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Kennen- Purple Hybrid of D00M

Kennen- Purple Hybrid of D00M

Updated on February 7, 2011
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League of Legends Build Guide Author Trump Build Guide By Trump 8 3 10,639 Views 5 Comments
8 3 10,639 Views 5 Comments League of Legends Build Guide Author Trump Build Guide By Trump Updated on February 7, 2011
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2/7/10- A few item changes to build

Alrighty, first of all, don't judge a book by its cover. Just because you don't regularly see a madred's bloodrazors on a Kennen doesnt mean it wont work. Ive been working on this build for some time. And truthfully, this is my favorite Kennen Hybrid build so far. I tend to find builds made by other people in Mobafire and use it or edit it, even if its a pretty big edit. I'd feel horribad if I were to make a build on Moba if almost all of the rights belonged to the one I took the build from. If you don't like the build, critisize, but don't HATE!

Me as a Summoner:)
So to know me, I am not of the highest elo. I mean, I can win in ranked matches when I have my tryhard face on and my team doesnt screw up. But you must first realize that I tend to play normal games for now. That will probably change soon though. I play a bunch of different characters. Mainly consisting of fighters, mages, and assassins, but I am not afraid to go support or tank unless if I suck at the character or completely hate the character. This area of players pretty much fits 50% of the League of Legends population hahaha! So, I'm not too different than you guys. I love to just have fun when playing, even if a lot of the time, fun is WINNING along with hangin with friends in Ventrilo and Skype. The community for League of Legends tends to be very bad because of the anger held when death arrives to ones character, but hey, there are still some cool peoples out there:)

Let's Get Down to Bussiness (I don't got no time to play around, what is this? :D Eminem<3)

Why Hybrid?

AD- Great 1v1 Damage output. Truthfully not needed tho, in my opinion, if anything, go AS for the more stuns because that 80% of attack damage bonus is just like a yi's seventh attack does 2 attacks. it like having his passive only every 5 attacks and not as much damage. AD and AS tend to be more squishy than AP and Hybrid. Although with AD and AS you can usually get more farm time if you grab some lifesteal. AD/AS is still fun though, so try it out with someone elses build (or mine if I ever post an AD/AS build for Kennen)

Hybrid- Allows for good 1v1 and good AOE damage. Not as much AOE as AP and not as much 1v1 as AD/AS. I like having my damage output to be good somewhere in the middle between the two. I have tried other Hybrid Kennen builds and I find them to be pretty good but I always strive for something better or that more suits me. And here it is haha. With the correct items, Hybrid is usually less squishy than AD/AS and AP. Then again, ive seen some very nice builds for both AD/AS and AP with great survivability.

AP- The best in team fights due to AOE damage. Not the best 1v1. I play AP quite a lot too. And if you havent found a good AP build for Kennen you must be crazy cuz there are like 10 on this site! Can die very very fast if you do not have the right build so be careful when choosing items.


Early Game- Grab a Doran-s Blade/Doran's Shield/Long Sword (depends on who you think you will go up against) and Grab Mid Lane or a lane with a partner if you can't get mid. You have the ability to 1v2 but you are pretty squishy until later on and you dont have Teleport (unless you switched it in) so I dont reccomend doing the 1v2 lane unless you know what you are doing completely. Remember you don't have mana so harass and farm with your abilities as much as possible. To harass, shoot "Q" as much as possible at them. Make them feel like your agressive when you really just want to harass. If you see that they are trying to go for a minnion with low hp for the gold, don't let em. Scare them. Make sure you last hit. All the damage you do to a minnion only gets you closer to more xp which you wont be striving to need if played right. Last hits get you gold, the more gold you have compared to others, the better items you have/more quickly better items you can obtain. If you cannot harass with your attacks or shuriken, harass with stuns. Once you get "W" every 5th attack adds a mark of the storm. It will tell you how many you have just above your skills. Also, when your next attack is ready to give that mark of the storm and add the bonus damage, your shuriken will glow lightning. Attack with that 5th attack at an enemy, remember 3 marks of the storm stuns. Also, if your enemy is squishy enough or isnt melee or is low health, etc. you can "E" them and then "W" them to add 2 marks of the storm. Afterwards, shoot "Q" to stun them and do some damage until the stun wears off. Or you can 5th attack them then "E" and "W". Either way stuns. Stay in lane until you have taken out enemy turret or you want to go gank and you are positive you can get a kill with your gank. Or obviously if your team needs you.

