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League of Legends Build Guide Author Tw1XxRel0aded

Kennen Survives

Tw1XxRel0aded Last updated on January 27, 2011
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Introduction - Laning

First of all, if you want to play an AD Kennen (which I wouldn't suggest) then this is the wrong guide for you.

Why not AD Kennen?
Just look at all of kennen's abilities, his abilities are all easy to boost up with AP and he doesn't use any Mana like Master Yi for example. Not even his cooldowns are high enough to play him a complete AD char. The maximum AD which I would give him is Rageblade (if you really want AD).

Kennen Tank?
I have tried playing him as crazy health Kennen by giving him 4 Rylai's which worked out quite good actually but only because of the additional 320 AP. It was quite funny having a Kennen with 3.5k health but a wouldn't advice it if you want to win the game.

I would always suggest that you lane with someone and dont go mid unless you have to because Kennen is valuable because he has a stun from the beginning. Therefore send Mf or Caitelyn mid if possible.
As of Laning partners it doesn't really matter to much in my opinion. I've recently played together with vlad and pushed our oponents back to the tower and landing ranged kills. The only problem is that vlad is also a very strong creeper.
Also Kennen and Olaf, Kennen and Akali are all quite good laning parners. If you have some other ideas please give some feedback

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Skill Sequence

Just a quick summary of my skilling sequence. Obviously you should start with shuriken (his Q) as it deals a lot of damage for the beginning and you can stay ranged if you want to hit your opponent. The next skill I chose is electrical surge (his W).
Why not lightning rush?
In my opinion it is again helpful to saty at range as much as possible in early game. Additionally I have recently noticed that you can hit and locate twitch with it as long as you keep a mark of storm on him.
The next skill is then lightning rush so that you have 3 attacks obviously.
After that just keep leveling the skills more or less in order but making shuriken first priority after your ult.

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As you can see above I would choose a passive 9/21/0 but you might as well take 21/9/0 if you want to play for aggressive. The advantage of playing a 9/21/0 is that you can survive especially the squishy laning phase much better. The extra 60 health from the Masteries and the extra 65 health from the Runes make it a lot harder to be killed. You usually have 470-500hp with kennen which means a few hits and you will have to play extremely passive. The extra 125hp will help keeping you to play more aggresively to lightning rush/electrical surge at the creeps for money and to give you the option to focus on hitting a few more shurikens.
Magic pen can also be quite important for Kennen as well as AP obviously so those would also be some good choices for Runes. Since you sometimes run out of energy, it might also be a good idea to get some energy reg runes.

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To start off, you should get a Doran's shield and a health potion. I do this every time as it gives me enough survivability to stay in lane for 2k gold. With the 2 runes and the masteries, you will now have 727hp which is more than some tanks. This helps you as you often won't get targeted in laning phase.
When you have 2.2k I would port b and get the sorcerer's shoes and the giant's belt to make you even stronger. By now you should be able to dash next to a tower and kill an oponent that is quite low.
If you think that you will get many early kill then buy mejai's soulstealer instead of the belt but make sure you buy the belt next time back. 75% of the games I would choose mejai's as if you can play Kennen semi-good then you won't die too often especially not if you follow this guide.
Finish Rylaigh's off ASAP because it just has so many pros - slow, 80AP and 500health!
If you are missing 200gold you might as well just sell your doran's shield.

This is my standard build - Sorcerer's shoes, Mejais and Rylaigh's

Beyond that you can choose depending on your oponents. As you can see above I would suggest getting more AP or magic pen. These are the reasons:

Abyssal - Great AP, Magic pen and Magic resistance against fiddl or ryze this might be helpful

Deathcap - Amazing 155 AP! and additionally another 30% AP which has already brought me above 700 AP with Kennen!

Zhonya's Hourglass - Again crazy AP and the invulnerbility for two seconds works amazing together with Kennen's Ult as it continues during the 2 seconds.

*Although it only says 500AP up there, it forgets the 30% extra AP from the deathcap which as I said brought me up to 700 AP

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Summoner Spells

As for the Summoner Spells I would choose from the 3 below

Ignite - Always Great for getting kills, lightning rush in, but Ignite on him and get back out

Teleport - I usually take this together with Ignite with most heroes now as it just makes me so much more flexible, just go b buy something and port back into lane

Flash - I've used it a couple of times and might come useful if you use it together with ligtning rush and just jump over the creeps like with Rammus. You can also tower dive far better, lightning rush in, kill and flash back out

Many people suggest Ghost but think about it Kennen more or less has Ghost already with lightning rush so take more useful spells

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Team Work

You are NOT THE TANK so don't just dive in first and think that your ulti can kill all 5 at once because although this guide makes you survive a lot better/longer you are still quite squishy.
In a team fight you should let the tanks and melee DPS run in first and just throw some shurikens or auto attacks. Once the oposition team has focused your Rammus, Cho or Garren, it's time for you to lightning rush in, hit as many champions as possible, then use electrical surge to deal more damage and give an additional mark of storm to each champions. Once you have completed that it's time for ult. Most/All oposing champions should now have 2 marks of storm so each ult hit will now stun! Meanwhile also send some shurikens onto the ranged opponents. A constant one or two marks of storm might also be an advantage if an oposing champion wants to flee from the fight again because one shuriken is enough to stun him.

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Pros / Cons of this build

It is very likely to get a positive score with a max of only 5 deaths
It shouldn't be a proplem to get Mejai's stacks
You won't be focused early game
You can stay in lane much longer
Amazing AP Mid and Late game
The Late AP can you help carry your team as you are capable of killing 2 or 3 champs with ult and Zhonya's Hourglass (Ult can hit up to 500, can hit each oponent 3 times which makes 1.5k damage to one opponent, champs like Yi or Annie are dead very likely by then)

It can be quite difficult to get early kills because the guide focuses on surviving first
You have to creep until more or less you get rylai's (Not enogh AP early game

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Chapter 8

If you have any questions about the guide then please feel free to comment. Also I would be happy if you could rate my guide if you liked it.