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Kennen Build Guide by Vichoko

Not Updated For Current Season

This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author Vichoko

Kennen: Stuns, stuns everywhere (mid, lane & solo top)

Vichoko Last updated on December 5, 2011
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Ability Sequence

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Not Updated For Current Season

The masteries shown here are not yet updated for the current season, the guide author needs to set up the new masteries. As such, they will be different than the masteries you see in-game.



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Pros / Cons


    - Heavy CC
    - Heavy Damage
    - Good initiator and finisher
    - Low CDs
    - Easy and fast movement
    - Long range


- Squishy at the beginning.
- Easily focusable
- Requires skill with skill shots
- Low energy

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Welcome to my kennen build, first of all i wanna apologyse for my future grammar errors, im learning english by now, but dont worry, you probably will undertand my guide.

Ok, this guide is an aggressive guide, i promote the active game, so ill focus on increase the damage and CC over the Summoners Rift.

Have fun of this complete guide, feel free to ask, comment or add me ingame :)
Lets continue.

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Kennen, the powerfull ap carry have heavy CC and lots of damage.
Go, practice and win!

Post comments below and feel free to add me :)

So, for a summary we have those 3 portraits in the top of the guide.

The first one is a Solo Mid build.
The second one is a Lane Build.
The third one is a Solo Top build.

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My suggested runes are:

Marks of Insight: Obviously, magic penetration is something that we need for every mage.
Seals of Potency: Okay, here comes the discussion, some builds reccomend hp seals, or even armor/mr, but with this ap base + my solo (mid and top) guides, you'll start with 49 ap, enough to start with 100+ damage of your shuriken in lvl 1. Nice harrass, and sustain: with the next item (extech revolver)
Glyphs of Force: Nice ap per lvl, i dont like potency glyphs, because we have some base ap by now.
Quintessence of Potency: Well this is the same discuss of the Potency Seals, some people recomend hp quintessences, but with this build your base ap will go up.

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Skill Sequence

In this guide, we need to focus in damage and stuns. Kennen damage comes from his q and w, thats his early combo, and his lane harrass combo, we try to not use his e so much (for essepcion of running in a teamfigth or running from a gank), his e need a lot of energy, and we will try to not to give more that 1 point at the beggining, we will go for his q and e.
Thundering Shuriken: So, we need to level up this spell, since riot buffed kennen q scaling, his q damage increased a lot, this is the most powerfull kennen's spell, hard damage and a mark.
Electrical Surge: So we will go side by side with the shuriken, how i was saying, kennen's first combo is q + w.
We need this spell up always as we throw our q, it have nice ammount of damage, put a mark, and the passive will be the key for a successfull combo.
Lightning Rush: So, how i was saying,this spells need a lot of energy to work, using it in a 1v1 will probably kill you, if you are not scaping. This spell is a good spell for scaping and going in. But you will need to know when to use it, so we will give just 1 point, for the lvl 3 full combo.

Silicing Maelstrom: So this ultimate, i love it. You need to keep an eye over the level that your ult is when you use it, becouse it only can hit 3 times the same champion (1 stun), but in level 1, it only hits 6 times, so if you use it in 3 champs, you ill not have the complete stun there. In level 2 hits 10 times, and in level 3 15 times, so you will need to level it up whenever you can.

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Summoner Spells

The summoner spells for this guide are:
Flash: An extra jump to a good initation or a successfull escape.

Ignite: A good finisher, very usefull for early game.

Other spells to consider:

Ghost: I really dont like this spell for kennen. It give you a nice ammount of speed when you use it with you e, but you ill only have this speed for 3 secs that the e lasts, but is an spell to consider.

Teleport: A good spell to easy come back to your lane, to clean other lane, to save a friend or push an empty lane. But my priorities are different, you can run very fast with your boots and e. Leave TP to another teammate.

Exhaust: Good spell to frustate an escape.

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So here comes the seccion i want you to understand the best.
The principal guide that i've put in the header is just for a classic game, if you want to know what other items should i get and when, read this.

Core Build:

Now add:

AP Heavy

Abyssal Scepter: A good ammount of MR.

Mercury Treads: If you are being VERY harrased by ap champs, get this item. It also helps you with CC.

AD Heavy:

Zhonyas Hourglass: A nice ammount of armor, very nice ap ammount and a very VERY good active that if you know how to use it, it will help you a lot.


Abyssal Scepter: His passive helps you to break some of their MR, try to get Void staff earlier with this kind of team.

Other items to consider:

Mejais soulstealer: I really dont like this item, but if you know how and when to use it, will give to you a good ammount of ap.

Boots of Swiftness: Nice ammount of speed, really really good for kennen. But you will lose some magic pen that you will need, some people get the next item for that magic pen.

Haunting Guise: Some ammount of hp and ap, and some magic pen for those who dont get magic pen boots.

