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Kennen General Guide by LastDreamy

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League of Legends Build Guide Author LastDreamy

Kennen - Hybrid Spark

LastDreamy Last updated on January 1, 2012
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Not Updated For Current Season

The masteries shown here are not yet updated for the current season, the guide author needs to set up the new masteries. As such, they will be different than the masteries you see in-game.



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My First build finallly !
Happy to see myself on a build, i'm a fresh player to League of Legends, playing for about 2 months now. One of my favorite character is Kennen, and i tried many fun things with him, it's about having fun isn't it ? This build is one of my favorite, because it's funny to play and can be really good when well played.

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No AP Kennen ?!

Yes...and no. It's not full AP, playing a Full AP Kennen is powerfull but not fun i admit it. This is a build about a Hybrid/AS Kennen (AP/AD/AD). Kennen has a lot of potential from his basic attacks and his W. If you see the description, you get 80% of your attack damages on your 5th attack, isn't that interesting ? Combine that with a good attack speed, you get free stuns everywhere, and also a good AP for your skills.

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- Great harass early game lane like mid
- Great escape...
- Great combo
- Great range
- Easy stuns
- Easy farm E/W and AS


- Squishy, very squishy
- Get focused on teamfights
- Depending on team
- ...but still can get CC

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I have not much to say about Masteries, you don't need armor or support they won't help you really. Offensive masteries gives you lot some AP early game and nice Attack Speed (kinda).

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- Magic Penetration -

Every "mage" should have those runes

- Attack Speed -

I don't give Kennen any survivability since he's too squishy to count on runes or masteries, so i prefer to add some attack speed with my items.

- Ability Power (Level) -

Why Level ? Seriously you prefer 3*9 AP at level 18 or ~9 AP early game ? Waiting worth it.

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Summoner Spells

- Flash -

An amazing skill, got nerfed but still very usefull in jungle for braining or anywhere where you're in danger. The unique problem is the CD, but you should be able to have it everytime you're in reel need.

- Ghost -

Another amazing skill, able to escape with your E as fast as lightning and better CD than Flash. But still, it's not flash, you know what i mean.

- Ignite -

This is a pretty interesting skill. Helpfull in many situations, we all once said "Damn if only i had ignite i would be able to kill him". Sometimes Kennen can fix that with his Q and finish the job, but still he's not god and i think that Ignite is a must have spell.

- Exhaust -

This is NOT a skill for Kennen. You chase, you stun, you even slow with Rylai's, you just don't need this spell.

- Cleanse -

A whole team on you ? Stuns, Slows ? This spell is for you.

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Skill Sequence

: You begin with your Q. Try to maximise it first, it's your main source of damage and it has 2s CD on level 5 for maximum harass early game like late game.
: As you get your AD in mid/late game, you won't need it's passive fast. This skill is a great farm skill combined with E. Maximise it after your Q.
: Not a real source of damages, lightning rush is an escape skill and a great skill for AoE marks.

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- Core Build -

You obviously need magic penetration since there is no such item in the build, and movement of course.

Your main source of health. It has a lot of AP and a pretty nice passive, why should we avoid it ?

This items gives you some good AP and AD simultaneously, but what is the most interestring is it's passive that gives you up to 32% attack speed while attacking !

Gives a lot of AP, a LOT of Attack Speed and CD reduction that put your Q at 2 seconds for maximum harass ! A must have.

Pretty surprising huh ? Well i'm not really fan of this item on Kennen, but you obviously need a source of AD and some attack speed to add.

The ultimate item, if you have it you're a god on the battlefield. His passive will help you every 2 seconds, like your Q's CD, isn't that beautifull ?

- Other Items -

This item gives you AP and AD with some spell vamp, pretty usefull while farming or in a teamfight. It's active combined with Rylai's gives you a perfect chasing or escape/brain strategy.

The best AP item, gives you a lot of AP but that's all, you can use it instead of Lich Bane.

I personnaly prefer this item than Rabadon on Kennen. This gives you enough AP and Armor and has a nice passive combined with Kennen's ulti, you cannot be focused on teamfight.

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Team Work

There are a lot of situations when your Kennen can help much !

- You are ganking, you can use your E to rush the opponent and stun him, making an opportunity for your mate to kill him.

- You and a mate are escaping from an ennemy, you are able to stun him with your Q and W helping your mate and yourself to escape.

- Engaging a teamfight, you have one of the greatest ulti ever and do AoE damage while your teamates kills the others.

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Early Game

Early game, you begin with your Doran's Shield. You have the possibility to go mid or even lane. In fact that lot of people want mid, just go lane you'll see it's even more fun than middle. In lane like at mid, you're able to harrass opponents with your Q and making your mate push as hell. Once you collect your 3 skills the stun is really helpfull for yourself like your mate making everything easier. The funny thing is that you can, as a carry, finish a lot of luckers from distance or even try to kill them under their tower with Q. Remember, as a squishy character you'll always depend on a mate early game.

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Mid Game

By now, you should have Rylai's and Guinsoo. Farming is now easier and your stun comes more often. Your ulti can now open many teamfights, or even help 1vs1 why not ? Ganking is a great idea but remember to stay on defensive and not reach opponent's jungle without a mate or you'll get killed easy. With your great attack speed your are also able to push turrets, mid or lane turret should be destroyed by far now. Your stun and ulti makes you impossible to tower dive without getting kills.

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Late Game

While you're doing your 2 last items, your are powerfull enough to survive some ganks and kill a lot of champions 1vs1. Your stun is the main fear for opponents and you have a great attack speed. If someone tries to gank you, use your Q and some skills to stun him, stay on range and use your passives/actives to stun/slow your target as he can't melee you. Your good attack speed will provide you more stuns and your skills more damages for a certain kill.

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Many people will find this build very strange or even useless but... why not just try it ? It's not a ranked build but i assure you that you'll get more fun with a build like this than an full AP Kennen on Normal. Many stuns, nice farm, great damages with attack speed, Kennen can be a great Hybrid Carry feared by a lot of people. I hope this first build won't be ignored and that people will try it to see how fun it is. Thanks for reading !


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