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Kennen Build Guide by thePIGinHD

Not Updated For Current Season

This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author thePIGinHD

Kennen AD/AP The 3v3 guide to kennen (updated 20/8/12)

thePIGinHD Last updated on September 10, 2012
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ad kennen


ap kennen

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Not Updated For Current Season

The masteries shown here are not yet updated for the current season, the guide author needs to set up the new masteries. As such, they will be different than the masteries you see in-game.



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hello eveyone my name is thePIginHD or just thepig i dont really care for names anyway onto the build. AD kennen is alot of fun to play because he is small fast and a ninja . whilst these things come easily there is other stuff that doesnt which are getting fed ... to get fed your postion on the map before the teamfight or just a 1v1.the perfect postion will be later on in the guide. AP kennen is beast that burst of your q,w,e,r is just so powerful because your marks effect is that they get stunned once this happens you can just finish them giving up to 2 or 3 kills in on fight

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AD kennen runes- the runes i chose for kennnen are armour and attack speed. the armour is important so you dont get focused in team fights and the attack speed is for getting that crazy damage down then people will run and you can chase

AP kennen rune - the runes i chose for kennen here are ability power attack speed and magic resit because when you are in lane you are squishy s omagic resit counters this attack speed for the marks and ap for that little more power in the teamfights.

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AD kennen masteries- kennens masteries are 21-9-0 these are the standard AD masteries I chose them because kennen is nearly a normal AD but in some ways not really because his squishy self and over need for attack speed

AP kennens masteries- kennens masteries are 0-9-21 stantard ap masteries because kennen burst is very strong but other aspects of his game are weak etc his health is very poor

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AD kennen -kennens items revolve around attack speed so you get your marks down quicker and use your damage to your advantage with this ending up being able to solo dragon etc in team fights you will be focused that the point of the phage for that little bit of tanky AD into your game

AP kennen - kennen AP items are nearly stantard except for the malady and nashor tooth because these give attack spped aswell as AP giving the best of both worlds

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these rules are the same for AD and AP kennen .

whilst kennen is in lane make sure to farm like crazy or you will fall behind early game unless ganks etc help you get some kills .early game avoid bing ganked or ganking yourself simply because its a waste of time and losing out on farm . you should aim for around 150-200 farm a game , this may seem alot but with all the attack speed and damage you should be fine and easy to get

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Summoner spells

AD kennen spells- ignite and flash . flash because it standard and if you are getting chased it helps you get away and out of ganks keeping you alive for that little bit longer and ignite because if you need that little more damage to kill them this is the thing for you because it hard to stop and does quiet alot of damage early on

AP kennen spells- heal and flash. flash because it helps you get out of mid lane ganks on 5v5 and top lane on 3v3 easier kepping you alive and continue to farm and not die .heal because kennen is squishy and helps regain lost health alowing you to stay in lane and keep working on your level and farm

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Pros and cons

PROS - kennen is a pro champion
- he does alot of damage
-fun to play
-not op but easy to play
-can pretty much play anywhere top, mid and ad
-he is a ninja

-easy to kill
-hard to get his stun
-requires alot of farm
-seems weak in team fights
-get targeted alot

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Team work

if you are playing the ad carry as kennen make sure your surport has a knock up, pull,snare or stun or heal etc blitzcrank , alistar janna, soraka sona all perfect surports for kennen . with any of these surport kennen can come forward and land his damage also if the surport has boosts etc nunu kayle this will help him aswell

If he is playing mid make sure for the jungler come for ganks alot so you can kill and get ahead on kills and farm try to stay in lane so you can stay ahead in lane never go in first for those team fights

If he is playing solo top quick more tanky items and take armour pen runes and a last wishper and try to stay in lane

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thank you for reading my guide i hope you rate it up and leave a comment .summary of the guide ... kennen is a high damage champion that needs farm and kills to play to his best if he is feeding you will lose because he can hold a team together and break one apart .keep in lane to do better and farm like *** please i beg and have fun playing him .better promise that or i will kill you lol i joke --___--

dont forget to rate up and leave a comment <3 see you soon ...