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League of Legends Build Guide Author sinku05

Kennen The Lightning Theif

sinku05 Last updated on May 13, 2010
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Not Updated For Current Season

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Hey guys im back with another of my favorite Ninjas! A ninja of the Flippin sorts!
Thats right... its Kenny! Ok so when Kennen made his way to summoners rift i went on a 3 week Kennen binge! Ppl hate me now... no im not lieing.. they really do... Kenny does some massive Nuke Dmg! And this is my way of showing you how! So lets begin!

Summoner Abilities:
Ghost- I use this because the extra speed is almost a necessity! Ok so your in a big team battle and they have some big hitters, a normal lightning rush is easy to target and shut down... But a extra fast lightning rush in the middle of a cluster **** is almost impossible to target unless your reaction speed is that damn good.

Exaust- I use this because 1v1 the magic and armor pen from imp exaust is a really big bonus for kenny especially when you dont wanna burn ur ulti for extra dmg just for 1 champion kill..

I sometimes sub exaust for ignite just depends on how i feel...
Really dont think rally is that good for kenny because he moves to much, your never really stationary or in a single radius to long.
Flash is ok, its over rated imo, some people really get a kick out of it tho.

Thundering Shuriken 1st is really good for harrasing ealry. I only put 1 point into this because the increase in dmg really isnt anything significant. I use it to harass or get my 3rd mark of the storm for a stun.

Electrical surge lvl 2 is good for early kills. Spam ur shuriken and auto attacks get ur marks and boom stun dead... simple...

Lightning Rush is an amazing ability! Nice dmg to anything in your path and a great get away tool! I max this and Electrical surge ASAP for max dmg, stun, and cd reduction. Against melee ppl lightning rush might be your only chance to survive so make sure you get points into it whenever possible.

Slicing Maelstrom is Zeus' way of saying SIT DOWN BIT*HE*!!! Yea its all that and a bag of chips! And its all from this tiny lil ninja! This move can change a team fight from fail to Victory in a matter of a quick shower. Lighning Rush into a team battle, hit everyone, and then bring the rain baby! OOO YEA! Watch the bolts hit each Champion and when you see 2 or more with 3 stacks, BOOM, Electrical surge FTW! O whats that? you didnt stun everyone??? Thundering shuriken 1 auto attack another and o yea thats what i thought, a 5 man stun!

Ok early game is completely up to your opposing teams picks. I like to start off with an ability tome and a health pot. If its lookin like a more defensive game i take boots and 3 health pots. From here i stay in lane until i have enough for my haunting guise and a pair of boots. If i can i like to go back and get sorcerers boots and haunting guise in 1 visit. With these 2 items you have some pretty wicked early game magic dmg and some good speed for chasing down and running away.
Next thing on my to do list is to get a Majais... enough said..
All those lightning bolts and shurikens are going to rack up the assists and kills catagory for kenny. Majais is a must!
After that i go void staff and abyssal scepter for the AP and the magic Pen from both items. Its pretty much lights out for any team when your this fed.
Unless your being targeted...... then its owie time.
Last but not least.. as if your not OP enough at this point... LichBane the coup de grah! or however its spelled... This is just that last finger slipping in for the Fist in the A** of the Enemy.

Take a look, Try it out, let me know what you think.