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Kennen Build Guide by magee101

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This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author magee101

Kennen ADPC (Mid/Bot Lane)

magee101 Last updated on February 13, 2015
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Not Updated For Current Season

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Threats to Kennen with this build

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Threat Champion Notes
Ahri Ahri can be pretty dangerous but your q has as long of a range as hers, the only advantage is that hers slides through things and yours stops on the first enemy minion/monster/champion hit, so you need to be a little more selective on when to try and go for it. You can be hard to hit with charm while buzzing about with your E, and if you see her foxfires come up you can get out of range of them quickly. Since you can cast your abilities while in E, you can use it to chase her when she jumps away and do a quick Q, W combo if she already has one mark of the storm on her to stop her in her tracks and maybe net the kill. Do not engage with your ultimate on Ahri unless you know her spirit rush is down, otherwise she'll just blink out of range and kite you.
Quinn A pretty decent ADC, her blind can waste your passive 5th shuriken. You can keep up with Talon (her ultimate) if she's still in combat when she switches with your E ( as well as apply a mark) so that you can stun the bird and kill her. Her blind and your Q have similar ranges so try to get her to throw her blind before you go in for the Q shot, though you could always just Q, E and run into her while blind, then W and stun lock her while the blind wears off.
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Hello everyone, this is an unconventional build that I've found works really well in normals. I do not suggest it for competitive (ranked) play, stick to other Kennen guides for that.

I'll be going over what I've noticed about Kennen's performance with this build, a little bit of strategy on some of the champions I've faced so far with the build, and also bare with me because this is my first guide!

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Pros / Cons

- Mobile champion that can kill champions that have boots when he has none
- Easy stun cc that you can proc on multiple enemies at once with a little practice
- AOE ultimate that does a decent chunk of damage and procs his passive marks
- This particular build is hard to build resistance against since you have both decent AD and AP damage

- Squishy champion that gets killed in the water with the slightest CC
- Can be out-bursted if you're unable to land your Q reliably
- This particular build has a decently strong early game, falls off a little mid-game (unless you're well fed) and generally isn't able to face dive a team like pure AP Kennen can.

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Flash - Always take it, even though you are mobile, you cannot jump walls like some champions can (such as Nidalee's cougar form or a katarina shunpo) and taking flash allows that little extra surprise. It also allows you to be aggressive if you see they have two marks on them and low on life, trying to run away, flash can easily bring you in range of W for the stun and then E to catch up and get in range of auto attacks to finish them off while they're stuck.

Ignite - I take this in mid-lane since most other mid-laners carry it and can help you secure that early kill or scare off an enemy jungler that comes to gank.

Heal- I take this when I play in bottom lane, allows you to survive a few more auto attacks when dueling with the enemy adc and possibly giving you time to get off a stun and finish them off, also the speed boost with a well-timed E can get you far away from any danger should you be critically low on life when a jungler ganks or you have a long range adc (Like Caitlyn)

You can use other summoner spells if you so choose but I find these two depending on the lane to be best.

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When it comes to runes I just go with the basic burst mage template, AP in your quints and glyphs, magic pen in the marks, and then flat health in your seals since you get more from +72 health than you do +9 armor. If you are playing bottom lane you could use your adc runes however since W has such a long range (and all your abilities scale off AP) it is best to go with mage runes for the early damage and kill potential.

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Skill Sequence

I always start with my Q since it allows for long range harass if you can zone the enemy behind their minions, and can make farming really easy. However since Q is a skill shot and W has the same (maybe even longer) range I max the W out first since it can get you that long range stun easily or pick up the kill from a fleeing low life enemy more reliably.

I worry about E last since the movement buff stays the same across all levels and you are mostly using it to either put marks on a squad of minions to quickly burst down with W or getting another mark of the storm in a duel for that stun.

A key thing to remember about Kennen's E is that you can continue to cast abilities while in the lightning ball, however you cannot autoattack. You can end E prematurely once you've got that mark on them to return to auto attacking, or stay in it a little longer to get some distance between you and your enemy before you switch to auto attacks. Never sit still while in E since you can't auto attack and you're just becoming an easy mark for skill shots or enemy autos.

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Kennen is really great at farming especially once he's level three. Throwing a Q resets your auto attack, so you can potentially have three shurikens flying through the air at one time (auto attack, q, auto attack). Since you can apply marks on minions and monsters, buzzing around a creep wave with your E and then slapping down W can quickly decimate the entire wave, and if the enemy is in the wave you can get some poke on them as well while farming.

One thing I also do is line myself up so that I can easily hit one minion with q while I am auto attacking another, you can last hit a minion, throw a q at another low minion, and then with that reset auto attack last hit another minion very quickly.

I focus my q on farming early game unless I have the enemy pushed back far behind their minions and I can stand between them and their own creeps.

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Unique Skills

Some tips a tricks I've found with Kennen's kit is discussed below.

Passive - Mark of the Storm, every fifth auto attack Kennen applies a mark of the storm on an enemy, as well as all of his abilities applying a mark. Once three marks are on a single enemy they are stunned for a few moments and Kennen gains 25 energy. Since the energy gain is per enemy, you can actually get your energy bar refilled quite quickly if you manage to get your stun off on multiple people at once.

Q - It goes over walls but is stopped on the first enemy minion/champion or neutral monster. It is great for checking bushes because it has a decent range and if you are familiar with when it should disappear at the end of it's range you can tell if it has hit someone. Since W does not need vision to be cast, you can potentially get a low life enemy with a blind Q into a bush for the Mark of the Storm and then slap down W and pick up a kill with absolutely 0 vision.

W - Reminiscent of Force Lightning from Star Wars, Kennen's W can be a devastating blow and has a decently long range. A downfall is that it only hits enemies that already have a mark of the storm on them so when used for farming to try get as many minions as possible with your E buzz by before shooting it off. It also thankfully applies a Mark of the Storm, so if the enemy already has two and is trying to run away, a quick W slap down can stun them up and give you enough time to get in range for the killing blow (Via a Q or auto attack)

E - This is where Kennen gets all his mobility. Activating it gives you a very decent speed boost and makes your hit box smaller against skill shots. It can be used to engage, run away, or even in a duel for that extra Mark of the Storm. Also great for farming in conjunction with W. You can activate it again to end the ability early. You cannot auto attack while in the lightning ball, however you can cast your abilities. Downside is that it takes a huge chunk of your energy to do, so if you are spamming your other abilities without getting any stuns off, you might find yourself unable to escape or catch up with a fleeing target at bad times.

R - Slicing Maelstrom - An AOE lightning storm that strikes a random enemy every .25 seconds (.5 seconds if there is only one enemy within range). Each time it hits someone it applies a mark of the storm, which can lead to a quick and easy stun lock of multiple people if you are able to Q one person, use your E on another, and even a third if you manage to get a 5th shuriken off before hitting W. Your ultimate is great for duels since if there is only one enemy champion they are always going to be hit by it, but try to only use it when you know they are going to be stuck within its range.

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I'll come back around to this and add in more as I continue experimenting with the build. Kennen has become a really fun champion for me to play and with this build I've been able to dominate normal games without too much effort.

One thing about this build on Kennen is you have to be more selective on your positioning and don't be afraid to lock yourself into an auto attack battle once you've got a couple items since the rage blade's passive gives you more life steal and you can get a quick W off to lay down some extra damage when it comes off cooldown.