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Early game: Early farm for kennen can be a bit slow if you dont know how to do it. Last hit minions with auto atack and with q. Dont worry energy regens fast, dont try to harrass your oponent too hard (mid), if you are in top, try to stay close to your turret and last hit from there, and wait for your jungler to come and make a successfull stun combo, that we will see later. If you are laning, try to last hit and zone your oponent to deny some experience. But you will need a lot of farm to finish your build, go for golems, wraith or wolves for some extra money (if you have a jungler, ask him first)
When you are level 2, you can successfull make your first stun, wait for your 5 hit, and put a mark over your oponent, throw q and w, and you have 1 stun. After that keep farming...
In level 3 you will have you will have you easiest combo, e+q+w, or q+w+e, this is a good stun to a successful gank from your jungler. Always farming, remember.
Ok you are level 6, you have your ult. By now you should have yor complete boots and the revolver. So in mid you can now kill your oponent, poking him to have his 50% hp and go with this combo:
W passive - E Active - W active - *stun* - Q Active - Ult - *stun* - ignite

Mid game:
Go with your team, gank. Remember this, your ult cd is low, USE IT. Try to keep farming, get blue, nice cd redux and energy regen, clean the jungle, get dragon and stick together with your team, kennen can be a good carry if it used correctly so try to not die in mid game and farm.

Late game:
So you are in late game, you have finished your build or you are finishing it, try to have always the blue buff, get the blue elixir and spam shurikens, you will have like 1 second cd, high damage and long range, so go and take some damage. Try to get baron, if you have it you will have nice extra ap, if they are taking it, dont try to steal it. So kennen-s role in this part of the game is to take some distance damage, and stun. Look, if you are pushing they will be probably in their turret, so you cant init like a dumbass down the turret if there is no a tank blocking it, so i recommend go over the trees and spam shurikens and electrical surges, if they init or your team init, dont think twice and make the combo and win.

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The early farm comes from your Q and your auto atacks, in mid-late game you can easily farm with your E and W, putting a mark in every minion and then electrifying them.

The early farm is a bit slow, so you need put all your attention on it, to get a successdul game.

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Solo Mid:

This chapter i will explain how to successdul mantain a mid lane:

So we started with ourand with a potion, with this item and with the correct runes and masteries, you will start with 49 ap.
This is to last hit with q correctly and poke a bit your oponent, just focus farming, you will need to rush to have a good lane sustain and farm a lot. Farm, farm and farm; if you do this correctly you will unleash all your kennen power later with your and .
So how i was saying in the playing section, try to save your ingite for your full lvl 6 combo to kill your oponent, you will need to poke him to 50% of his hp before to init a 1v1 against him, you will probably win the fight if you do it correctly; try to mantain your lane, i dont like ganking other lanes becouse you lose too much farm and experience, leave that to your jungler. If you have mid, take advance of it!

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Solo Lane:

Okay, if you have a solo lane agains 1 champ, you can do it the same way that the mid lane, you dont have too much changes.

This chapter is how to lane agains 2 champions.

So kennen is very squishy early game, if you die in this phase you will probably lose, you need to take advantage of your extra experience and farm in top. So we will startand with a potion, to farm and protect the turret.
Remember you need to LAST HIT, if you dont do this you will push your lane and they will zone you or kill you, you need to last hit from distance and take advantage of experience.
So now you need to rush the spell vamp of and the for nice sustain, dont forget your , so try to last hit, when the minions aproach the turret go E and W them to clean and save your turret. If the enemy champs try to atack your turret go poke them with your q and w and they will probably fall back, so do this until your jungler come and go and open with your ult and make some stuns and wins there.

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This chapter is for a lane with another champ.

I really dont like laning with other champion, kennen isn't support or ad carry, but lets explain it anyway.

So we start with ourand 3 potions, for a long farm, go last hit, make some stuns, go gank mid (you are fast and have cc, you are perfect to a good gank in mid), keep farming, the farming in a lane of 2 is harder than a solo, you will be low of minions so put special attention on it and give preference to last hit than to harrass your oponent.

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How to successful stun:

So, here is the part who can tell if you are a good ken or a normal one, there i will show what combos can kennen do and the number of stuns that can he make, some stuns will require some skill so dont think twice in go to a custom to try them.

Basic stun:

This is the easiest, cheapest and first stun that can you make:
You will need level 2 to do this stun.
When you are farming, save the fifth autoatack (w passive) and put a mark in your opponent, now shuriken him and w him. You can switch the order of the spells depdending of the situation, so:
W Passive - Q Active - W active
W passive - W active - Q active

Fast Stun:

This stun is the easiest, but is kind of expensive of energy, useful for ganks.
Q active - W active - E ative

Ult simple combo:

This combo is an easy stun, you will have 2 stuns if you aim the last q correctly.
E active - R active - W Active - (Q Active)

Ult complete combo

This combo have his variatons, you need to start with your W passive and your Q because of his low CD, to use it again at the end of the combo. This stun can do 3 stuns in a enemy champ.

W Passive - Q Active - W Active - *stun* - E Active - Ult - *Stun + 1 mark* - Q Active - W active - *3 stuns*

Well the key of this is to use every spell you have, take advantage of your W passive, make your own movements and go pro.

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Updates comming:

I'll add chapters deticated to Solo Mid, Solo Top and Lane kennen soon, im a bit short of time, but i will do it soon.

Thank you for your comments

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12-5-2011: Changed 2 points of Aclarity to Havoc (masteries)