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Build Guide by Frizer#1161

Not Updated For Current Season

This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author Frizer#1161

Kennen - AP build

Frizer#1161 Last updated on November 12, 2010
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Not Updated For Current Season

The masteries shown here are not yet updated for the current season, the guide author needs to set up the new masteries. As such, they will be different than the masteries you see in-game.


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Utility: 21

UPDATE II: Haunting Guise replaced with Hextech Revolver in the guide description, and Will of the Ancients has been added, Sorcerer's Shoes has been added as a secondary choice instead of Boots of Swiftness, in the description, But only if you REALLY want it :).
UPDATE I: Haunting guise replaced with Hextech revolver. Will of the ancients added(upgraded from hextech revolver).

TS-> Thunder Shuriken
ES-> Eletrical Surge
LR-> Lightning Rush
Ult-> Slicing Maelstrom/Ultimate
can manage endless harassment due to energy source
while enemy champions have 2 marks they always stay at far range(=less exp for them early game)
can end up with a huge damage output endgame if given the chance.
loads of stuns!(due to marks)
One of the fastest champions in LoL
Your energy has run out whenever its most important to have some.
youre often targeted first in team fights because youre squishy and annoying.
an odd ultimate that seems to be as random hitting as gangplank's, without the global bonus.

Mark of the Storm.
Kennen's abilities add Marks of the Storm to opponents. Upon receiving 3 Marks of the Storm, an opponent is stunned and Kennen receives 25 energy.
This is what makes Kennen such an annoying opponent. if you ever want to kill someone, you HAVE to get marks on them to stop them from running.

Thundering Shuriken.
Kennen throws a lightning shuriken to a target location, dealing damage and adding a Mark of the Storm to the first enemy it hits.
This is like your most important spell, you should use it whenever its ready if you can. Use it as an opener when you've targeted someone you wish to kill. Use it to harass, which is why you should max it first! this also makes kennen able to last hit even if the enemy(ies) in the lane hits hard and you cant get in auto attack range.

Electrical Surge.
Kennen's weapon becomes charged every few attacks, dealing extra damage and adding a Mark of the Storm on his next attack. (Active): Surges electricity through all nearby targets afflicted by Mark of the Storm, dealing damage and adding another mark.
If you hit an enemy champion with TS, you should try and follow it up with ES, it will make them run away in fear for you to get the third mark(but if you actually wanted the third mark you could easily get it ofcourse :P). you can use this for many other things too ofcourse(provided you already have marks on your target(s) )

Lightning Rush.
Kennen turns into a pulsating ball of lightning for several seconds, gaining 230 movement speed and the ability to pass through units. Any enemy unit he passes through is dealt damage and receives a Mark of the Storm. Upon hitting the first enemy, Kennen gains 40 Energy. Half-Damage to Minions.
This is your Chasing/Escaping mechanism, you can also use it for farming if used together with ES, and when you have Haunting Guise you can use it(with ES) to regain health. remember, you can run straight through units while this is active too. If you put your eyes on someone to kill, you can use this straight after TS if TS did or did not hit, if it did hit you can use it to get in range to use ES, and/or get up next to your target(adding a mark on them). If TS didnt hit you can use it as soon as youre close enough to touch them with LR and use ES afterwards, they will often turn around and hit you, because they follow the tip "Kennen is flimsy by nature - turn around and attack him if he gets careless with Lightning Rush", this gives you an opening to use your TS(this counts if they run too because they will be too close to be able to dodge). And yes usually TS will be off Cooldown in time. In other words, LR has VERY many uses.

Slicing Maelstrom.
Kennen creates a storm of shurikens and lightning around himself, summoning down a powerful energy bolt to a nearby enemy champion every half of a second. Cannot hit the same Champion more than three times. A Mark of the Storm is applied to enemies on the first bolt they are hit by.
You will find you will spend alot of time with your ult on Cooldown, as its sort of situational, you can often get a kill off if you are in mid as soon as you hit level 6 because your opponent doesnt expect it to hit as hard as it actually does while youre at lvl 6(EVEN IF YOURE ONLY CARRYING AN AMPLIFYING TOME), you can use it in a different combo too in team fights, but you might want to wait to use this combo till you got guardian angel. You LR straight into the middle of the enemies and lay a mark on everyone, then use ES, and finish off with your Ult(causing them all or several of them to be stunned, and not to forget take alot of damage!).

