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Kennen Build Guide by Anubis6969

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League of Legends Build Guide Author Anubis6969

Kennen Monster! Whooaahh!!!!

Anubis6969 Last updated on November 24, 2011
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Not Updated For Current Season

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Hello guys!!!
This is my 1st kennen build.
Lets talk a little bit about kennen. Hes a yordel a ninja and the heart of the tempest, hes lighting fast and is a stun monkey with amazing power. I fell in love with kennen the moment i saw him i saw his aoe and his stuns and ult and i was at awww it was so freaking awesome. Kennen was the one champion i adored and i just kept playing him cause hes so fun and i use multiple builds but i like to share the one i use the most. I call it the Kennen Monster!!!!

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I pick the same runes at Saintvisous they are pretty decent but its 9 armor seals 9 magic resist glyph's 9 magic pen marks and 3 questences of ability power. What this does for you is it gives you a stronger early game agesnt pretty much anyone rather magic damage or physical damage is your enemy and it gives you a boost in power with the marks and quentences.

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This mastery page is ment for late games. Can you see what i'm doing runes early game mastery late game. :) Anyways moving on, this mastry page is late game its ment to help you servive all those Crowd controls and damage out put while trying to keep your up there with the magic pen. Its great and it helps me stay in lane alot longer with the health regen.

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I build a basic build for kennen i pretty much can take this build into any game rather its rank or normals I tried spell vamp but that only works good for mid game early game you don't do enough and late game i feel a lack in power with spell vamp items. This is a more pure build for AP and magic resist while serviving a focus down fire attack that would normally kill you. I switch rylai's cypter, for moonfire spellblade, if there is **** tons of cc but i get Hourglass, deathcap, sorc boots, and levi, just about everygame along with Aybissel cypter.

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Skill Sequence

I max out my W 1st because i love auto attacking for contenous harassment Then my ult and my Q and lighting rush last witch is my E. This works if you pay close attention to your sheruken count and hit them with a CHarged sheruken then W right away after its great for her***ment.

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Summoner Spells

Ignite flash or ghost exhuast if you don't know why well stop reading this. lol

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Ranked Play

Play hardcore don't let up off your enemy get as many kills as you can and support your team with your stuns and ult best you can. Don't let whatever lane farm any creeps and don't push creeps get last hits only!!!! keep auto hitting the enemy champion for charged sherukens and W. Buy wards to watch your *** if you are rdy to get ballzie to land some champion kills use lighting rush to get away never use it to get to the champion unless you know your not gonna get CC or ganked.

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Pros / Cons

you are squishy this is a heavy gold build and it requires you to not die a lot and be everywhere on the map in every team fight you can be in. Make your presence known so they will start to focus you. Make sure you have enough life to do damage and use your hourglass or your dead. If you can not get away from cc moonfire spell blade make sure you are using HOURGLASS HOURGLASS HOURGLASS i can't say it enough lol. Tanky teams seem to not die so fast with kennen and he falls short in dmg on them best bet is to kit them and stun lock them untill you get a harder AP carrie or AD carrie to help you other wise just run and lock down. You are not a tank but you can start fights with your ult if your fast enough and your team can see what your doing and are willing to react fast enough to help you. hourglass for cdr and lighting rush out and spam W and Q often.