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League of Legends Build Guide Author AMURICAA

Kennen Hybrid & Max DMG - Fear the Lighting (Guide in P)

AMURICAA Last updated on February 16, 2013
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Hello and Welcome to my Kennen Guide.
Orginally I'm from Austria so don't mind if there are some mistakes and my spelling and so on :).

This Build & Guide shows off how I like to play Kennen, I play him at Top Lane or Mid Lane. This build works pretty good for both lanes.

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  • 9x Mark of Magic Penetration -> for enhanced damaga dealing. In combination with Sorcerer's Shoes and Void Staff at End Game your enemies Magic Resist will be reduced to a worthless minimum. :)
  • 9x Seal of Scaling Health -> as expierecend Kennen players will know, Kennen is quite squishy so we chosse Scaling Health to max out our health pool.
  • 9x Glyph of Scaling AP -> for the beginnig we have enough AP 'cause of our Masteries and Quintesences, but we need to keep our AP rising so we take Scaling AP.
  • 3x Quintesences -> Kennen takes most of his Power out of his AP so we take 3x Quintesence of Ability Power with us to start with a good AP pool :)

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Masteries are focused on Cooldown Reduction, Magic Penetration, Scaling AP pool and an enhanced HP pool.

Like I said Kennen takes most of his Power out of his AP so we don't need Amor Penetration or Attack Speed.

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Pros / Cons


+ Herrasing Pro

+ Quick & Easy Stuns

+ Easy to learn

+ Energy User (Advantage in early game laning)

+ Better HP Pool than average Kennen

+ Flipping Ninja ! :D

- Less Armor & Magic Resist

- Slow champ

- Needs to be in melee range for Slicing Maelstrom

- Afflicted by Law of Inversive Ninja Strength


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