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Pantheon Build Guide by Barrier

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This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author Barrier

Keep your pantie on ladies!

Barrier Last updated on October 13, 2012
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Not Updated For Current Season

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This guide is one I decided to make up while playing Pantheon and it seems to work extremely well. I have been playing pantheon ever since I can remember and I recently wanted to try something new on him. I always just build an ie bt and ga on him and got some tanky things after. I wondered why it didnt work sometimes so i decided to just try out something new. This is my first guide so I hope you like it!

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How to play

Pantheon is a champion that excels at early game combat and if farmed and fed enough he can become a late game monster with great urvivability as well as devastating burst. Pantheons spear is his poke throughout the whole game. Pantheon needs to be aggressive early game and reeps great rewards from it. You can easily poke the other top laner with your spear shot until they are low enough for you to spear throw into a stun and then ignite for first blood. and if that didnt get them continue to follow them and wait for your spear to go off cd. Most of the laning phase you stay aggressive even if fighting two people because you will be way higher level then them. im not saying to dive their tower but stay relatively lively in your lane. When you have your ult you can help gank other lanes or when you base you can use it to initiate a fight in your own lane with full health and mana. When the game changes to team fights youre gonna want to try to coordinate with whatever tank is on your team to initiate with your ultimate. This ultimate is devastating if executed correctly and can possibly be a turn around in a team fight that has already begun. While in team fights use your stun to get close to the carry and mow them down with your combo.

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Item choices

You rush brutalizer first because it is a cheap way to make your early game damage explode. It has ad cdr and armor pen which helps pantheon greatly with his poke and duels in early game. Make sure if youre keeping your lane pushed that you buy wards. I left the second level boots up to you, you can go for the cdr boots if you want strong harass, the armor boots if they are ad heavy on the enemy team or youre losing your lane, or mr and tenacity boots if they have a low of crowd control because pantheon can get easily destroyed if cc'd to hell since he is a caster after all. I get zeke's herald because it help you tremendously in lane phase as well as team fights and it puts you at 25% cdr with the brutalizer so your spear shot is only on a 3 second cool down. The ga is important to get quick if you are being focused since pantheon is very vulnerable to that even though hes really tanky otherwise just get a phage before spending your money on the ga.

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I go with flat at marks and quits so that his early game is even more traumatic. I go with 5 mana/5 seals because you dont need all of them if you dont blow your whole combo every time you poke. If you just spear shot whenever you are able to and mainly combo when initiating a fight then you should be fine manawise. and then 4 armor seals to finish it off just for that little extra tankiness. The mr per level glyphs because by the time team fights start they will have caught up and mabye surpassed the flat mr glyphs. mr isnt necessarily needed even if they have an ap top, which is rare.

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I go with the sort of standard offensive tree, picking up ad and summoner's wrath in the first tier, the armor pen and crit damage later, the life steal for some lane sustain before building zekes, armor pen and then the final point in executioner because pantheon IS an executioner :)
I pick up 2 points in armor in the defensive tree just for that added tankiness top lane and then go for mana/5 in utility because pantheon is mana hungry!

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You pick up spear shot at level 1 then at level 3 you should have all 3 abilities, your e will help you farm creeps but your stun may help you get an early kill especially since you get ignite. Continue to level your spear shot for more added harass and pick up your ult and upgrade it when its available and now you can gank other lanes or quickly return to yours with a bang. at 7 you level HSS because it is a necessary ability for pantheons sustained damage in a duel then max out your spear shot then your HSS. Lastly you level the stun since the stun since it doesnt ever get longer and it scales off ap anyway.

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So I hope this guide helped. It was my first guide and I enjoyed making it. Good luck to all you spear chucking Mantheons out there and try out this build next time you play. It won't disappoint unless you don't like being a manly man that can 1v5 with 6 pairs of regular boots. have a good day