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League of Legends Build Guide Author machkator

Kennen - Top Killer Ninja

machkator Last updated on December 6, 2010
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Not Updated For Current Season

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I've seen and tested a bunch of Kennen guides but I haven't found one that I really like. I have played him for a few months now as my main champion. With this build I usually have the top score in the team or the whole game.
Here is an example. I will upload more later when I get home.
I will skip the ability descriptions since everybody can read them in the game. Only thing worth a mention is that his passive is mark of the storm and 3 marks = stun.

Now straight to the point.

First off, I don't think runes are that important on Kennen. I've played him for a while with my full critical chance runes since I had only 1 page build for tryndamere and was still doing pretty good. Now I got lots of IP so I decided to make a caster rune page as well.
I use magic penetration marks, cooldown glyphs, hp per level seals and flat hp quints. Magic pen is a nice bonus specially early on. Cooldown reduction is awesome when you stack it with the cooldown reduction from masteries you get a 2.4 cooldown for your thundering shuriken. The rest is hp. The more hp the better.

I go with a standard 9/0/21 build. Make sure you put that point for flash (or ghost if you prefer using it instead). I see a lot of people do 9/21/0 and I was doing that for a while but it seems that utility is better (extra gold, extra xp, cooldown reductions, etc.)

Items and Gameplay:
For items I like to go AP all the way. To me it makes total sense to maximize AP damage than do DPS or hybrid builds. Why? Because once you get enough of that AP you can kill with your burst damage extremely fast. People who like DPS builds say "ohh you get more stuns with faster AS". That's total BS. Every fourth attack puts a mark of the storm on the attacked enermy. That is 4 attacks. Your thundering shuriken gets as low as 2.4 seconds cooldown with my setup and has a bigger range. What more do you want? 4th autoattack is just a bonus.

Now to the gameplay. People say you should take mid lane. Usually I only take mid if nobody else wants it. If you feel comfortable to play mid, do it. You will level up and make that gold faster.
So I take a side lane usually. I put a point in my (Q) spell. It does the most damage and has the lowest cooldown. At level 2 I get (W), at 3 (E) and after that I max out (Q), then max out (W) and finish (E) last. Of course, put those points in your ult whenever possible. I max out (Q) first because of the low cooldown, damage and range. It is a killer shot when chasing. I use (E) mainly for transportation, chasing, running away and marking enemies.

When in lane harass with your (Q). Mark the champs with the 4th autoattack and (Q) as well and surge with (W). They will hate you a lot. Don't focus on harassing too much though. Use that (Q) to lasthit those minions.

Start with an amplifying tome and a health potion. Your (Q) and magic pen runes already hit pretty hard. At level 3 you are basically ready to kill a champion. I'm not saying you can't do it earlier but it is nice to have that (E) to move fast. Combine that with flash and you can chase anybody (or run away from anybody). When you have enough gold for mejias go buy it right away or wait till you have money for that and the base shoes. Now it's time to get that mejias stacks on. You can buy some health potions from time to time because you don't have much health in the beginning. Next you want to build that Rylai's Crystal Scepter. It is a must item for Kennen. Gives you extra health, AP and slows. I usually get the belt that builds into it but if I am at the base and I can buy any cheaper part from it I buy that. Next is one of the best items in the game, Zhonya's ring. Start with the needlessly large rod if you can. Once you have that rod you can blast through minion waves with your (EW) combo. Then you can make that cash for the ring in no time. You already got the ring? Should be pretty much unkillable. In a fight (Q) rush in with (E), urlt, hit that (W), and then (Q) again. At some point while you are in your ult use the ring. You wont get hit for 2 seconds. That buys time for your (E) to cooldown. After you come out of the ring stasis flash out and (E) to safety if they aren't all dead. VERY IMPORTANT - you should stay alive. I try to die less than 3 times per game while getting around 20 kills. Staying alive is essential. Last two items are really preference. I take abyssal scepter because because it works on all nearby enemies and has flat magic resist reduction like the sorceress shoes. You can get a void staff but from what I've read it messes up your flat magic resist reduction so that would be a waste. Abyssal scepter stacks nice with the shoes and you get magic resist as a bonus. It costs only about 300 extra gold. Last item is Lich Bane. At this point you have so much AP that lich bane would make you a deadly assasin. With almost 800 AP you autoattack would be crazy. It's nice for taking turrets and inhibs too. Shoot a thundering shuriken to activate lich bane and then hit a tower with autoattack. Damage is insane. Once build is complete you will be having lots of extra cash. Pop all exlixirs from the store, even an oracle for teemo's mushrooms and wards.

Summoner spells:
Flash - really nice combo with your (E) and your ult. You can be chasing somebody hit flash, utlt, stun, finish them off if they are still alive.

Ignite - best summoner spell imo. Awesome finisher. Makes sure they die when they run away by their turret. If there is an enemy tryndamere you are almost guaranteed a kill on him in a team fight. Let him rage, wait a couple of seconds, ignite = dead tryndamere. Or you can mark him with mark of the storm wait for rage to be over and then (W), that's in case he is not running away though. Ignite works better on him.

I used to pick ignite and ghost but flash just turns out to work better for me. You can flash through walls.

Team fights:
In team fights you are the one that runs around on the side throwing dealdy thundering shurikens. With 20 stacks on the mijias and zhonya's ring one of those shurikens makes over 600 damage. Surge does over 500. Once you see them getting low just rush in with your (E), do your spell combo, use that ring while in your ult. Enemies will drop down. If a teammate is trying to run away and they are chasing him you can slow with thundering shuriken , rylai's scepter and stun to save them.

I think I said all I had to say except when you are pushing a turret you can be hitting it safely up until it's about to hit the last minion. Then you can use (E) to rush away and not get hit.

Final words:
Please rate. Comment especially if you rate negative. That build works best for me but it might not work for you. Finally, it's not all about the build. Gameplay style is essential. Please upload your scores with this build. I will upload more scores myself as soon as I find time.