hopeful beatdowns. I am especially drawn to raising my critical strike damage with "Lethality." The magic penetration of "Archaic Knowledge" and armor penetration of "Sunder" help Reckoning and Righteous Fury hit harder.

Defense is rounded out with the remaining 9 rather than Utility as I've found the additional dodge, mixed with the additional speed boost it grants, to have aided in many a retreat - more than a little mana-regen from the Utility tree. I've little trouble with mana past the early game (something I solve with my first purchase and spell choice anyway).


Spells are a funny thing, most players have their favorites, and honestly if you like the spell - you'll probably do better with it. My personal favorites are Flash and Teleport. However, Clarity improves Kayle significantly, especially early game - so I'd suggest it. I know alot of people love ignite and exhaust, and if you're good with them, go for it. Personally though, as a support, I find teleport invaluable. Saving both teammates and turrets - as well as joining into a team effort to push - make teleport my choice. Kayle is really a team player after all.


The listed items create the core of my build, but are not the end! And of course, I do not buy them all at once. Here is my typical build order:


Meki Pendant & 2x Health Potions


Finish the Meki Pendant into a Fiendish Codex & buy Boots of Speed

Finish Boots of Speed into Boots of Swiftness (Or Other) & Begin/Finish Stinger

Finish Nashor's Tooth & buy a Pickaxe


Finish Gusinoo's Rageblade


Begin/Finish a second Gusinoo's Rageblade. With two Rageblades, you will recieve a stack from both any time you activate an ability or attack. The stacks do not add more AS or AP and still have a stack limit of 8, but you will reach full stacks at 4 ability activations/attacks instead of 8. Imagine this: Divine Blessing Self (2 Stacks), Reckoning (4 Stacks), Righteous Fury (6 Stacks) and attack target (8 Stacks). You can hit full stacks in about 1 second!

Generally the first three core items (Nashor's Tooth, Boots of Swiftness, and the 1st Gusinoo's Rageblade) are to be finished by, or soon after, the 25 minute mark. This usually isn't a problem unless your getting whooped up on or your team is whooping up on the other team and you're too busy killing them and their base to bother killing creeps/buy items.

If you are having trouble doing this, you may want to consider focusing on farming a little more. Try to jungle the easy monsters when you can. And don't be afraid to use Righteous Fury to farm minions! Just be aware of your mana situation. I would not suggest going below the amount needed for Intervention, unless you need to or feel confident you won't need it soon.

After the core is complete, including the additional Gusinoo's Rageblade, I consider filling my last two slots with some of the next items listed.

Last Whisper & Black Clever will shed armor and add DPS punch. Typically used against armored opponents.

A Phantom Dancer & Infinity Edge will bump your Critical Chance to 60% and your Critical Damage to 260%! Of course these two are very expensive. It is common when going for these two that the game ends before I finish them both. However, unless vs. armored opponents this is a great addition. Lots of power here . . . when every other Righteous Fury attack is a Critical Strike - it hurts, it hurts alot.

Ryali's Crystal Scepter & Zhonya's Ring grants more health (which is helpful in staying in those big battles late game w/o self Intervention) and Ryali's Crystal Scepter's slow is great for Rightous Fury and Reckoning. The slow does stack with the 25% slow of Reckoning as of the writing of this guide. Using the Ring's active ability can extend your Intervention by two seconds if timed well on yourself. Of course, your AP should be considerable, increasing Magic Damage and healing all around.

I prefer to support my teammates whenever possible, unless situation dictates (don't feel too bad mid-late game to go farm). I tend to also return to base whenever I can purchase a chunk of my build after early game has ended rather than sit around with loads of cash. I'd much rather have a substantial boost to my stats, and I just Teleport right back out anyway.

I love the one-two punch of Reckoning and Righteous Fury. It hits harder than most players expect, but be careful - you're no die hard DPS'er. But at least you won't ever be called op for playing Kayle, lol.

My deaths are usually the lowest, my assists the highest but my kills usually not the highest.

I used to go for Deathfire's and Hextech and try and nuke people, but I had much less staying power in the team fight. With this build, things are much more balanced and I find myself killing turrets more often.

Of course I feel there are better characters . . . Kayle can be tough, especially when your team does not understand the power and limits of Intervention. When playing with friends via LAN in the same room, the character owns . . . with random people its mixed.

My main complaint is she is so slow and seems to get stuck in minon groups really easily, glitching back and forth - very frustrating.

Anyway, my rambling is over . . . this is of couse a work in progress.