Skill Usage/Tips:
Your TS can be thrown right after a minion dies and hit the champion that stands behind it, as the shuriken is made this small!(refering to Kennens /Joke).
Like said as LR Description, using LR+ES can be used to kill and entire wave of minions(Late game - End game)or leave all the minions weak enough to be one shotted with auto attack(Mid game).
ALWAYS throw your TS when its up when laning, just in the direction of enemy champions, it doesnt matter if they dont stand there anymore when it reaches that location, you made them either move away or behind their minions(which means they think theyre safe there), if the case is they move behind their minions, you can, if you want, LR right through the minions, and touch the enemy champion, followed by ES, and then stun them with TS, that scares the hell out of them and they would run to their tower(Maybe) or maybe even port home. They might attack you if youre too weak to survive them. Sometimes that means you can kill them with your Ult(only at lvl 6-8 ish).

Most AP Kennens pick Amplifying Tome to start, some pick Mejai's soulstealer, some pick Hextech Revolver, as Amplifying Tome can be made into both of them. I pick Hextech Revolver, as i often go mid, and spell vamp makes me able to stand in the lane alot longer than my opponent, even if theyre using lifesteal(because they cant lifesteal if they cant get in auto attack range and you CAN make sure they dont).
Afterwards you want to get Boots of Swiftness, or Sorcerer's Shoes, if you really prefer them.
Then you want Mejai's Soulstealer 'cause at that time you can scare other champions away if mid, or kill them(unless youre having an unlucky/bad game).
If you already started ganking you might want to pick Mejai's Soulstealer before getting Boots of Swiftness.
You should then start making your Rylai's Crystal Scepter, it doesnt matter which item you make first, but whenever youre home(whether its for healing, dying, or buying) you should buy an item(if you can). Rylai's is useful for Slowing down your enemies, and its easy to slow them with TS, and then keep them slowed with ES(and then followed by TS, because theyre often too slow to be able to dodge it then), VERY useful item.
After Rylai's Scepter, upgrade your Hextech Revolver to Will of the Ancients.
At this point you got many of the more important items, now you can decide if you want Guardian Angel, or Zhonya's Ring first. You should get Guardian Angel if the enemies are trying to get you killed, or if you got a 20 stacks Mejai's Soulstealer, as then you cant afford to get killed. get Zhonya's Ring first if youre getting killed all the time anyway(been focused on the entire game...) and the Revive every 5 min doesnt matter. So only get Zhonya's Ring first if the Match really sucks(if you actually got this far in the build in a sucky match, then it must be a really even game or something).

NEVER go headfirst into a teamfight, straight into the enemies with no good reason(which means unless youre gonna use that combo mentioned earlier, as an example).

Worst enemies: This may be edited.
Taric: his stun can ruin it all for you if youre trying to escape or kill.
Ashe: Her Enchanted Crystal Arrow's insanely long stun makes you an easy kill.

Notes: Me myself is lvl 20(Summoner Level), the above runes/mastery is what im GONNA get.
The mastery is important to note that the Offensive masteries should be done first(if youre below lvl 30 summoner level) the spell penetration is THAT important.
Some loves Cleanse and I've considered getting it instead of either Ignite or Teleport but those two are just too important(for me). So you can get other Summoner spells if you like others better, Exhaust might be a good choice too, if you pick exhaust you should put the crit chance mastery into that instead. if you dont get teleport you shouldnt put the mastery into teleport either.
Some may question why i maxed -time spent dead, that is because all other utility masteries that Kennen can use is already picked and the leftover masteries requires mana, or a certain summoner spell.
Remember, I NEVER said you would own everyone and this and that, and if i did, then you shouldnt take it as true, maybe i feel I own, it might not be so in your case.

This is my first build on this site. I use many other Builds on this site especially HeAt's and DEWO's, so you should check them out!


Please Leave a Comment, Criticism is fine too, but please, if you dont have anything else to say than "your build sucks because mine is better" then you shouldnt comment <.<