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This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author RitsuX

keep rolling, rolling, rolling.

RitsuX Last updated on May 24, 2011
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Not Updated For Current Season

The masteries shown here are not yet updated for the current season, the guide author needs to set up the new masteries. As such, they will be different than the masteries you see in-game.


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i bought vayne day one, and as most know she has damage out put but is very squishy. so i found when i buffed her early game survivability, and got fed that my late game squishyness didn't matter because they only way i was getting killed was from getting cced. so after having much success with this build i decided to share it with you guys.

If your just going read my build, and down vote it without trying it please leave because i dont care for your opinion, if your not going try it.

as well as if you just joined today and have like 2 posts, you opinions will not be taken into consideration, I ask you kindly to please gtfo.

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Pros / Cons


  • great damage output
  • great chaser
  • the ability to make players qq lol

  • glass cannon(squishy)
  • mobility is **** when running from enemies
  • useless if cced

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ok my standard normal game runes i run APR reds, Attack Speed yellows, CDR Blues, and APR Quins.
now for ever ****** that doesnt get that i added, Armor yellows, and magic resist blues, and health quins, that what i use for ranked, because in ranked you wont be facing noobs who dont know how to focus the squishy dps, you'll be facing people that want to win especially mid elo.

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early game

so to start you want to grab a dorans sheild and head either top or bottom maybe even mid if your comfortable with your vayne skills, other wise mid can be tough(until you learn to last hit and harass at the same time.) and start with silver bolts(this gives you great harass because at low levels when people see one stack on them selves the usually run back, if not once the realize they have 2 stacks it will be to late and they either take the 20+4% of their max health or run back.

At level 2 you will become more dominant for the simple fact that now you have tumble, and you can now ensure that you will always proc silver bolts. this means that either that in order to farm they have to take damage or back off, if there stupid and don't back off they will become an easy kill(especially if you only last hitting creeps and keeping the wave out of turret range or mid lane, meaning they will be over extended,that compiled with your passive means they wont get away.) Continue this process and rake in the gold, and at evel 6 you should have 1.5k just farming minions and 1.8-2k with 2-4 champ kills(not the champ kills wont always be that high early game, my number is purely theoretical, based on what i have done, and seen players do.)

so at the end of early game going into mid game you should have boots and a B.f sword(big boost for your q)

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as any good player knows last hitting minions is a must. I can't tell you how many times i see noobs play champs that are item dependent senselessly auto attacking creeps and trying to rely on kills to build, then qq about ks "i need to build dont ks." Vayne is an assassin and rely's on kills, but having a great farm helps so much especially if you're having a ****py early game.
the enemy team will be wondering "how you got fed" and start qquing uncontrollably

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mid game

since vayne is an assassin at level 6 you want start ganking, this is a big part of what playing an assassin champ means. Always make sure you tell the lane when you're coming, I've seen so many ganks fail, because vayne's will come into lane unannounced, but most of you are gona say "learn to map awareness noob" but most people don't do it. so with that being said always pay like your team is ******ed especially in solo que ranked and unranked.

Keep ganking, and farming till you get enough to finish Black cleaver and ionian boots of lucidity, this allows you to attack often( quicker w procs) and be able to spam tumble more. at this point if your not getting focused, and cced you should be getting fed because no one is going to be able run.

by level 12 you should have black cleaver,dorans sheild, ionian boots,sheen and if your really fed maybe even phage going into late game also known as team fight stage.

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ganking/tower diving

although vayne is squishy, she is still a great tower diver. with ghost flash and her ult it will be cake walk.

so when chasing ans tower dive only do it with ghost ult and flash up so you can get in kill and get out with out dying( never dive 2v1 or vs a champ that can stun slow or fear) below i will name champs that you can easily dive against.

Champions to dive against

  • akali
  • Annie(if stun is not up)
  • evelyn(make sure to keep attacking so she cant stealth)
  • gangplank(id he used he his ult already)
  • himerdinger(just tumble away from concision grandades)
  • janna
  • master yi
  • miss fortune
  • sivir
  • sona(if ult is not up)
  • sorakka
  • vayne(be careful not not to get pined to the wall)
  • warwick(if suppresion is on cd and he low on mana because other wise he cn just kep quing as you chase giving tower time to kill you.)
so again be careful when tower diving, and always have good map awerness, if you see one or more are mia dont dive because chances are their team is either hiding in a bush just past turret, or on their way to kill you, and if your playing against a team with shen, try and time his ult. so right after he uses it, at max level his cd is 120, with great map awareness and timing you should have no problem destroying his team with in the cd timer.

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late game

at this point vayne's build is pretty op and can do awesome damage but we're gona keep farming as much as possible before team fights break out so we can get our madred's blood razor, and finish trinity's with those two items there will be no one who can stop you.

and remember since you are squishy wait for the tank to start the fight and stay at the back of the group since you are ranged, and make sure to tumble from side to side so that you don't tumble into range of melee and their tank.

alright now its time to team fight, i cant stress how important it is to not start the fight, you are not the tank!

with that being said, the best way to start a fight is to be hiding in the bush and let them think its a 4v5 and that they can win, usually when they see the 4v5 the'll commit, start bu ulting and tumbling in(for stealth) open up on their squishiest champs leaving tankier champs for later.

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so all in all vayne is a great champ even after her nerf, and in all honesty i was waiting for it because i wana show that shes a great champ nerfed or not, and that if you cant kill her you just suck at countering and probably think all champs are unbalanced.

**on a side not if someone can pm me and show me how to do item , spell icons,and mastery icons so i can do an in depth itemization guide and spell rotation guide, that would be awesome. because i would like to finish up this guide.