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Kennen Build Guide by Lepracy141

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League of Legends Build Guide Author Lepracy141

Kennen - Win Every Team Fight

Lepracy141 Last updated on July 23, 2011
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Not Updated For Current Season

The masteries shown here are not yet updated for the current season, the guide author needs to set up the new masteries. As such, they will be different than the masteries you see in-game.


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I bought Kennen a long time ago and he was the first 6300 champion I bought. I was looking through the store for a 6300 champion to buy because in my noobness I had the idea that the most expensive champions were the best, I saw Kennen and wondered why I hadn't seen him played before so I decided that it would be cool for me to learn him. I failed hard with him the first time I played him but he has ended up as my main that I rarely play as I just know him inside and out and I just seem to win too easily (as cocky as that sounds) and it doesn't seem as much as a challenge.

The Kennen I play is a durable Kennen, I'll explain why in the other parts of this guide.

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My runes are based around having a good amount of ability power early on so that buying a Doran's Shield first doesn't effect your harrasing ability and then constantly gaining ability power whilst staying in lane so that when you get level 6 you will be able to initiate on whoever your laning against and have enough damage output + ignite to get yourself a kill.

I go for Flat AP quints, magic penetration marks, armor seals and ability power per level glyphs.

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As you can see, I take a lot of points into defense. This is because during team fights, a smart team will focus you as you can stun all of them with your ultimate and stringing together your abilities. So with these masteries, plus your armor seals and items, you should be able to withstand getting focus as long as your team finishes them off while they're stunned. You can always flash away and then lightning rush back in if you need to. I take the ability power per level mastery in offense for the obvious reason and health regeneration in utility for lane sustainability.

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Ok, the part most of you came here for.

I start with a Doran's shield for lane sustainability. I usually go mid and the hp regen will ensure that you will be able to outlane your opponent, especially if you going up against an AD character such as ((Ashe)) or ((Caitlyn)) then it is especially useful, it will also make you more durable throughout the game until you sell it. Another alternative is to go with an ((Amplifying Tome)) and a ((Health Potion)), this will help you get your ((Hextech Revolver)) quicker.

Alright so I usually go back when I absolutely have to or just after killing my opponent. I come back to lane with a ((Hextech Revolver)) and whatever else I can afford, such as boots, but unless you've farmed very well and gotten a lot of kills then I doubt you will be able to afford second speed boots but you might be able to grab first speed boots, but boots aren't that much of a worry as you will be able to move around quickly with your ((lightning rush)), either to go for ganks or escape them.. The reason I grab is for lane sustainability (I go for lane sustainability with almost every champion) and when you build it into a ((Will of the Ancients)) your team will get a nice buff as well as you being able to stay in team fights for longer as your ult will heal you for a lot of the damage you are receiving, not to mention your other abilities as well.

From there on, I build an ((Abyssal Scepter)) to give you durability and for the enemy magic resist debuff, making it easier for your team to win the team fight, and all your abilities will be hitting much harder. I go on to build ((Rabadon's Deathcap)) just like every caster does. Now if the enemy hasn't surrendered by this point yet or your team hasn't won yet then I build a ((Zhonya's Hourglass)) for the AP boost and the durability. The game should be over by now but if it isn't then build a ((Rylai's Crystal Sceptre)) for the health, and the slow is pretty handy as well.

If you find yourself in trouble and your team is nearby then activate your Zhonya's and hopefully your team will be able to get to you in time to save you, the same applies if you are getting shutdown in a team fight.

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Skill Sequence + How to use them to Harass and Team Fight

I grab a point in Q, this skill is your main harass skill and is great for sniping enemies that are running away as it has a huge range and it is a skill shot so you can blind shoot it through a wall and try and get the kill, and if you hit that but they don't die then activate your W, if they were low enough those two skills should kill them.

At level two I grab a point in W as this helps your harass. Every five auto attacks, your next one will deal bonus damage and add a mark of the storm. If your opponent is very good at avoiding your skill shots then harass with this. Simply auto attack and add the mark of the storm and detonate it with your W and if you can then Q them, this will add three marks of the storm and stun them and you should be able to get to safety without them hitting you back.

Grab your E at level 4.


Your harass sequence is: get your W passive up and then lightning rush towards them (your goal is to get to the other side of the minions but if you can hit your opponent as well then that's a bonus), auto attack (this will add a mark of the storm), hit them with your Q (you should be close enough to hit them without any trouble, if not then you need more practice with it), then W as your running back to stun them so they can't do anything to you. If you hit them with your E to begin with then you will not be able to activate W as you are running back which is important because it does more damage then the W proc'd auto attack. The reason you will not be able to activate W is because you would've added three marks of the storm without activating your W. So if you hit them with your E, go straight for your Q instead of auto attacking and then W as you are running back, just make sure that you can activate your W and hit them with your Q as part of your combo. At level 6 you should be able to get a kill by lightning rushing or flashing onto them, ult'ing, hitting them with your Q and activating W and then igniting and auto attacking (note, do this early because if they escape on low health without you getting ignite on them then you will hate yourself).

Team Fighting

Like most champions with an AOE ult, Kennen is a god in team fights. I must stress that you are not an initiator, no matter how durable you are. You must come in after the team fight has initiated. Once it has, flash in or run in and then activate your ultimate, you then want to hit as many people as you can with E, whilst you're doing this you will be very hard to focus because you will be moving very quickly and have extra magic resistance and armor, you then want to activate your W and try and kill anybody that is low with your Q's which have a very low cooldown, and don't forget that you have ignite to finish off anybody low that tries to run.

One little trick with your E is that if you are low and about to get hit by a global ult such as Karthus' then activate it to get extra magic resistance and armor to give you a better chance of surviving it.

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To sum up, Kennen is very fun to play and if you follow this build and guide then your team will love you. Once you get the hang of mid you should be able to win mid 9/10 unless you are versing somebody very good and knows how to counter Kennen well. Kennen is about getting as many marks of the storm off as you can, and once you get the hang of it you can do it very quickly, and continuously stun people that are trying to run away as well as closing the gap between you and them with your E (with second level boots you will be moving at over 600 units).

Good luck and have fun. If you have any questions about something I've left out or something you don't understand or if you want to help me improve these guide then leave a comment.

I wasn't sure on the exact skill sequence but basically what you want to do is max your Q and W first. I also don't know how to add pictures of the items I'm talking about, I have double brackets around them.