Mid/Late Game- Pretty much do what's needed. Follow the item build given unless you realize whats needed instead (cc/mages = merc. tread, AD= ninja tabi and so on) Stay with team, since thats always the best idea. Go for ganks. Watch your turrets. Stay safe. Own some batookey. Don't face check! Baron. Also, if someone is turret hugging, realize the length of your Q. It's pretty dang sweet. I love diving with it.

P.S. If you don't like the fact that I didn't put pictures in this guide, sorry. Haha, I just don't want to ;) Please dealio with it. Thanks!
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Okay so I have never been the best at what runes to buy since I have always just went with whatever sounds the best on a character. I would say go with anything with AP, AD, AS, Armor Pen, Magic Pen, and any defensive runes like my loved dodge and health runes. I usually go with health/AP Quints and AP per level or flat AP/Magic Pen almost everything else.
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:::21/8/1:::- You are not playing a critical strike type of character so don't get those points in them in the offensive tree. It's pretty obvious why you go 21/8/1... Ghost, Ignite, offensive character... a great offense is the best defense... and so on haha but if you want...

:::8/21/1::: or :::9/21/0:::- If you like to be a little more defensive or are more of a cautious person. I always go with this build if going straight up AP. if going 9/21/0 that 9th point is NOT, I repeat NOT in Improved ignite but in improved magic penetration!

NEVER GO IN ANY POINT IN UTILITY BUT IMPROVED GHOST!!! Utility is NOT for Kennen. If you really need that speed and summoner spell cooldown go ahead but I am telling you, it is NOT needed...
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Item Sequence

1. Doran's Blade/Doran's Shield/Long Sword- Depends on who you think you are up against and who you are laning with. If you have a more defensive lane partner who cant do much early game, get one of the dorans. If you have an offensive lane partner get one of the swords. If you think you are up against some DPS that will hurt you get the shield. Never get the long sword if you are doing a solo lane. Almost always Doran's Shield tho.

2. Madred's Razors- Awesome for laning early game and gives you some extra armor to allow for it too. Although this is mainly just to allow for Madred's Bloodrazors later on.

3. Sorceror's Shoes- Magic penetration... duh... hahaha! If you would rather get the Berzerker's graves then that is good too. Berz Greaves, Sorc. Shoes, Merc. Treads, Ninja Tabi, Boots of Swiftness, Boots of Mobility, Ionian Boots, are all acceptable. Really, it's your preference but usually I would reccomend the magic penetration boots

4. Recurve Bow- Attack speed needed for early on leveling and creep killing. Also used for the early game stuns for the kill

5. Rylai's Crystal Scepter- If you would like to go with a more damage-like build get Frozen Mallet instead. But yeah this is for the slows. Slow + Stun = Ganking GOD! Plus by the time you get this your damage output with auto attacks and all of your abilitys will have huge burst damage to secure your kills plus the extra health which is needed since this purple yordle is such a squishy dude when he cant get his stuns up.

6. Guinsoo's RageBlade/Madred's Bloodrazors- Guinsoo's=AP+AD+AS. And it stacks. End of story. Get this item, it's the most used hybrid item. Madred's BR= If your enemies are getting harder to hit with auto attacks already then go on ahead and get it earlier.

7. The other one- (Look towards number 6.)

8. Abyssal Scepter- Magic Resist + Ability Power. I needed something with magic resist and this by far was the best option

9. Rabadon's Deathcap - This makes all of your abilities amazing and allows for the huge ability power side of this build.

Good Items if wanted:
-Hextech Gunblade
-Frozen Mallet
-Phantom Dancer
-Black Cleaver
-Void Staff
-Anything with AP, AD, AS, or anything to deal with that penetration-wise
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Skill Sequence

Order of Importance= R,W,Q,E

Get what you want truthfully. Whatever you think you will need/want to get in your own order.
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Summoner Spells

I prefer Ghost and Ignite... I have tried several other ones but have never been satisfied. Flash is not needed in my opinion. Tried it several times and was never as satisfied as I was with Ghost.



Smite/Rally/Fortify (Leave it to the tanks) /Exhaust (ehhhh... just stun em/slow em)

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Play smart, play well, but most of all just have FUN! I designed this build as a build that could easily get changed by someone's playstyle or how the game turns out. Please tell me how you like this build :) or if you dont like :( but make sure to give me a comment!!! I will be hopefully working on more builds to come such as my beloved Kassadin, Shen, other types of Kennens, Renekton, and more :D

BTW, in order to have a good game I have learned to stay confident, supportive, and happy since it can really help you stay in the game focused and ready. So don't rage. It's something I am still overcoming :)))

-Jake (Trump45)
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Kennen- Purple Hybrid of D00M

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